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12. März 2023

This app has been a game changer for our website. It takes a bit to learn how it functions but I built a massive database of tags to create some seriously incredible filters. Yes you need to put in work to make this a masterpiece like I did. We have not had many issues since launch, out of the box, it is amazing.

We have created so many that the system finally said... no no no that is just too much lol. I contacted customer service and Oliver was incredibly helpful and patient with me. We were able to fix the issue, and now this thing is firing on all cylinders.

I do not have any data to show this app slowed down my site in any way. I see my speeds slowed down but there seem to be 2 other apps junk code that are causing it.

So I can honestly say after about a year of using it, this app is amazing.

- Sean

Display Geek, Inc.
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Boost Commerce hat geantwortet 26. März 2023

Hi Sean,
Thank you so much for taking the time to give Product Filter & Search such a glowing review!
Our mission is to provide an app to help businesses grow so we always try to give prompt assistance to ensure it perfectly suits your expectations.
It fills us with joy when learning the app and our service have somehow completed the mission! Oliver and the whole team would like to send our thanks to you for sharing your beloved thoughts about our service. We cherish every amazing compliment that you have given us!
As ever, let us know if there is anything else we can help you out with.
All the best,
Boost team

30. Juni 2023

So far this app has met all of our needs--customizing our search results to suppress certain products, promote others, help "Shopify" understand users' searches better when there are commonly used words that aren't accurate but match how users search.

The filter capabilities on collection pages are a huge plus that I wasn't even anticipating but have certainly shortened the path to users finding what they're looking for on our site.

Last, I've needed to reach out to support a couple of times and they have been wonderful. Quick to respond, patient to understand and effective in providing solutions.

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14. Oktober 2022

This app was highly recommended by a group that focuses on helping ecommerce store owners to optimize their stores (Build Grow Scale, I've been a member for a long time). I finally installed it to help my customers find what they want to find easily. The app did not disappoint! Great functionality (even more than I am currently using ... but I will get there). Their support staff is great. They answered my questions quickly and even tweaked my set up a bit for my theme. I would recommend them to anyone.

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Boost Commerce hat geantwortet 16. Oktober 2022

Hi there,

Thank you for sharing that you are satisfied with the functionality of our app as well as our customer support. This would definitely motivate our team to continue thriving to deliver high-quality customer service.

Next time you have any further inquiries or issues, please keep sharing them with us. We will do our best to help you.

Wishing you continued success,
Boost Team

13. Februar 2023

This app is an absolute must-have for any website with a big catalog. The user-experience is super smooth, and every possible feature is thought through. Also the support-team responds extremely fast, and also did incredible customization to match the theme, both colours, font and button-styles (had quite a lot of requests and they go through them all). I recommend 100%, worth every penny! :)

Nordberg mode
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Boost Commerce hat geantwortet 14. Februar 2023

Hello Nordberg mode team,
We appreciate you taking the time to give us such a heartwarming review. At Boost, we value your time and always strive to provide fast and efficient service. Thank you for your trust in our app, and we are thankful for amazing customers like you. We are always here for you whenever you need our help.
All the best,
Boost team

Bearbeitet am 14. Dezember 2022

We have had our Shopify store with the original Theme for several years. We have become very familiar with the app we use and are good with the style and functionality. Our Theme however shares a common issue with all themes which is that none come out of the box with everything you need. Therefore we use several apps to compensate for & enhance the product.

We stumbled across the BOOST Filter & Search App a few days ago and instantly recognized this was something we have needed for a long time. While our original theme offered a vast array of easy-to-maintain options, our customers often struggle with it. This BOOST App working in conjunction with our existing menu will solve that problem beyond my wildest wish. The BOOST support team has been readily available to assist with all questions and concerns.

If your theme is currently lacking this functionality, I would bet you wished it did. I also would suggest you at least test-drive this app especially before going through all the pain of changing to another Theme.

We will soon have another great reason to touch base with customers and prospects. That is to tell them about the new greatly enhanced Search, Sort, & Filter features on our Web Site.

Good Luck & Best Regards from our PAM Distributing Shopify Store team.

PAM Distributing Co
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Boost Commerce hat geantwortet 15. Dezember 2022

Hi team,

Thank you for your wonderful compliment. We are delighted to hear that you have had such a great experience using our app features!

Your compliment will encourage our team to keep doing what they are doing and even to amaze you more in the soon future. Next time you have any further inquiries, share them with us. We do hope to see you around.

Wishing you continued success,
Boost team

21. August 2023

It's the third time I choose Boost as a solution and they always deliver. I have to notice that this time it was really challenging, we had a lot of custom stuff in the store, some of weren't compatible with the standard. Boost's support team made so much for us and made sure everything is working fine. it was fast, professional and a super friendly experience. I won't stop recommending them! thanks a lot guys!

Liah by Liat Raziel
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9. September 2023

I first only used this app to help my custommers to filter through products on my collection pages - and it does an excellent job! Easy to implement and to customize without any knowlegde on coding and such.

Today I have updated to version 3.0 which allows for much more features, so I have started implementing new fantastic features like, in-collection search bar, product recommendations and breadcrumbs.

Whenever there is something I do not understand or something I need help with - the Boost support team helps. I have not meet a more nice support team ever!

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24. Januar 2023

We are using Boost Product Filter and Search App on my store for almost a year now. One of the best teams to work with. Every customization request has been handled so very smoothly and effectively. You all make an amazing team!! About the product; this app helps to control the way products look and are arranged on the collection page. Their app is capable of creating multiple conditions for sorting and displays which I haven't found in any other app. It is so damn easy to create filters and arrange them.
Overall I highly recommend this app if you are looking for a Search and Filters app.
Three cheers and best of luck team for greater business success.

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Boost Commerce hat geantwortet 26. Januar 2023

Hi Makoba team,

Thanks a million for taking the time and giving us such marvelous thoughts! We could not express ourselves enough for your honesty and thorough review. We are glad to hear that our app and service have served you well. With your compliment, we know that our hard work has paid off. This is our source of strength to continue to serve and deliver our best work to our customers. Although your kind words definitely made our day, it is important to us that you are fully satisfied with your Boost experience. We will make sure to share this with the whole team to keep up the amazing work.

Please feel free to drop us an email anytime we can be of further help.

Wish you all the best,
Boost Team

6. März 2023

Our experience with Boost has been nothing but exceptional. Their dev team knows exactly what they're doing and can usually get any fix done within 24 hours.

Response times do usually take 24 hours because of time differences, but communication is always great and they're really savvy in implementing exactly what you're looking to get done with your collections and search functions!

- Nick

The Range Hood Store
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Boost Commerce hat geantwortet 9. März 2023

Hi Nick,
Thank you so much for your kind words! We are delighted to hear that you had a pleasant experience interacting with our customer support team! We completely understand how comforting it can be to have your problem resolved quickly, and we are pleased to hear that our diligent support team was able to do so. Your compliment will give them a lot of motivation to keep doing what they're doing. Next time you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us. We hope to see you around.
Best wishes for continued success,
Boost Team

13. März 2023

Excellent app that works great for simplifying and managing filters, with a pretty minimal impact on page loading speed over native, especially compared to other apps we tested. We needed some customization to our theme to get it to work in a way that was specific to our storefront - we put in a ticket on Friday and the work was completed before the start of work on Monday. It's great to have such response developers.

Xtreme Swim
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Boost Commerce hat geantwortet 26. März 2023

Hi Xtreme Swim team,
We are blown away by your generous feedback. Filter and Search are amazing features that we are proud of and so glad that our app could bring value to your flourishing company. We hope to make your experience even more awesome by providing outstanding customer support.
We will strive to deliver great experiences consistently. As always, if there is anything we can ever help you out with, please do let us know.
Once again thank you for choosing us as your trustworthy partner!
All the best,
Boost Team