Product Feed Generator

Product Feed Generator

od FeedGeni

Google Shopping, Facebook Feed, Bing Shopping and RSS Feed

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Sell on multiple platforms

List your products on multiple shopping engines and increase your sales. Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram , Pinterest, Bing and more

Automatically update your feed

Every new product added or changes made are automatically updated in your product feed and all the channels you have submitted to.

Fast, Bulk & Easy Edit

Seamlessly and quickly edit your products with our bulk editor feature. Select multiple products and bulk edit their attributes with ease.

Podrobnosti o Product Feed Generator

Sell more on shopping engines

Product Feed Generator by Feedgeni enables Shopify merchants to create, manage and optimize product feeds for Google Ads, Facebook Shop, Instagram, Bing and other 30+ shopping channels in many countries. We also support .csv , .xml, .txt, .rss feed types.

Supported Channels

Generate and mange multiple feeds from one dashboard, no need moving from one app to another. Product Feed Generator supports

  • Amazon Channel
  • Google Channel / Google Shopping Feed (All regions)
  • Bing Shopping
  • Facebook Feed
  • Instagram Feed
  • Pinterest Product Feed
  • Snapchat
  • Connexity
  • Myshopping
  • Priceme
  • Pricerunner
  • Sortprice
  • Getprice
  • and more

List of Shopping Feed Product Attributes Synced

  • Product Categorization for specific channels
  • Variant Images
  • Product Conditions
  • Price
  • Sale Price
  • Gender
  • Age Group
  • Color
  • Size
  • Custom Product Details
  • GTIN
  • ISBN
  • Brand Name
  • Custom Labels
  • Product Types
  • Product & variant IDs

More Features

  • Product Mapping : Ensure your product attributes or headers are matched correctly with the required standards of the shopping engines.
  • Inventory Rules : Set inventory rules so all future new products imported are ready to be used by shopping engines.
  • Title Optimization : Make it easy for search engines to find your products listings.
  • Google Custom Labels : Applicable to only Google Shopping Channels
  • Weight Conversion : Easily convert the weights of your products to other acceptable units using this rule.

FeedGeni vs the Rest

FeedGeni runs on a highly scalable platform to instantly reflect your product changes and quickly create product feeds. Merchants always come back to FeedGeni after tying apps like Flexify, Socialhead, DataFeedWatch, GoDataFeeds, Omega etc. We have a generous feed app plan to test our service.

Integrováno s

  • rss,
  • feed,
  • instagram feed,
  • google shopping,
  • facebook feed,
  • amazon channel

Galerie médií




  • Up to 50 Products / SKUs
  • 1 Feed
  • 1 Shopping Channel
  • Manual Feed Update
  • Manual Product Update



nebo $15.92/měsíc fakturováno v částce $191 jednou ročně

  • Upto 1K Products / SKUs
  • Up to 5 Feeds
  • 19 Shopping Channels
  • Automatic Feed Update
  • Automatic Product Update

Pro (Most Popular)


nebo $39.92/měsíc fakturováno v částce $479 jednou ročně

  • Upto 5k Products / SKUs
  • Up to 10 Feeds
  • 29 Shopping Channels
  • Supports Custom Feed
  • Meta field Support
  • + Everything on Basic



nebo $79.92/měsíc fakturováno v částce $959 jednou ročně

  • Upto 50K Products / SKU
  • Up to 10 Feeds
  • CSV, XML, TXT Custom Feed
  • + Everything on the Pro

* Všechny poplatky jsou fakturovány v USD.
** Opakované platby, včetně měsíčních poplatků nebo poplatků za použití, se fakturují jednou za 30 dnů.

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Super quick responses and so helpful answering all of our questions!! Definitely recommend for creating feeds


Quick and friendly response from the team. The app does all it needs for my one feed, one-product-shop.


EDIT: I'm changing the review from 1 star to 3 stars for their effort to helping me here pretty quickly. The issues do still exist but they are willing to listen and resolve them. I'm pretty suspicious of these reviews here considering how many things just don't work on the app. Feed doesn't import new products. It erases Facebook category matching. No idea how long this has been like this but it's pretty pricey for not to be aware of this.

Odpověď vývojáře

11. prosinec 2020

Hi Matero,

Thank you for your review. Just to clarify a few points, I did look for the product you are talking about and it is in the app, this might be you were looking for it at the wrong part of the app. It does import new products every 24hrs as mentioned in the app.

Also on the Facebook category does match and I see it correctly matched in your feed. I have however sent you a personal email, kindly do respond to it and I will work with you and explain things to you about your concerns.

NB: You are currently on our $19.99 plan and I understand price can be a little sensitivity during this time of global pandemic. But it is the best we can offer to keep the company running, looking at the fact that what we offer for $19.99 is offered by others for $49.

Thank you and looking forward to working with you in resolving your concerns.