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10 août 2022

Tengo un problema con la app ya la cancele y la quite de mi tienda y me siguen llegando cargos a mi tarjeta después que la cancele ..... ojala me puedan ayudar saludos

Vinto Tinto
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Boost Commerce a répondu 10 août 2022

Hello there,

We are sorry that the billing caused a confusion to you, which led to this unpleasant experience.

As we have discussed, the bill was generated because there were a few usage days before the uninstallation date. As if we could optimize it somehow, we would definitely do that; unfortunately, we do not have the control over the payment process since it is managed by Shopify.

Still, gladly that we were able to fully refund the bill to your store.

We would love to win you back and provide you a much better experience in the near future.

Boost Team

18 août 2021

If you are like me and periodically like to make new collections and sell items from the new collection on the same day, I would steer clear of this app. They have been having issues with their sync function for quite a while now making it to where new collections do not display any products. They have assured me in the past that this is a temporary issue that they are fixing, and yet it persists. If you are more of a planner and your collections are made a while before you will ever send traffic to them, then this app may serve you well.

Sample Haus Anything
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Boost Commerce a répondu 18 août 2021

Our Dear Customer,

Thank you for reaching out and for giving us your feedback, it really matters to us.

We're truly sorry that you are experiencing some issues with our app and we would like to apologize for any discomfort this brought you. We want you to know that we're here to support you.

With your kind cooperation, we are investigating this issue and will try to figure out the best solution in earning back the flawless performance on your site.

In addition, please let us know should you have any other questions, we are always around here happy to help.

Warmest of regards,
Boost Team

25 septembre 2019

Conflict with default shopify showing NaN and pagination not working. Poor dev docs. I cant understand

Dust Arrest
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Boost Commerce a répondu 25 septembre 2019


Thank you for reaching out to us and I am sorry that you are experiencing some problems with our app but of course, we are here to support you on this.

With your kind cooperation, we are under investigating this issue and will try to figure out the best solution in earning back the flawless performance on your site. We will keep following up with you via our current email thread.

All the best

17 juin 2021

I do not like, that the app wants the entire order and client information, although this is not required for a product and search filter!
This data is most likely sold and therefore I cannot recommend this app and this kind of data greed!

Redwood Fashion
Environ un an d’utilisation de l’application
Boost Commerce a répondu 17 juin 2021

Dear valued customer,

Thank you for taking the time for giving us a review!

Please understand that we take the Privacy matter seriously. We wish to be clear that our app does not read/store and sell the personal data as well as other information of the customers.

Regarding the Order permission, it is required for the Analytics feature to see the search/filter performance that contributes to your sales. From the analytics feature, you can optimize your product listing and structure to increase your conversion rate. Besides, customer personal information in orders is opted out during webhook processing. No store customer's personal data are being sent over to our app.

Furthermore, as transparently clarified in our Privacy & Compliance Policy of Boost Commerce document (, our app provides a setting for you to disable the Analytics feature and Orders permission. In order to do that, please follow this guide

Your data are firmly secured with us, we only use these data to make the app work on your store and have transparently published these in the Privacy Policy (, Data Processing Agreement ( and GDPR ( on our website. This has been explained in the onboarding process when you installed the app and accepted those terms & conditions.

We've reached out to you via email to address your concerns in details, please feel free to share with us should you need further support on this matter.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon.
Boost Team

Modifié le 19 mars 2020


First of all I know how this goes, customer support doesn't respond with a solution to my concerns until a 1 star review is left. I will remove this review once the concern is addressed. Here is the concern:

My Filter APP is causing URL structural issues as they do with every website.
For instance when you select 1 or 2 options the URL is lengthy. It makes it harder to rank for certain keywords that are filter options. The issue is MASSIVE not SMALL by any means and it causes tremendous SEO problems. URL's need to be clean and my URL's are terrible. Anyone with the APP should simply look at their URL's when selection ANY filter menu options. THIS IS A PROBLEM!!

There are PLENTY of other websites with filter menu options that figured out how to customize URL's and this APP doesn't offer any possible way to handle this. I'm waiting on a customized resolution.

MESSY and Unnecessary URL'S are one of the most important SEO ranking issues one can encounter. I'm forced to limit my potential because of this APP and most people should be paying attention to this issue.

Also don't be fooled by any response below stating they're working on fixing the problem, once my issue is fixed I'll remove the review.

Pet Life
9 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Boost Commerce a répondu 2 avril 2020

***** UPDATE *****

Hi there,

Just a quick update here since we got in luck in contacting you via email.
We have applied a general solution of shortening URL that I mentioned in #3 point below along with new features, ADA/WCAG compatible, and speed optimization on the new version of the app.

We can't wait to let you inherit all of these advance updates so please email us back and approve the upgrade work. We will implement them on a duplicated theme. No impact on your live theme is guaranteed.

Looking forward to hearing your response.

All the best,
Boost Team


Hi there,

We appreciated your time to address the issue. The team takes your feedback seriously!

We understand your concern about the SEO and keyword ranking. We would like to inform that we have sent a couple of emails to explain the situation. However, we have not heard back from you since Mar 27, 2020. Here is the summary of our email:

1. We need to follow the Shopify standard URL, that it can have up to two collection levels.
2. We explain that our app is Faceted navigation and it's different with Sub-Collection. In all URLs created by our app, we all add "nofollow noindex".
3. Also, we have given out a solution which will convert the main Tag created by our filter option to the URL with the following format: collections/xxx/selected_tag.

We are looking forward to your reply! And stay safe!

23 novembre 2022

The app started causing bugs on our website on Wednesday Nov 23 when our traffic is high for BFCM. None of our collection or category pages are loading bc of Boost Commerce bug. We cant get in touch with anyone at Boost commerce to solve it nor did we get any messages about this. Shopify is saying Boost Commerce is causing issues with many stores this day but they cant help us since its a 3rd party app.

9 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Boost Commerce a répondu 24 novembre 2022

Dear Nicollette,

Thank you for your honest feedback!

We appreciate your kind understanding in this issue and sincerely apologize for all of the inconvenience you experience. Please rest assured we are all hands on monitoring our system to avoid any unexpected issues in the upcoming days.

Moreover, it is great to know your store is back to normal as you expected. Don't hesitate to let us know if anything pops up, our team will be ready for you anytime you need our assistance.

With gratitude,

Boost team

Modifié le 30 décembre 2019

I used this app before and worked with a guy who was extremely helpful. But since working with them again for custom development, I've found the service to be one of the worst I've encountered. They send back broken layouts and broken code time and time again. Sometimes they even break the work previously fixed. I'm left to check for issues myself as they do virtually no testing. It's totally frustrating and I wish I had chosen a different app. I'm so far down the line with this one that I feel stuck with it so I shall see it through. I paid a significant amount of money for the custom development and they've let me down big time. Avoid these guys, they used to care but they don't now.

Brave Fine Art
9 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Boost Commerce a répondu 31 décembre 2019

Hello there,

Thank you for taking time to share your feeling. We've taken your feedback to heart and sincerely sorry for your recent experience.

As customer's satisfaction is always considered with the highest priority to us, we hope you will give us an opportunity to discuss further with you. Our representative has just reached out to you via email and surely try our best to earn back your trust in us.

Boost Team

Modifié le 15 avril 2021

I used this app for product filtering on my shopify store. In comparison to other apps that provide product filtering I have to say this one is slightly more difficult to use and also the price is much higher so would not recommend it because of this as there are better options on the market available. This app also impacted on the visibility of newly added products to my store which was a big issue as customers were not able to find all our products that should have been available. After speaking to Shopify technical department they had said the app had made changes to the code of the theme I was using which was causing the issue. I then had to revert to original version of the theme and rebuild my store again which was such a pain and waste of my time. I would not use this app as it could potentially cause big problems for your store as it did mine and there are also in my opinion much better alternative options available.

6 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Boost Commerce a répondu 15 avril 2021

Dear valued customer,

Hope you are doing well! We have been trying to get in touch with you a few times but haven't heard from you just yet.

The issue with your new products' visibility was happened because you have exceeded the product quantity limit under your current plan (we have published the pricing policy and each plan's particularities on our website as you might already know at We have sent several notifications in-app as well as via email to inform you about this in advance (as describing on our Help Center: but unfortunately they couldn't catch your attention.

Nevertheless, we appreciate your feedback and we are truly sorry for the inconvenience caused. We would love to win you back and provide you a much better experience in the near future. We are just an email away and always more than happy to support you whenever you're in need.

Best regard,
Boost team

19 octobre 2018

I have been working with the guys at Product Search and Filter, for over a month now, in trying to get their app to work in my store. more specifically. If you type in red rugs, you will see blue rugs or rugs that don't have red tags in them. Search your own products, and see what you find. It sure won't be what you wanted to search for.

Maybe it's just my theme that they can't work in (Turbo, by Out of the Sandbox). I deleted a past suppliers inventory completely nearly two months ago, and those products were still showing in search suggestions, while I was fighting with Shopify that it must have been coming from them. No, it was coming from this app, which took "over" a month for them to recognize. Shopify actually provided a screenshot of their code, which showed these search terms (queen-king, tv set, table, etc.), and I have had NO furniture in my store for nearly two months. Now today, I was testing their filter to see if they have made any improvements, and I went to the Area Rug collection. Many of the tags (size, material, type, etc) are grayed out, so no filtering capability! GGrrr!!

They seem nice to work with, and I have been EXTREMELY patient with them, but if they can't get this to work, as advertised, then they will lose a customer. Can't see how they can honestly feel good in charging me for something that doesn't work correctly. Buyer Beware

Walden Home Decor
5 mois d’utilisation de l’application
25 mai 2019

This app impacted all of my products appearing in my store. While adding products I always view my store and noticed some were missing. I decided to delete the app only to discover my store did not revert to the original settings. I do not recommend this app because of the possibility of having missing products,

Scenic Bridal Things
4 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Boost Commerce a répondu 13 septembre 2019


Thank you for sharing. I'm sorry to hear that you encountered issues while using our app.

Actually, we have the "Sync Now" function to let you trigger manually from the app admin page. We have just enhanced it far better with the Quick Sync feature so any inconvenience should not be reoccurred now.

We assure that we have no intention to keep our code in your site after uninstallation as we commit strictly to the privacy policy and secure data. Also, we always send an instruction email to revert setup and remove all our elements.

Thank for trying our app and please let us know if there's anything else we can help!