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2 januari 2023

Cette application est beaucoup trop chère, et elle n'est pas du tout complète. La version gratuite n'a aucune utilité, et ne donne pas envie d'upgrader le forfait.

22 dagar användning av appen
Smartify Apps svarade 2 januari 2023

Bonjour, je suis Julie de l'équipe d'assistance DECO.

Merci de nous avoir fait part de vos commentaires et de nous avoir fait part de votre mauvaise expérience, et nous sommes vraiment désolés que vous ressentiez cela !

J'ai vu que nous sommes votre entreprise choisie pour la saison du Black Friday. Mais lorsque vous avez supprimé l'application et que vous l'avez réinstallée, cela a causé un petit problème technique qui a rendu le badge invisible sur la boutique.

Cependant, ce problème peut être résolu rapidement, en 5 minutes. Nous espérons que vous pourrez nous donner l'opportunité de vous fournir un service exceptionnel.

Encore une fois, merci de nous avoir fait prendre conscience de ce problème. Nous attendons honnêtement votre réponse.

5 februari 2021

Customer support = 0. I've sent tons of emails to ask for help because some labels do not appear, no answer.

Ungefär 4 år användning av appen
Smartify Apps svarade 6 februari 2021

We are sorry for this unhappy experience and thank you for reminding us because somehow we haven't received the notification of your given access. We have immediately fixed the issue for you and mailed you back. Please double-check and let us know if there is anything else you need us to set.
Again, we are deeply sorry and hope you sympathize.

Thank you.

Redigerat 20 maj 2020

Still haven't managed to get this app to work and installed it on monday.

Support is very very slow and their contact form doesn't work on their website, so had to contact them via Shopify. Hoping they can resolve my issues and get this app working.

Update: App is now working after their help but still haven't been given a reason as to why it wasn't. The labels they have set up are a bit of a mess - the collections page on mobile has the label overlapping the side and not showing on one of the products requested. On desktop not showing up on the collection page at all.

Customer service is very poor and very slow, I downloaded this nearly a week ago... It doesn't fill me with much confidence that if issues ever arise that they will be fixed let alone in a timely manner regardless of what plan you are on. Will stick with it for the time being but then will look at other apps with better customer service.

FURTHER UPDATE: They have emailed me 5 days later citing email issues, as to why this hasn't been fixed. None of the issues above have been resolved yet and have had to re-iterate what is wrong. Fingers crossed that this time it is fixed in a timely manner.

Bonjour Baby Showers
Nästan 3 år användning av appen
Smartify Apps svarade 25 juni 2020

So sorry for all unhappy experiences with our app. All issues have been fixed now. And we have made a big progress to speed up the support time. Now you are free from worries. If you need any support, always drop us an email at our new support mail box: support@smartifyapps.com to help you handle every request. Thanks!

4 mars 2018

This app is terrible. It doesn't work. I watched the video 3 times and followed directions perfectly. It is not functioning correctly, showing the tag on the wrong products. I have been trying to make this thing work 2 hours. TERRIBLE!

Ungefär 2 månader användning av appen
27 mars 2021

Didn't find this useful, could not get it to load any labels at all. Wasted 45 minutes, found another app that worked in seconds.

Jam Cycling
Ungefär en timme användning av appen
Smartify Apps svarade 2 april 2021

Dear Admin,
We are so sorry for the late response as we were on weekend the time you emailed us and could not reply to you immediately.
In early Monday morning, we have replied to you twice in ticket #4811 but haven't heard from you since then. We've also sent you another email few minutes ago. Could you please check your mailbox and let me know your thoughts.

Thank you.

27 maj 2019

How do I cancel the subscription so that no charge is generated?
I think that we should not say that there is a free plan.

Mariscal Moda Hombre
7 dagar användning av appen
Smartify Apps svarade 4 juni 2019

Thank for your feed back. Once you confirmed charge you can cancel subscription by remove the app. We offer a free plan and you can see the detail of this plan in product description. That is just free for shops which have less 10 products. Thank you so much

22 maj 2019

The description says there is a free plan available but after installation it says something else. You get confronted with a free trial after which you should pay the 14.99 plan when the trial expires. The free plan option is not available.

Poshy Petals
En dag användning av appen
Smartify Apps svarade 4 juni 2019

Dear Sir,
Thank for your feed back. We offer a free plan and you can see the detail of this plan in product description. That is just free for shops which have less 10 products. Thank you so much

21 juni 2018

Incredibly annoying app - has a fast scrolling marquee of other products on each page which is extremely distracting when you're trying to configure it. The app doesn't seem to include any labels by default so you have to make and upload your own which is quite a letdown considering the price!

Cheaper Online Co Uk
29 minuter användning av appen
5 september 2017

Sorry guys, but not worth the effort.

Label image was visible on random product images
Label text did not change with settings (maybe UI/UX of settings)
Label showed up on product description in some cases
Customer service email reply couldn't determine my name from signature..hmmm. Still using bots to reply?

Daily Urban Store
Ungefär 10 timmar användning av appen