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Product Kits

Developed by Spice Gems

47 reviews
Price: $14.99 / month Free Trial: 21 days More info
  • Quickly Create Product Bundles
  • Keep Inventory in Sync
  • Display Child product Information in Invoice and Packing Slips

Product Bundling is a great Strategy to increase average order value and increase revenue.

As the name suggests, The Product Kits app allows you to bundle / group various SKU to a Master SKU. The inventory of the Parent Product and the child products are tracked automatically.

So for example if you sell MultiPacks then you can easily create MultiPack discounts using variants and automatically keep inventory in sync.

Here are features in detail:

Create Bundles / Kits

Creating bundle is pretty straightforward. First you will need to select the master product. Then you will associate the child product (s) to the master product. Here are a Few Examples: Here are a Few Examples:

  • If you sell personal products then you can combine / group Razor, Shaving Cream and After Shave to create a Shaving kit Bundle

  • If you sell Fitness Equipment then you can create bundles like Strength Training Bundle, Weight Gainer Package etc.

  • If you sell Health Snacks then you can create Lean Protein Bundle, Carb Rich bundle etc.

The bundle is a Shopify product. It lets you link bundle product with various child products together.

Create Bundles with Option Selection

It is also possible to create a bundle with option selection. So you an create a T-Shirt / Jeans combo and let customers select the size. Refer to this KB article

Setup Bundle Pricing

The Bundle / Master product is essentially just like any other product. So you can set a bundle pricing which is less than the total of child products.

Automatic Inventory Update

The App automatically updates the inventory after every sale. So if you run out of a Child Product, then the App will set the bundle inventory to zero.
Similarly the App will adjust inventory of child products and every Bundle sale.

Refunds and Returns

The App updates the product inventory after a return is made in Shopify.

Multi pack Discounts

It is also possible to automatically manage inventory for MultiPacks. So for example if you offer a 5 quantity pack or a 10 quantity pack then you can use the App to automatically adjust the inventory after every sale. Pls take note that packs will be created using Shopify variant functionality. refer to this KB article

Keep Track of Raw Materials / Component Inventory

If you deal in handmade / assembled items then you can use the Product kits App to keep track of the components inventory which make up the final product. Refer to this KB article

Display Child Products as Line Item Properties (Separate Add-On)

It is possible to display the child products as line item properties in Shopify Order Detail Page. The fulfillment department will know the child products included in the ordered bundle. Since the child products are available as line item properties, you can also display them in invoice. Refer to this KB article

The Line item Add-on costs $ 9.95 / month

Questions? Contact us at help@spicegems.com


Product Kits reviews

47 reviews
  1. 5 stars (41 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (4 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (0 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (0 reviews)
  5. 1 star (2 reviews)

A fantastic simple app that does exactly what it needs to do! Perfect for our complex product bundles!


Fantastic App that allows us to easily manage seperate products and combine into bundles for our customers.

The support offered is exceptional, we highly recommend!


We track inventory at the individual product level but we offer bundles. This app solves shared inventory perfectly.


Great App that resolves our kit problems perfectly. And the support is very fast, nice and helpful. Many thanks!


Great app. Helpful support who was quick to make sure the app met my needs.


Have been using Product Kits for 6 months now, using the basic plan. We have found it super useful to be able offer bundles/packages to our customers and have it come off the appropriate inventory. In addition we received individualized top tier support from customer service. Would recommend highly.


We have been thoroughly disappointed with this app. on the surface you think its doing what it needs to do. but underneath it has not done anything. When we downloaded 1500 orders to send to our fulfilment company. not one of the line items transferred over. in the order screen you see some of the line items on some skus but not on the others. Their tech support which is in India say the issue is internet speed? I have to say that we have been thoroughly disappointed. As I was just learning shopify I wished I had known earlier how useless the app truly was. But like most business people I was focussing on the customer. I now have 17 days to manually sort out 1500 orders. I'm happy we have the orders but the back end headache is a pain. If you need tech support expect 1 email in a 24 hour period. that means if it takes 5 emails to fix you are screwed for 5 days. ughhh.


Solid APP.
Support is fantastic, we need some special adjustment on their snipped to solve some issues on specific devices and browser: they were fast and effective finding a solution.

This App misses the capability to upload several bundles via an easy way like CSV files. We have more than a hundred of bundles, create that amount of bundles manually was and would be for new collection really time-consuming.


update to review.

Great service recovery from Ankit, co-founder. he promised things will be fixed and everything is fixed now. they downloaded my theme and fix it in their environment, shared with me the fixes and push live after everything is working fine.

app was great as it does what it says perfectly. 5 stars.

but support was horrible hence 2 stars. requested support as line items are not displaying properly on cart page.

support team updated the script and instead of QA their coding first, they emailed me telling me the changes are made and asked me to check. to my horror, the whole site was in a mess and i had to log in to undo their new code.

if you need to bundle products, this app is still the best, just not the support.


I have been using Product Kits for a while and it works for me! Easy to use, it does all I need to create product bundles. Support is great, very quick response to any issues. 5 stars from me!

$14.99 / month

The App costs 14.99 $ / month.

App with Line Items Add-on costs 24.95 $ / month

21 days

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