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Data de edição: 17 de março de 2019

This App works and suddenly it will be down and you will not see any filters. I am using this App from past 6 months and I have faced issue multiple times. Today the App is down and i am not able to see all the products in the website and it effected my sales. I am not sure if there is any maintenance activity or the developer doesn't care to inform about it. I request everyone to stay away from this app. Not worth having it. Make sure to select an App which has 24/7 support, a working phone number maybe and notify customers properly when App is going thru maintenance activities etc.

I am updating my review based on your reply here. If you have upgraded your App from Version 4 to 5, did you inform all your customers about the upgrade so the stores can check proactively to see if there are any issues and report them to you immediately. So you guys are upgrading an App and not testing if the App is backward compatible. Remember stores are paying for your App and this is not a free service.

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Globo deixou uma resposta 17 de março de 2019

Dear customer. We are so sorry for the problem. We have fixed it. Our team will contact to you to upgrade to version 5.0. We faced the problem because you are using version 4.0.
One again, We are so sorry for the problem

1 de dezembro de 2019

Great app...until it suddenly froze up on when I tried to reindex my site on BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND! Removing it broke my entire site. From what I can tell, they changed the way the app worked like the day before Black Friday. How stupid is that? I really loved this app, but now I am so frustrated I could cry. We are losing sales and everything on my site is broken and none of the links I relied on with the app filtering are working.

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5 meses usando o app
Globo deixou uma resposta 4 de dezembro de 2019

Hi There,

I'm sorry for your inconvenience. After check with Shopify API team. I found this bug is only appear in some stores. It because we changed to Bulk API to sync products and also bugs of Bulk API.
We have fixed the bugs in out end. But we still looking for Shopify API to fix the bug from BULK API.

28 de fevereiro de 2019

Unused this appnforna few months and had the following issues.

Still showed out if stock products despite me bringing this to the developers attention who said they where releasing a fix and never did.

I created a filter for a collection of men and women, both filters then only showed women's items

They broke my search page with Thier app then fixed it. I had to constantly check pages to make sure they hadn't broken anything.

Pagination was hidden and didn't work correctly.

Thier app was hiding my in stock quantity on collections pages and overwrote my styling on this page.

Again ignored my email relating to both collection filters only showing women's items. So I uninstalled it.

Lucky I can code because thier filter really messed with your code on your collection pages. So I had to fix my site after installing the app
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Globo deixou uma resposta 4 de março de 2019

Dear Customer,

I'm sorry for all of your problems. We have replied to you, but we didn't got your response. Could you please check on spam folder of your email?
I hope to solve all issues with your theme and your store.

I'm looking forward to your response.

17 de março de 2019

Product catalog can't showing.
i was pay monthly for your apps.

Please fix it. where we must get a support. ? i was send email but still hasn't received a reply

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Globo deixou uma resposta 17 de março de 2019

Dear customer. We are so sorry for the problem. We have fixed it. Our team will contact to you to upgrade to version 5.0. We faced the problem because you are using version 4.0.
One again, We are so sorry for the problem

25 de junho de 2019

TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE!! THIS IS SO BAD! This app hides your STOCK AND COLLECTIONS. You must resync often, it causes slow loading and hides products randomly. THIS IS A SCAM APP.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD YOUR WEBSITE WILL BE MADE SHIT ! They offer no help or support. This is the second time we have used and will be the last. Sooooooooooooooo bad, so angry that this company exists should be made to shut down.

Mint Boutique
Nova Zelândia
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Globo deixou uma resposta 26 de junho de 2019

Dear Customer,

I'm sorry for your experience. Please contact to us for any issues. We provide 2 support chanel: Live chat & Email Support. At this time, We haven't yet receive any email or message from you.

About your issue. I have just checked. Your webhook is working well so your product will be up to date within 5-10 minutes after you create (automatically).
About loading speed. I have just checked for your store. Loading for product resource is less than a second ( Please let us know if you see any downtime.

By the way, I see you have reinstall our app. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you face any problem. We are happy to help you.

Good luck with your business.

4 de setembro de 2018

This app has been a problem from the beginning!

I was asked to wait a week and it would be fixed - it wasn't fixed even after 2 weeks.

Then, it started mixing the filter criteria - red was showing up when it should have been blue; geometric was showing up with stripes.

AND . . . to add insult to injury, the changed the pricing structure! So, I couldn't get into my account until I paid $15 a month more . . .

Gads . . . This is not the way to run a business - or build an app.

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6 de agosto de 2020

For a paid app this has been down constantly and caused frequent drops in conversions as products simply disappear from our site. Please fix these issues and improve stability or we will be forced to cancel our subscription and look for alternatives.
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4 de dezembro de 2018

I should've listened to the 1 star comments.

When you install this app, it will automatically create 'next page' button. Meaning you will have 2 page buttons from this app and your theme. It really confuses your customers.

When you upload new items, they won't be shown in your store. You must re-sync on the app and it might take 3~5 minutes. During the sync, none of your collections will be visible in your store. For example, you must sync even after adding an item to a collection. It requires another 3~5 minutes delay.

However, the worst issue happens when you uninstall the app. After removing this app, none of collection is visible. I removed all the leftover codes, but still not functioning.

If you really wish to try this app, never forget to DUPLICATE your theme!

Beauté Hera
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Data de edição: 28 de novembro de 2021

The app does not perform well. Our Theme is Empire. Many items appear in other places in the shop compared to manual sorting in the the admin. They Sync simply does not work fast enough. Further on they cannot program the filter in such a way that 5 categories (top down in item quantities) are shown, and the rest will be shown once you expand the filter.
Edit: We try to install it a second time - it seems it has big troubles with categories - not showing the latest changes (from the last 24 hours!).
Edit2: During the sync - not a single item within a category is visible! The sync takes up to 6 minutes!

bentelinn home
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Data de edição: 4 de agosto de 2018

Nice looking filtering and smooth use
BUT. It does not work properly and bugs if you use any 3rd party app for stock control (like bundles etc) which as I understand loads of shops do use as long as you have any variants of a product. So not really working. The devs were very unhelpful in regards to this: 'we may fix it in few months when we have time' ... well ok, bye

Instrument Furniture
Reino Unido
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