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Before adding the app, I had my tumbler accessories as separate products and they weren't getting much traffic. After adding it and having customers be able to select the upgrades right there in the product, accessory sales have increased by around 12x. Installation is a little tricky if you don't code and your theme doesn't follow the standard naming conventions, but their developers are AWESOME and always willing to help. Sanjay is my hero :) This app is a must if you offer custom products or if you want to throw your upsells right into the product listing.

Bulk Tumblers
接近5年 人在使用应用

I love this app. I've had to reach out to chat help multiple times to help me make things work correctly. This particular time, it was Khushbu who helped me. She was amazing and fixed everything that wasn't working right.

4年多 人在使用应用

Hulk Product Options allow my customers to pick different flavors of desserts easily on my site. The app is easy to use, but their customer service is also really helpful if you have any difficulties figuring it out.

Crème & Sucré
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HulkApps.com已回复 2023年10月24日


We're glad to hear how well our app is working for you! It's fantastic to know that Hulk Product Options is making it easy for your customers to choose their desired dessert flavors. We always aim to offer a user-friendly experience.

We're equally pleased to know our customer service team has been able to assist you when needed. Your words are greatly encouraging to us to continue improving and delivering value to our users.

Thank you once again for using Hulk Product Options and for your 5-star rating. We appreciate your feedback and we look forward to continuing to support your Shopify store.

Best Wishes,
The HulkApps Team


I have had a few hiccups with the Hulk Product Options app BUT they were all user error on my end and the chat feature is INCREDIBLE. So fast, very professional, always available... truly a huge help any time I run into questions or concerns!

10个月 人在使用应用

We've tried a few different product option apps and this is the best one thus far! The quick and attentive support is incentive enough to continue using.

Lucine and Co Jewelry
接近3年 人在使用应用

Had an issue with additional charges not being applied in cart. Customer support helped me fix it in minutes and explained how I could fix the issue if it ever happened again.

The PeQuliar Sunflower, LLC
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I had an issue with the discount code entry box disappearing if a customer chose an accessory item created in Hulk Product Options. I reached out to support and the issue was resolved within a couple of hours. It was a software/code fix on their end due to a change in the Shopify algorithm.

I was very impressed with Hulk Product Options communication and speed of service. I know that I can depend on them if I have any questions or issues in the future.

Access Outdoor Living
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Great app with excellent support and response time. I can only say good things about this app/team!

接近5年 人在使用应用

I had the pleasure of communicating with Nisha via chat from Hulk Options and the assistance I received was awesome. She was patient, as I'd been struggling for months to get my website to display the upload images feature. After effective dialogue, my issue was FINALLY resolved! Needless to say, I'm one happy customer. Thank you, Nisha!

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HulkApps.com已回复 2023年10月24日


We're overjoyed to hear about the great experience you've had with our support team, specifically Nisha. We applaud her for providing you with the high-quality assistance that HulkApps strives for.

Your note about her patience and effectiveness in resolving your long-standing issue makes us really proud. As customer satisfaction is our top priority, we're thrilled to hear about your positive journey with us!

We're here to assist you anytime you require our help. Your feedback motivates us to push our boundaries and deliver our best.

Thanks once again for choosing HulkApps.

Best Regards,
Team HulkApps


Sanjay was very helpful. he went above & beyond to fix the issues I was having. Where Shopify will just send you steps to fix it yourself. Not with Hulk!

Barstools Etc.
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