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18 maj 2019

The app works great. We primarily wanted it for the variant image assignment, but the gallery also really cleaned up the look on the site.

One of the other great things it did is sped up our load speed. Previously Shopify would load ALL of the images for ALL of the variants, but this app doesn't cause the images to be loaded until the variant is selected. We have products that have roughly 15 different options, and each product has 5 images so we were having to load 75 images everytime... so we had slow site load. Now our site load has improved.

The back end interface isn't the best, but I've been working with the team at Gravity and they've been very responsive already implementing some of my suggestions. Good developer, and worth the money IMO if you have variants.

Boost Auto Parts
Ungefär 5 år användning av appen
1 juli 2019

This is my second App from Gravity Software, I've been very pleased with their service and ability to assist in getting things set up. I removed my previous Image App in favor of this one. This offers me more options for style, and I can add videos to my photo gallery for each product. This is also very mobile friendly.

PB Sports LLC
Mer än 4 år användning av appen
16 maj 2020

Adam and Co. are A+!!! I needed an adjustment and he was there immediately to assist and resolve!!!

Mer än 4 år användning av appen
10 mars 2022

We have used this app for several years now and the support has always been flawless. Great Customer Service Always on point!

Ungefär 4 år användning av appen
2 juli 2019

This is a perfect image app for us. We are delighted to receive the prompt reply and service. Thanks Prajwol

NepaCrafts Product
Ungefär 4 år användning av appen
6 augusti 2019

It's a really good app! It works perfectly and it's easy to configurate. I need to say that the support also surprised me, by responding my emails and solving my problems immediatly.

Artefama Furniture
Mer än 3 år användning av appen
16 mars 2018

I love this app. So easy to use!
Happy to pay the monthly fee for this one.

I Do Wedding Cars
Mer än 3 år användning av appen
21 mars 2020

I like this app, it works fast and improves the website instantly! the support is superior and replies very fast, highly recommended.

Mer än 3 år användning av appen
6 november 2020

The app did exactly what I was looking for! Incredible looking gallery on our product page. Also contacted support for some help on layout and Adam responded quickly and helped me out with what I needed. Amazing!

Mémoire Kids
Mer än 3 år användning av appen
15 november 2021

Great app with great support. Very intuitive and easy to use. It offers a few different styles of displaying product images. I love it so far.

Dreamframer Art
Mer än 3 år användning av appen