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9. květen 2023

Love this app, easy to use and great customer service. I would like to see the ability to select multiple items otherwise would have given 5 stars!

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4. květen 2023

We use this for add on upgrades like signature so it doesn't affect the inventory. Once I figured it out it works, however, I don't like that to add the upgrade fee I have to set up an actual item. This clutters up the invoice and the item pull list.

Because it has to be listed as shippable or it ends up on it's own leaving the order open, it also shows up on the customs forms for our interntional orders so we are manually deleting it.

If they could fix this so you can just add to the price I would give them 5 stars. For us, the feature is just annoying enough that I'm searching for an alternative app.

Steve Rude Art
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26. duben 2023

Good app for basic customization needs. And when I need to go further, they have a great customer support, very reactive and helpful!

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21. duben 2023

It's really easy to use and offers a bunch of functions. Support is really great and very quick. Thank you very much!

MB Clubs
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14. duben 2023

Helpful dev team, works for all i need it for, happy customer here. Good customization options and plenty of variable options

True North Bespoke
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Datum úprav: 6. duben 2023

This app has been able to do what no other app could, and it's free! Anytime we had issues customer service was good and would follow up. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is because there were a few workarounds we had to use do due to the specific needs of our products and that the app doesn't work with Shopify's "Quick Shop" feature.

Lion's Lair Boutique
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24. březen 2023

This is a great app (I would have wanted another solution than the one I got, but this is also good). So many options, and the response to my question was very fast! Definitively recommend!

AHANI shop
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16. březen 2023

Sometimes things glitch out with this app, but no app is perfect. I really appreciate the support from Globo Products. Last night we were launching two new products and we had some technical issues. I reached out to Globo (mind you 11pm at night) and they fixed the problem within under 15min. I know I can rely on Globo!

Birth Legend
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Datum úprav: 23. prosinec 2022

Nearly perfect. I can recommend the support a lot. They will fix/ code every problem away. And the app has enough features. Besides one that I do miss, which is the option to show a color-colorswatch on the collection page and a picture colorswatch on the product page. Currently you have to chose for one of them on both sides

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13. prosinec 2022

We have been using this app for a short period of time now and are impressed with the simplicity, ease of use and service we have experienced so far. A simple, concrete and good result is what we are left with.

The reason for 4 and not 5 stars is that there could have been a little more options and opportunities around the layout options so that we could adapt it to our wishes and design in an even better way.

IN-Print Norge
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