Product Options Advance

Product Options Advance

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Increase average order value by extra product options

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Color/Image Swatch for product

Create color swatches and image swatches for your product options and allow the customer to choose.

Unlimited custom options

Easily add an unlimited number of product options to your products.

Fully Customization

Personalize everything in your product options, including text, background color, font, tooltip and many more.

À propos de Product Options Advance

The product options advance app allows you to add custom product options / fields to your product pages. Whether you want to create a cake configuration or simply add additional options, the product options advance app has it covered!

Increase average order value by letting your customers purchase additional options on your products.

Suppose you have a product that requires additional information from the buyer. Your usual Shopify product options may seem inappropriate at those times. The product options advance app helps you incorporate additional buyer details and also add and display product options on the product page. The product options advance helps provide more customization to your products, as you can offer more options and get more orders.

How is it useful?

For example, if you need to gather more information from your customers (or if the customer wants personalized products) on your product pages, such as customer notes, cake flavors, t-shirt design, upload logo or text t-shirt to design your product page, etc.

If you have a bakery store and sell cakes online to your customers, you can offer additional options to your customers, such as cake sizes, cake flavors, cake messages, and birthday decorating items.

If you have a T-Shirt printing shop, you can provide additional options to your customers on your t-shirt, such as uploading your brand, logo, and design, choosing the colors and size of the shirt.


  • Option List
  • Option Groups List
  • Product List
  • Bulk Select Products
  • Display Settings
  • Option color and font settings
  • Responsive table layout
  • Show options on the product detail page
  • Support most themes
  • Automatically Installation
  • Provide export install
  • 11 Types of Option fields ( 1. Textbox 2. Textarea 3. Email 4. Phone 5 Number 6. Radio Buttons 7. Dropdown 8. Switch 9. Checkbox (Multiple Selection) 10. Dropdown (Multiple Selection) 11. File Upload )
  • Tooltips and Help text for product options
  • Custom CSS

Assistance service.

If you have any questions and need help configuring the app, do not hesitate to contact us, just send us an email and we will help you with any problem related to our app.

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  • 11 Types of Option Fields

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Avis les plus récents

Sweet Funky Designs

I love this app as I can offer various pricing, color and sizing options to my customers. But if I add new product to my store and want to offer various things for that product, I have to have customer service add the new product to the product menu. If it would auto-add without waiting that would be awesome. Currently looking for another app to replace this one.

E Hair Luxe

Yup this app had some great promises in not completing what it does. ;( extremely upsetting as it is the cheapest app that does what it says it was going to do but just some defaults it terms of coding and adding the price on to original pricing

Compact Camping Concepts

I've been through just about all the Options apps shopify has to offer. This one held great promise. Good interface, customizable in the simplest way - very self explanatory. First flag - no other reviews. Second flag - support was delayed which isn't that big of a deal since I figure they are a few oceans away in time zone. But the third flag - they had access to my store without securing a staff or collaborator account. I had no control of what they could access. That is scary. I uninstalled as soon as I was aware . . . ?? Fourth Flag when I got the follow up email to tell them why I removed the app the page errored. Not a good sign.