Infinite Product Options

Infinite Product Options


Unlimited Custom Options for Products with Infinite Variants

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Seeing how the team has been unresponsive for 2 DAYS with my urgent enquiry (problem which has caused customer complaints during 11.11 promo period), I have to write this here to warn anyone who needs to use this and needs discount code usage at checkout. Hulk product option app is creating a line item in draft order when a customer orders with an add-on option that requires TOP-up in money on TOP of original product price. For example in my case, it was name personalisation add-on function by Hulk Product Option app. This causes discount code field to not appear and cannot be applied at checkout page, though at cart page it seems ok. Customers have complained that discount code is not applied , creating frustrations at checkout. If Hulk team remains silent, then there is no choice but this app can’t be used for an ecommerce store that requires discount codes, which is actually a BASIC feature that is needed. We may have to seek alternatives.

Initially the experience with them was great when I first on-boarded . They responded quickly and advised how to use to get it setup. Unfortunately in times of problems like this, they have gone silent

Blushing Drops

Worst experience ever.
This was a disaster!!!! After their developer changed the code, Shopify options stopped working and our customers couldn't choose the size! It happened our weekends sale and we lost all of the sales opportunities and advertising fee. They responded back like 4 days later and telling me "our firm was closed due to the Diwali Festival and that's the reason why we wasn't able to get back to you on time. " WOW! I ended up hiring another developer to fix this issue due to this stupid free app. I talked to several experts and they all say this app caused the problem but Hulk app never admit it and keep saying it's because of the theme. Awful. This free app is NOT worthy.

Iced London

Rubbish. The added costs don't even work, and the fields which are marked as required aren't really required. I tried myself and the extra prices for certain variants don't add on, and I can check out with out even filling in the required fields. Big no.

Laughing Pet

They state that you can use swatches in the free version, but it is not true. You have to switch to a paid version to do that. I might have paid have they not lied to me in the first place.

Mystic Moon Shop, Inc

Customer support is good until you decide the app doesn't fit your needs and you want it removed then they don't respond to your emails and requests to have it removed. The uninstall option on the app doesn't remove the app and the instructions for how to uninstall brings up a 404 page. Contacting Shopify to see if they can get this app removed from my store!

Pearls of Joy

This app is super buggy and SLOOOOOW. It would often not apply the upgraded price on checkout. Meaning customers would select an option that had a significant upgrade price, but wouldn't be charged for it.

Even if it did work correctly, nobody should install this if they care about page speed and conversion rate. It would take upwards of 4-5 seconds to load the product options - AFTER the entire page had already loaded.

So slow that many customers actually hit ATC before the options loaded and therefore checked out without selecting any options.

Retro Active Arcade

I first contacted Hulk about the issues I was having with their app on August 14, 2019 and my issue is still unresolved. I have received nothing but headaches from their customer service team. If I could I would give this app 0 stars.

We are currently using a competitor app for our product options and were hoping to switch to Hulk to save on money. That being said, due to many of our products having multiple options and it being an integral part of our website, we were unwilling to completely uninstall the competitor app UNTIL we have tested the Hulk app on our website to MAKE SURE that it will work for us.

At HULK's request, we removed the competitor app code from a copy of our live theme so that Hulk can install their code without conflict and we would be able to set up the Hulk options and test it without jeopardizing our live website and impacting our sales.

Hulk went back on what they said and requested that we remove the competitor app from our store completely before installing their own code. As I have explained previously, and to the Hulk Customer Service team, this was not feasible for us until we were absolutely, 100% positive that the Hulk app would work for our website.

It will take us approximately 15 - 20 hours to set up all the different product options from scratch for each product that requires product options.

After posting my first 1 star review (which I have since removed on the basis that they resolve the issues I was having with their app), they agreed to install their Hulk Code on the theme that we removed the competitor app from. From that point it was more headaches. Their options were not displaying on certain products, and for the options that were appearing on products, the conditions were not displaying the options correctly.

I told them 7 times, and several different people which Shopify theme I had the Hulk Code installed on and they always come back saying they need to know which theme I have the Hulk Code installed on.

Hulk has done nothing but run me around in circles for 2 months now and done nothing to resolve the issues I was having with their app.

Droppin HZ Car Audio

0 Stars wasnt an option so this gets 1. The app will display the correct up charges for my options but it will not charge them in the cart. This app has cost me a ton of time and money. I tried communicating this with the developers but I was just told that I needed to remove certain characters from my options. Some how / and ? are not compatible with this app, or so I was told. I removed all special characters and still have the same issue. This is a HUGE waste of time and money!

Developer reply

September 12, 2019

Thank you for sharing your experience. We hope our apps empower you to grow your business to the next level.

Milano Straps

I used the free version to test it...what a mistake....didn't worked well they told me is your theme setup, the app doesn't work with dynamic checkout buttons, I asked to fixed and they did...the checkout doesn’t work anymore and is impossible for my clients to buy....thank you very much...great service
Update! I asked for informations to unistall the app because in their website link is answer att all BE AWARE!!!

Sunfit Apparel

All your products have been installed and tested, and no free version will work. I don't know if the charged version will work, but it is impossible to choose your products.

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