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22. březen 2023

Really good customer service, Got my issue resolved in 15 minds. Also this app has a lot of advance features.

Alaya by Stage3
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22. březen 2023


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21. březen 2023

Awesome app, easy to use, and very functional. The customer support is just great, they will respond to you almost immediately and fix your issues and answer questions. Especially, big thanks to Julie who is very helpful.

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17. březen 2023

Installed the program during the free trial to make sure it works with my search filter, Product Filter & Search ‑ SB, and I can say... yes it does... YAY! I had a couple issues trying to add Custom CSS and reached out to Support. Spoke to Julie who's awesome sauce and she guided me in the right direction to get what I needed done. The tool itself if pretty straight forward and works exactly as promised! Thanks so much! This is going to make a huge difference for my site!

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17. březen 2023

Julie was very helpful and got my display problem solved by the developer within a day! Thanks a lot :)

Clover Patch Jewelry
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16. březen 2023

Very helpful app, very very friendly and super fast chat for extra help. Nothing seems too much to ask. They will even dive in your code for some customisation when being on the 'free' subscription.

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Datum úprav: 9. březen 2023


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9. březen 2023

The support for this app went out of their way to quickly and effectively rectify all problems we wanted to solve using this app. I must commend Julie especially who was always so patient and helpful. Thank you so much. ^^

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Datum úprav: 7. březen 2023

Julia really helped me with the urgent problem I had. She was efficient and got amazingly quick responses. I will definetly keep using this app, it helps incredibly.

Wild Foods
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19. únor 2023

Great app, works flawless. Great support on the livechat from Julie, got all my things solved within a couple of minutes.

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