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30 mars 2023

I received exceptional service from the support team. I recently encountered an issue with the discount percentage appearing in a confusing way on my Shopify store.
After contacting support, they promptly assisted me in resolving the issue within a couple of days. I was impressed with their expertise and willingness to go above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction.

Griffin Jewellery Designs
30 mars 2023

Amazing dev team their quick to sort out any problems on the app! Would 100% recommend them to anyone!

30 mars 2023

The app is pretty good, and if you have any issues, the support team will help you in a short amount of time. I would highly recommend it!

29 mars 2023

I would recommend this software to others. I think it's recommended for two reasons:

#1. The customers of this software are surprisingly responsive. I think it's a great help for a team with no coding skills.

#2. This software provides me with a special feature in my product line that I can display variant pictures of my different SKUs. This is very helpful.

Hongkong SAR
28 mars 2023

This app is so great. Easy and intuitive to use and set up and does exactly what we need it to do. Also, the support team are so attentive, and speedy with requests. I definitely recommend this app.

We Feed You
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Redigerat 27 mars 2023

Very effective and usefull app. The app makes my site much more organized. Support from Helen was amazing! She was very helpful

Wepa Danmark
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 18 dagar
27 mars 2023

very flexible and easy to use solution!
And furthermore the team was incredibly responsive to any of our inquiries and were incredibly helpful with transferring our filter trees and settings across our multiple shopify stores!
Would strongly recommend this app!

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26 mars 2023

Its a great app, I've been using it in my store for a long time now. It works perfectly and its very easy to use as well. The customer support is also very helpful and really fast in replying.

Mysore Mango
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 27 dagar
24 mars 2023

Just had a problem (mine entirely, not the app) and the response from support (Helen) was fast and effective

Peach Perfect
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Redigerat 24 mars 2023

Great app, I have been using it for over a year and find it easy to use. The support team is very helpful and responsive.

The Green Crib & Kid
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