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4 de outubro de 2022

This app allows customers to get FREE add-on products due to a major loophole in their coding.
Horrible for add-on products. If you utilize the 'add-on' products option, the customer has the ability to remove the main product it's connected to, then the add-on option remains in the cart unless it's also removed separately. To add to the frustration, the customer can remove the 'add-on' product, which reduces the price back down to the normal product price, but then the normal product still has the 'add-on' option listed on it without the 'add-on' price included on the total. So it's like they're getting the add-on option for free....
Glad I realized this before it was figured out by customers!! And there's more...if you uncheck the 'Redirect to the shopping cart page after adding a product?' it still redirects to the shopping cart.....nothing like losing sales because the customer is encouraged to check out before they're done shopping..

FancyB Press on Nails
Estados Unidos
24 dias usando o app
20 de setembro de 2023

This app is very aesthetically pleasing BUT has some very serious limitations and when I inquired about it they didn’t really seems to care - it was like oh well so sorry

You can offer a selection that adds more then a qty of 1 of any sku to the cart

Example - if you wanted to allow for a selection that added a qty of 2 tires or bolt a etc - the app can’t do it - only can add a qty of 1 of any sku to your cart

I even tried my own workaround - making it 2 options a Ex) Tire #1 and Tire#2 and the customer can select both but yet only 1 gets added to the cart

Other app we used does this but didn’t have as nice as a layout

Guess I wasted many hours for nothing and it really was disappointing the lack of effort and empathy i recd in their response

Estados Unidos
26 dias usando o app
8 de setembro de 2023

I'm sad to say that after using this app for over a year, I'm having to write a negative review as the programmers are seriously ruining this app. As an experienced programmer myself, I'm fully aware of some of the backend stuff that can be done. Now all of a sudden, the "programmers" say that the field names are only allowed to be shown on the cart and ultimately the packing slips rather than the labels (what the customers see cleanly on the product pages. So instead of Stain Color: Dark Walnut on the cart, the customer sees stain-color-memorial-clock-1. Support says that I have to change all my field names to be the same as the label across my at least 100 options that I've built over time instead of actually fixing the issue on their end. This was working fine previously for like a year or more as-is. NO LONGER RECOMMEND THIS APP!!!

Estados Unidos
Mais de 1 ano usando o app
Globo deixou uma resposta 11 de setembro de 2023

On behalf of our development team, we’re so sorry about the experience you are facing.

However, please give me a chance to clarify this. Our current app mechanism has remained unchanged since you installed our app last year. Therefore, we would like to assist in changing all the field names to be in order to match the label. Please reply to our email conversation so that we can help you quickly.

We are eagerly awaiting your comments on this.

16 de agosto de 2023

Buggy, had issues the moment I launched the product. It kept creating other products for my variants and when I would delete or hide them they wouldn't show up on the actual product. Highly suggest looking into other apps.

Atheia Creations
Estados Unidos
13 dias usando o app
20 de janeiro de 2023

This app kind sucks, it just randomly stops working no matter how you have it set up. Looked great right after setting it up but then just stops working.

Laugh A Little Love A Lot
Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 1 ano usando o app
5 de junho de 2023

Use 5 different languages and the T-Lab translation app for our store. the app runs well but its not possible to translate the content

Aproximadamente 1 hora usando o app
5 de maio de 2023

Can't get past step 2, requested assistance twice, and eventually got sent an email with a link to their FAQs. Moving on.

África do Sul
Aproximadamente 12 horas usando o app
Globo deixou uma resposta 12 de maio de 2023

We are sorry it is not impressed by you for the first time. Our app's backend and frontend still work well. It's just a minor misunderstanding in conversation that cause confusion for you. We can’t fix the past but you have our commitment to improve the way our staff serves every customer.
We would love to guide you any steps to set up the app as soon as possible. Please reach our to us again anytime.

2 de maio de 2023

Wouldn't log me in from the beginning. I couldn't even get to the point of adding the variants to my products.....

Horsepower HQ
Estados Unidos
11 minutos usando o app
25 de março de 2023

Added very detailed and customized elements and when the page refreshed they disappeared, wasted 3 hours of my time

Angel Almanac
Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 1 hora usando o app
10 de agosto de 2023

L'application marchait très bien jusqu'à ce que soudainement la customization des produits ne s'affiche plus dans les informations de commande ! Un bon nombre de client ont commandé et bien rentré les informations personnalisables , mais les informations n'ont pas été enregistrées ! J'ignore si c'est un bug ou un défaut de l'application , mais elle me cause beaucoup de soucis sur ma boutique et je me retrouve à devoir contacter tout les clients qui ont commandé pour récolter les informations de personnalisation moi même !

30 dias usando o app
Globo deixou uma resposta 16 de agosto de 2023

On behalf of our team, I am sincerely sorry for this problem you've faced a few days ago.

As discussed, we have tried to reproduce this problem a numarous time but the option values are still being delivered to the checkout page successfully as expected. I assumed that there has an unexpected issue happening when the external checkout app delivered our app's line item properties to the Shopify Order details.

We are also double-checking the 3rd party checkout app you're using to have further insights on this matter.

If you have any updated information, please do not hesitate to reach me back at I'm always here to assist you with all sincerity.

Best Regards,
Globo team