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5. November 2023

Honestly, this is one of the best apps under Shopify. If you have products that are highly customised this is the app for you! We have been using this app for over 1 year. It allows us to offer many customised options for our products and to include additional charges. Recently we needed to link some of the options to our page header and we reached out through Globo support. Helen offered a solution so fast, we were impressed. Definitely solved our issues and now helped improve our customer's shopping experience! Thank you!

Partybang - Helium Balloons Delivery Singapore
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16. November 2023

I've been using Globo from day one for my online store and it has become a staple in my daily operations. While there are some limitations, it ticks all the boxes for what I need. The platform itself is user-friendly and intuitive, making it a breeze to use even for those who aren't technically inclined.

Customer service is excellent. Helen, in particular, has been exceptional – quick to respond and sort things out. Appreciate the straightforward help.

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15. November 2023

Love this app! Super easy to use and customer service is amazing and quick. We have worked with Helen and she has helped us multi times when we couldn’t figure something out! Definitely important to have quick customer service for an app like this that functions a big portion of a website and Helen has always provided just that!

The Canine Threads
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27. Oktober 2023

I can't rate the app yet as I just started using it, but I had trouble getting it integrated into my website and the customer service was so helpful. Rosie got everything fixed up that same day, and was great to work with.

Little Lineage Books
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4. November 2023

Rosie was amazing when it came to our needs with this app. She helped and came through with what we needed and has made our day to day job a lot easier adding the functions she has added in. Thanks so much for the great support!

Candy Co
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15. Oktober 2023

Globo has been a fantastic find for my small business! It's really helped me be able to offer so many customizations and simplify my order process. However, I can see how it would likely not work for everyone since it does have limitations.
I've contacted customer support twice and both times they were quick to help and provide a solution. I would highly recommend installing to test if it works for your shop.

The Lucky Loop
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10. November 2023

My variants were not showing up on my website and their customer support team helped me fix it right away. Thank you

Gancy Fame
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6. November 2023

I've struggled to find an app that would integrate seamlessly with my Shopify store and provide customizable product options and variant handling. Then I stumbled upon "Globo Product Options, Variant" on the Shopify App store and decided to give it a shot.
This app is a complete game-changer! It offers an extensive list of features that make it an absolute joy to use - customizable product options, complex variant handling, and a streamlined integration process with Shopify. From simple to complex product variants, this app can handle it all.
Rosie from their customer service is a star - super helpful and quick to respond. If you're running a Shopify store, I wouldn't think twice about recommending this app. It's made my life heaps easier! Thanks, Globo!

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26. Oktober 2023

Easy to use integration, love the options they have with drop down, text box, stacking additional values to each variation on top of product based price. Support was great, they responded very promptly when there's some glitch on one of my product line. I would highly recommend this app!

Great Functional Goods
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2. Oktober 2023

I had tried very unsuccessfully to add an extra item with an additional cost to a few of my products. I was so frustrated and felt like chucking in all of it!
So I sent a message to Globo and explained what I was trying to do. In short, they provided me with a video of step-by-step directions to achieve my desired outcome!! And I did it myself!!!
WOW!! Their customer service, easy-to-understand directions, and fast reply times are wonderful!! I highly recommend this APP to anyone who has their own website!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Home Accents
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