Video Ad Machine

Video Ad Machine

da Product Hero Ltd.

Your products automatically turned into FB video ad campaigns

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Scroll-Stopping Video Ads

Run better Facebook ads, get more traffic & sales, raise your brand quality with professional looking videos.

Easy Ad Management

Save time with a straightforward campaign editor that is much easier to use than Facebook Ads Manager.

Outstanding Results

Increase & multiply CTR / ROAS of your ads by using high-converting & attention-grabbing video creatives.

Su Video Ad Machine

Don’t have the time for designing ads? Don't have the budget for hiring marketing experts who manage your ad campaigns? This app auto-generates product video loops and helps with your Facebook ads. Straight from your Shopify dashboard.

  • It's FREE to install
  • Many of our customers see results of over 5% CTR and 25x ROAS
  • Thousands of shop owners and marketers are using our high-converting videos in their marketing mix
  • Your site speed won't be affected as the app doesn't inject any code into your pages

The smart design automation behind the app collects the right products of your catalog and creates an engaging combination of awesome offers, eye-catching motion and colorful layouts. It turns catalog data feeds into stunning, eye-popping animations. For examples please click the button in the 'See the app in action' section!

You can easily connect your Facebook Ads Manager account and start traffic or retargeting campaigns, post the videos on your Facebook / Instagram page or use them as animated GIFs in your email campaigns.

How will it help run better ads and post more engaging social media content?

  • A cool video recommendation will be auto-generated and delivered to your mailbox every week
  • You can use this video it as it is, make changes or create a new one at any time
  • It's super easy to start and manage ad campaigns or post videos to your Facebook page straight from the app
  • Alternatively, you can download videos and use them on any of your social media channels or in your email campaigns

Video ads deliver better results than image ads for the following reasons:

  • They convey much more information quickly
  • Videos are highly engaging, grab people’s attention better than simple marketing images
  • With stunning and professional looking animations you can differentiate yourself from the competition and raise your brand quality
  • Your store can easily demonstrate the diversity of your inventory

All creatives are optimized for placements on Facebook and Instagram, but you can run them on Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest or even in your regular email campaigns.

Change the way you're running ad campaigns!

Enjoy the forever FREE version first and upgrade to PRO at any time!

Si integra con

  • Facebook Ads Manager,
  • FB Business Manager,
  • Instagram

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  • Unlimited number of videos & campaigns

  • 3 basic visual templates

  • Basic ad management features



  • Unlimited number of videos & campaigns

  • All PRO visual templates

  • Advanced branding (logo & font upload)

  • Advanced ad management features



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  • Unlimited number of videos & campaigns

  • All PRO visual templates

  • Advanced branding

  • Advanced ad management features

  • Save 50% of monthly fees!

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4.9 stelle su 5

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Super easy to use and a great way to help boost social media views! I would definitely recommend this app!


This is a very useful app in that the created video could display many images in one frame. Save time in NOT having to upload many images to run a campaign. A must-have app for any e-Commerce Entrepreneur.

Accesorios Hombr3

Awesome application, i`ve made a few videos and i like it! There are free options, it is atractive! Good Job!