Infinite Product Options

Infinite Product Options


Unlimited Custom Options for Products with Infinite Variants

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Pearls of Joy

This app is super buggy and SLOOOOOW. It would often not apply the upgraded price on checkout. Meaning customers would select an option that had a significant upgrade price, but wouldn't be charged for it.

Even if it did work correctly, nobody should install this if they care about page speed and conversion rate. It would take upwards of 4-5 seconds to load the product options - AFTER the entire page had already loaded.

So slow that many customers actually hit ATC before the options loaded and therefore checked out without selecting any options.

Retro Active Arcade

I first contacted Hulk about the issues I was having with their app on August 14, 2019 and my issue is still unresolved. I have received nothing but headaches from their customer service team. If I could I would give this app 0 stars.

We are currently using a competitor app for our product options and were hoping to switch to Hulk to save on money. That being said, due to many of our products having multiple options and it being an integral part of our website, we were unwilling to completely uninstall the competitor app UNTIL we have tested the Hulk app on our website to MAKE SURE that it will work for us.

At HULK's request, we removed the competitor app code from a copy of our live theme so that Hulk can install their code without conflict and we would be able to set up the Hulk options and test it without jeopardizing our live website and impacting our sales.

Hulk went back on what they said and requested that we remove the competitor app from our store completely before installing their own code. As I have explained previously, and to the Hulk Customer Service team, this was not feasible for us until we were absolutely, 100% positive that the Hulk app would work for our website.

It will take us approximately 15 - 20 hours to set up all the different product options from scratch for each product that requires product options.

After posting my first 1 star review (which I have since removed on the basis that they resolve the issues I was having with their app), they agreed to install their Hulk Code on the theme that we removed the competitor app from. From that point it was more headaches. Their options were not displaying on certain products, and for the options that were appearing on products, the conditions were not displaying the options correctly.

I told them 7 times, and several different people which Shopify theme I had the Hulk Code installed on and they always come back saying they need to know which theme I have the Hulk Code installed on.

Hulk has done nothing but run me around in circles for 2 months now and done nothing to resolve the issues I was having with their app.

Milano Straps

I used the free version to test it...what a mistake....didn't worked well they told me is your theme setup, the app doesn't work with dynamic checkout buttons, I asked to fixed and they did...the checkout doesn’t work anymore and is impossible for my clients to buy....thank you very much...great service
Update! I asked for informations to unistall the app because in their website link is answer att all BE AWARE!!!

Sunfit Apparel

All your products have been installed and tested, and no free version will work. I don't know if the charged version will work, but it is impossible to choose your products.

Avarcas 101

I wanted to have color/size variants, reached out to the customer support, they told their app would allow me to do it, after reading their guides and following each step, I realized the app does NOT support inventory variants, therefore it was pointless, I wish they would have told me from the beginning, I would have saved myself 2-3 hours.

Arlatec Oy

Cant be used on Shopify mobile app, because this app isnt responsive. Products have been syncing over a week now and because of that cant use the options at all. Already contacted customer service about a week ago.

Hello Boho Babe

Love this app! I use it to add options and different pricing to my items. The set up was easy and customer service always responds quick.

Edited to add - it seem great at first. Now its glitching and I have multiple orders where the options aren't showing price differences. This is a major headache to have to email the customer afterwards and ask for more money. I have emailed customer support 3 times over this with no reply or help.

Developer reply

July 30, 2019

Thank you for using one of our apps in your store. Have a great day ahead :)

Boulder Creek Packs

The app is not intuitive and is difficult to use. Support was very difficult to deal with and documentation is sorely lacking. After 10 hours of trying to get it all set up, I had to remove it and go with another app that I had set up in less than a couple of hours. Save yourself the trouble and pass this app by.

Gillian Sarah Themes

I used this app for just over a month and it has lost me $$$ in sales. I configured it and got the HULK team to check it over. They said it was configured correctly. The first order that was placed through it worked perfectly. Anything after that was a disaster. It was either not showing the add-ons at checkout, or it would, but then it wouldn't charge the customer for them. It resulted in a lot of heavily discounted purchases and me looking like a fool to my customers. I contacted the HULK team about 20 times in the past month and each time I did they told me it was all working perfectly and there was no issue (even though I am sending them failed orders and missing payment), each time they said they fixed it and didn't understand my issue.

The whole team lacks a customer service ethic and I'm pretty sure no one I spoke had English as a first language as their responses were always basic and really useless. I've just set up my theme and coded in the add-ons as I can't deal with this add on anymore.

It wouldn't have bothered me too much if the plugin just didn't work. But it's the fact the customer service team kept making out like I was the idiot as apparently it was working fine on their end. Just not on my end or for any of my customers apparently.


They have not contacted me back after 2 weeks of contacting them trying to get my store set up even though I immediately opted for the Pro Plan, so I am a paying App customer and still being ignored.

They have ignored all my requests to contact them and have closed my tickets without answering them.
Do Not Use Unless you plan on figuring it all out on your own without any assistance, because you definitely will not get any sort of help from them.

Very Shocked with the quality of Service provided despite them bragging about industry leading customer support(Far cry from the truth)

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