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24. januar 2024

It's in the early days of testing, but the app's functionality is good so far! Easy to navigate and create your bundles and upsells. Extra sweetener with the design customisation to be in line with your branding. However, we are still working through the overall integration with our website and functionalities to determine if it's the right fit for our brand. I reached out to the online chat for support, and 'Ceren' a customer service representative, was able to assist me in minutes.
We are looking forward to utilising this app further.

jane iredale Australia
3 måneder bruger appen
PickyStory svarede 29. januar 2024

Thank you for the review. We've reached out to you to learn more what was missing in your experience.

30. januar 2024

I would like to see "quantity breaks" while I am customizing my site, not only using a link from a live site.

I also would like it to automatically blend with the theme I am using( match the font or give me options to select scheme).

My Store
Cirka 5 timer bruger appen
PickyStory svarede 1. februar 2024

Thank you for the review and feedback. We are constantly improving all the features in the app, including Quantity Breaks.

We reached out to you directly to learn more.

PickyStory team

3. januar 2024

I used the volume bundle and it does need some more features. The best part about the app was the support. Ceren did an amazing job, she helped me through all the on-boarding an with all the issues I had. She was great!

Cirka en time bruger appen
PickyStory svarede 5. januar 2024

Thank you for this review. We have reached out to you to learn more about the missing features that you mentioned.

We would be happy to understand better your feedback

PickyStory team

26. maj 2023

Honestly, this is a decent App. I loved the UI and it's so easy to get started, but unfortunately, the support isn't what it used to be. I had used them in the past, and decided to give them a try to find another way to display my cross-sell.

Unfortunately, I ran into issues displaying the App on my theme. But, working worked with other App developers in the past who have been able to work around this, I expected the same from this team.

That was not the case. I explained this situation to one of the agents who advised me they would escalate the matter. When I hadn't heard from the team, I emailed the agents and informed what other 3rd party shopify app developers had mentioned. Immediately, I heard back from the team telling me that it was exactly as the other developers had said and advised me to reach out to my developer to fix. I explained that my theme isn't an issue but the app is not displaying appropriately and I haven't heard back.

Again, I've worked with Pickstory in the past. And had the same theme and the App work fine. The support at the time was AMAZING. I'm not a programmer but I don't think my theme is the issue since this worked before. And I hate using this review as a means to reach out but when I tried to check in on the matter, I haven't heard back. It's a good app, but if you have issues, you will be advised to reach out to your developer

Tiana Bay
11 måneder bruger appen
PickyStory svarede 28. maj 2023


We are sorry to hear that you didn't have an amazing experience with us lately as you mentioned that you had before.

We are happy to work on a solution to the technical issue with you. We contact you in to book a call with us and get this resolved.

PickyStory team

27. september 2023

Assistenza tecnica eccellente, tuttavia la lacuna principale dell'app è la mancanza di gestione del prezzo dinamico nella tile prodotto nella vista di categoria che non è stata prevista. I bundle gestiscono il calcolo dinamico del prezzo sulla base della disponibilità del prodotto a giacenza, se un prodotto manca, il prezzo viene ricalcolato nella pagina prodotto, tuttavia questo non accade nelle tile di prodotto all'interno delle categorie con la conseguenza che i prezzi bundle dinamici in categoria non sono corretti ( problema che affligge anche i feed Meta e Google ). Nel complesso è una soluzione per tutti quelli che non hanno out of stock di merce nei bundle

Funny Bunny
10 dage bruger appen
PickyStory svarede 28. september 2023

Thank you for your review. The PickyStory app does handle out-of-stock products and we would be happy to show you how it works.

We just reached out to you directly.

PickyStory team

9. maj 2023

Good Support, Bad App! It is hard to customize, don't have too many options, loosing in comparison with other bundle apps

Cirka 2 timer bruger appen
PickyStory svarede 10. maj 2023

Thank you for your review. We apologize that you couldn't get the customization that you were looking for so far. We reached out via email to help you customize the deals further and make them perfect for your store.