Infinite Product Options

Infinite Product Options


Infinite Options for Custom Products with Infinite Variants

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Texas Sludge Coffee Co.

Not very friendly user and the uninstall button never successfully uninstalled. Very frustrating to try and set up.

Dink USA

The idea is great but the actual code is whack and the docs are garbage. As in, they don't exist. The hulk apps website links to the wrong docs and the actual docs don't solve the problem. Super disappointing.

OC Interiors

I am having problems with this HULK APP. The site is confusing and impossible to fix. I am waiting for some help.

Timeo et Chloe

And again the system is down, losing more sales, it's been happening routinely for Black Friday, January sales.
Last month I was asked to remove my comment as the problem is fixed and they have installed the app on my new Theme instantly.
It seems like the problem is not solved anymore, I'm on vacation and I have been contacted by a person trying to finish her purchase to ask me how she can personalise her item (all my products are personalised)
I hope you understand this is a big issue when we lose sales because of an app we're paying for?

Compact Camping Concepts

I added this app to test product options and intended to upgrade for conditional product options. The interface was straightforward, I had it up and running - but only half of it worked. When I contacted support they were unable to fix it, twice. I have a Shopify Theme, nothing fancy would really have liked what they claimed it could do. It did not do what they claimed. - would not recommend.

The Nothing But Company

This app was recommended to me by my website developer. It looked to have everything needed for what I wanted to do with product options. However, their support is awful. Worst support from an app that I have ever experienced.

I attempted to contact them on more than one occasion to ask to figure out why my export file comes as a link to a browser instead of an Excel file. They have failed to respond or provide any solution. Now that we were prepared to update all of the products uniformly, which we started a month ago, I will now have to start over and look for another app that will provide me the solutions I am looking for.

I am very disappointed and would not recommend this app to anyone.

Developer reply

February 3, 2020

Apologies for the inconvenience that happened to you.
We export files in .xlsx extension and default file open software for is set to the Web Outlook (browser) instead of the Excel software on your computer. It has nothing to do with our app. We tried to explain the same but again we would be happy to do it for you if you can give us access via TeamViewer or AnyDesk to your PC. Customer satisfaction is our top priority so please give us a chance to prove and make you happy. Thank you!


One of the worst app we ever used. Messed up our theme and Hulk refused to accept their mistake. We consulted so many developers and everyone pointed out to this app causing the disturbance. They simply refused to help and really messed up the theme.

Mochy Kid

Unfortunately - incompatible with LOTS of built-in functions of shopify, like currency convertor. Have been back and forth with customer service for a long time already, they responded quickly but since the app is problematic in itself, this app is really not friendly for shopify users like us.

USA Safe Store

Lost $300 in revenue on 2 orders. Waiting for support to contact me. The options are in there and it says the money will be added to cart, but guess what? No dollar amount is added to cart and I have to pay out of my own pocket. Absolutely stunned at this. I knew in my heart before spending hours on integrating this app that I should of just went with the Bold product options. Stupid me lol.

MAN Sports

The options inside of the app were great however support was not good and product never worked. I payed for the premium installation and they installed the code inside of the head instead of the body which put a error on the front of my homepage. They did not respond to any of my support messages so I just went ahead and deleted the app.

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