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7. August 2019

We installed the app to make the store more intuitive for browsing shoppers. Unfortunately it broke the search function, even after it had been removed. There are remnants of the code after disconnecting it.

13 tage mit der App
Boost Commerce hat geantwortet 7. August 2019

Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback! I'm sorry to hear that you encountered an issue while using our app.

Since we haven't had a chance to be informed about this issue from you yet, I'd like to say thank you for raising it now. Our team is in touch with you to check this issue shortly via the email channel.

Meanwhile, should you have any else questions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us via email, we are willing to assist.

All the best,

Jenn from BoostCommerce

30. Mai 2018

Bad application

It caused a lot of conflicts with the theme code. We had to reset all of them to be able to eliminate the problems.

We definitely do not recommend it.

12 tage mit der App
14. Februar 2019

We use the Prestige theme. This app simply doesn't display anything to our collections. A waste of time and money

Arova Kitchens & Bathrooms
6 tage mit der App
Boost Commerce hat geantwortet 8. September 2019


Thank you for the feedback. I’m sorry for your negative experience with our app.

Since we were failed to connect to you via email earlier and we couldn’t reply to this feedback until recently this function was released, allow me to follow up here once more time.

We checked the problem carefully and it seems like all the filter options has been disabled manually by mistake, hence you didn’t see anything from your collection. We have also successfully integrated and fully supported the Prestige theme now. Therefore, please let us know if we could help get it resolve for you.

Many thanks and hope to hear from you again soon!

13. Mai 2020

Very overpriced for the service provided. Lack of flexibility by the customer service. I was disappointed and I will not use this product.

Nemanja Nikolic
Vereinigtes Königreich
5 tage mit der App
Boost Commerce hat geantwortet 14. Mai 2020

Hi Nemanja,

Thank you for sharing your experience while using our app and we are sorry that it failed to meet your expectations this time.

We feel awful that unexpected misunderstanding caused this inconvenience. Our representative has just emailed back and followed up to get your all concerns sorted. May you kindly check it out?

We look forward to hearing from you and more importantly, we do wish to win you back.

Boost team

24. Oktober 2022

Default sorting options don't work so the app pushed all my sold out products to the top of all my collections and killed my conversion. There's no live chat, just an email function replying within 24 hours. Deleted.

Nantwich Cheese
Vereinigtes Königreich
2 tage mit der App
Boost Commerce hat geantwortet 24. Oktober 2022

Dear Customer,

Thank you so much for your feedback.

We are truly sorry to hear that you did not have the best experience with our service, but we would like to have the chance to revert this.
We have been trying to contact you over the phone through the number found in your store contact section, but we weren't able to so far.
We also sent you an e-mail regarding this issue, so you can reach us back through it and let us know if you have a specific phone number you would like us to reach to.

We would appreciate the opportunity to check this for you and resolve it as soon as possible. Your kind collaboration will be highly appreciated.

Boost Team

Bearbeitet am 9. März 2018

Worst App... Caused an error and have lost 2 High Value Sales... They don't provide you the promised free trial period and they de-activate the app in the middle of the night and they compel you to choose a plan....
Dont even try this app......

9th March 2018 Added havoc created by this app is that it meddled with the theme and images are not displayed to customers.....

Etwa 14 stunden mit der App
1. Oktober 2021

This app distorted the loading of products for all my iPhone-users. The code was very much hidden and after deletion, uneasy to detect that this was the problem.

Frank about tea
Etwa 3 stunden mit der App
Boost Commerce hat geantwortet 1. Oktober 2021

Dear valued customer,

Thank you for reaching out and for giving us your feedback, it really matters to us.

We're truly sorry that you are experiencing some issues with our app and we would like to apologize for any discomfort this brought you.

We want you to know that we're here to support you.

With your kind cooperation, we are investigating this issue and will try to figure out the best solution in earning back the flawless performance on your site.

In addition, please let us know should you have any other questions, we are always around here happy to help.

Warmest of regards,
Boost Team

23. Januar 2023

нет бесплатного плана, хотя пишут что есть. Очень дорого за простой фильтр, 7500 товаров 89 долларов и это просто за фильтр

Happy End
Etwa eine stunde mit der App
Boost Commerce hat geantwortet 25. Januar 2023

Dear valued customer,

Thanks for your feedback, We understand your frustration and we appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

We are truly sorry to hear that you did not have the best experience with our service and would like to have the opportunity to make it right.

Our representative has just contacted you via your registered email so please help us check it and feel free to reply to us through that email so we can assist you further.

We really appreciate your help and your feedback.

Boost Team

17. Mai 2023

Destroyed all shop theme. Be careful don't use it because then you will pay developers to return everything back

8 minuten mit der App
Boost Commerce hat geantwortet 17. Mai 2023

Hello team Rock-n-Walls team,

We hope you are doing well! We apologize that your initial experience with our app was not up to your expectations.

However, we are determined to fix this and ensure your satisfaction. Our experts already had a plan to set up the app seamlessly on your duplicate theme, so you can relax knowing everything is taken care of and just review later.

Therefore, kindly help us to check the email so we can proceed, then you can leave it to us.

Best regards,
Boost team

2. Februar 2024

Skarby Łap
33 minuten mit der App
Boost Commerce hat geantwortet 5. Februar 2024

Hi Sentya Candle team,

We are sincerely sorry if you have not had a great experience while working with our app. We are here to amend that!

Upon reviewing our system, we noticed that you installed and uninstalled our app within 30 minutes on Jan 6, 2024, and at that time, we could see that the store only had 1 product.

Additionally, we have not received any support requests or reports of issues from you regarding the app. We value your feedback and would appreciate the opportunity to assist you in getting your store up and running smoothly with our app.

We have already sent you a follow-up email and would like to schedule a call with you to discuss your experience in more detail.

Kind regards,
Boost team