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They did an update in December in the middle of Christmas promotions which completely changed the app. Not only that, it changed my $58 product to a 58% discount and WENT LIVE. The pop up in the cart didn't work and we spent 6 hours on chat support with someone who didn't know ANYTHING. This is like like 3rd time this has happened. Good news tho. She offered to get the engineers on solving the problem asap. I explained it was a Christmas promotion that we had heavily advertised and it was not working. They did get back to me - last week. That's February. And the support said "here it seems to be working fine" sorry for the delay. PS - NOT working fine. They also changed the billing from $9.95/mo to a bill that changes based on how much revenue you bring in. WHAT? So my bill jumped to $50/month for no additional benefits. The service is TERRIBLE. The product changes frequently and there are SO many bugs.

Glacier Peak Holistics
PickyStoryが返信しました 2023年2月12日

Thank you for your review. We are sorry that your experience with us wasn't at the expected level. We'll investigate the shown price issue to see what happened in this particular case. Regarding the app's pricing, it's clearly structured on Shopify's app store and on our website. We charge based on the amount of revenue generated through the app, the app is free for up to $100 of generated revenue, and then the price increases based on the amount charged every month.

We reached out to you directly through email to see how we can help you to solve this issue.

PickyStory team.


since last week I haven't been able to access the app. it gets in a loop of logins. it asks to install the app (it is installed) then says it isn't avaible. PLEASE help.

PickyStoryが返信しました 2022年12月6日


We’re sorry to hear that you have experienced this issue. We talked over the phone, and it seems that the issue is resolved now.

Feel free to reach out to us via live chat if you need any assistance.

The PickyStory team


["charge_id not set"] fix this ............... Not a good app, i dont recommend this to other ecommerece shops.

PickyStoryが返信しました 2022年12月2日


We're sorry to hear that you have experienced this issue. Our team would be more than happy to investigate this and help you onboard successfully.

We reached out to you directly through email.

The PickyStory team


I uninstalled this application because I was changing the theme for my store. I was going to reinstall it after the switch, but I will never work with this developer again. Aside from the monthly fee, there was an unspecified charge on my bill after the uninstallation. I asked the developer to explain and specify the reason for the charge; they claimed I breached the tier by generating sales with their application. However, their application was barely functional for my site. I asked them to specifically explain the sales generated through their application, but they failed to do so. They are still keeping the money, and their customer service is extremely poor. I am very upset with this developer, and I do not recommend their application to anybody.

Arifoglu Bazaar
PickyStoryが返信しました 2022年11月22日

Hi Tankut,

We reached out to you regrading this issue and offered to book a call in order to resolve this. Looking forward to speaking with you.

PickyStory team


I want to delete the app but it's impossible to figure out. They lock you in but don't allow you to cancel at ease.....

PickyStoryが返信しました 2022年8月28日


All apps on Shopify including PickyStory can be easily removed from your Shopify Admin. Recently, Shopify changed the admin's user interface and now you can find your apps under - Shopify admin -> Apps -> Apps and sales channel settings.

We also reached out to you directly regarding this matter.

PickyStory team


Slowed my shop down to a crawl and cluttered up my product pages. I was just looking for an option for BOGO to be auto applied to my customer's cart, not for this giant widget that makes everything run like molasses. Would not recommend unless you have very small deals you're looking to do.

Cat and Raven Soap Store - CAT AND RAVEN DESIGNS
PickyStoryが返信しました 2022年5月26日

Hi Sarah,

We are sorry to hear that you didn't get the top-tier experience we are trying to provide to all of our customers. As every store theme is different, sometimes some one-time adjustments are required. We provide 24-7 live support to ensure our customers are getting the full attention needed. Upon checking your case, it looks like you contacted our support team but you never replied to their messages.

Our team contacted you again and would be happy to hear back from you to resolve this issue.

Head of Support


They indicate that the basic price is $9.50 but it is not, it is really $14.50.
Change the price and do not cheat, I hate these companies that put hidden prices. I proceed to remove my subscription.

PickyStoryが返信しました 2022年3月8日


Unfortunately, this isn't correct. After checking your account, you were subscribed to an older plan version which was priced at $14.5/month. We changed the basic price for new customers to $9.5 as we do from time to time to promote the app.

We invite you to contact us directly in order to solve your issue.

PickyStory Support


They promisse features within a deadline of week and they never endup on delivering it. This is a terrible bundle plugin and the customer support is by far the worst we've encoutered so far.

PickyStoryが返信しました 2020年12月9日

We are sorry to see that you decided to leave this type of review although we did everything we can to explain that we are building the next version of the app which will support displaying bundles on any page (the function you were looking for). As a business, you can understand that development is unexpected and sometimes take a bit more time. We updated you that the new version will be available in several weeks, but unfortunately, you didn't give us a chance to work with you on that. We are still welcoming you to reach out to us so we can make sure the new functionality will be integrated into your store.

Alex G.


When I want to install the app I get the peace of code:
{"detail":"No user matching this token was found."}