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Product Options & Customization w/ Conditional Logic & Pricing

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For one more time i send an email and they dont reach back to me. I have issues and i cant work with them if they dont have good support.

I think it's a good app. I had tried a couple of other Options apps but this is the only one that has the flexibility that I need. The only issue is the support i think, because i send them an email to install for me and they did not reach back to me directly, as other apps do.

Preg Li

This App is currently broken. If your customers purchase using Internet explorer they will be able to add a bunch of options and not pay. Creating a customer service disaster.

Air Bnb Host Shop

- Apps is glitchy
- the UI is a complete pain to use
- Support doesn't seem know their own app and offers solutions that don't actual fix the problem
- Basic features don't work properly

- support gets back quickly (not accurately but quickly)
- No other app does what this one is spouse to do.

Downloaded it several days ago, still can't get it to the simple options. It is currently holding up my entire projects launch. Will update if this actually gets resolved to work properly.

Great Signs

Where do I begin. Product options by Bold is the app that I require for my online store but the setup is not so easy. Our issue is that when you create your options and the options forms are created. We have no way to edit how the form will appear on our pages. The layout looks like crap with input boxes and other from elements all over the place.
We have been back and forth with Bold Support regarding this and they continue to make small tweaks to the layout but we can't seem to get what we require even when we provide them with screen shots of how we want our page to look like.
To this point Bold has tried to work with us but we are 3 weeks behind our launch date of our site due to this issue... We need action NOW! and an extension on the trial would be nice to make up for lost time due to poor support.

Trade Show House

Can't do much without paying for the full monthly price.


Product Options is nice. BUT.... do not think you can create an order for the customer or recreate a new order because the 7 days authorization has passed...(mainly custom product sites, but isn't the point of product options?) Shopify "Draft" order and Product Options do not play together... As this is point of product options (to get around the limitations of Shopify options (only 3 per product) on a product, and Shopify support answer is to "create a draft" order, but you can NOT leverage product options to capture data when using "Draft" orders.


I paid for the app to be installed in my new theme back in mid-March and they stated twice that they did. I finally was able to publish my new theme today only to find out the options were not there, which means the app was not installed properly or even at all (no revised code is even in the new theme). They definitely need better customer service which is something they can improve on. The representative who emailed back told us to install it ourselves yet we paid for it to be installed properly the first time.

Will keep you all updated on the situation. For now, I would give caution to future users until I approve of their customer service and proper implementation skills.

High Spirits Flutes

I'm forced to downgrade my rating of this app from 4 stars to 2 stars. Initially, we were happy with its operation, but customer service is slow, simple customizations are challenging, it's buggy, and I get the sense that tech support staff is under-trained and burdened. Honestly, I think we would be better off using the product variants feature built into the Shopify admin dashboard for everything that Bold Product Options currently handles. We have already been forced to do this for some products where the Bold app can't accomodate our needs, which are pretty normal and reasonable for an e-commerce website. I think the app has potential, but unfortunately, it is not well supported considering that Bold is charing a monthly service fee for its use.

Cloud Source Vapor

First the app. The app is not simple to install, thank god we have a web developer who did it for us. Alternatively, you can pay BOLD money to do it for you, which seems shady; make an app, but make it very difficult for a normal user to install, and then charge more money.

The app itself is fairly simple to use and do the job of what we need it to. However, the options will not show to your clients if their browser does not have Java enabled. Fun little fact, many mobile clients don't have Java. So you're basically losing out on tons of potential customers. Also, if you are trying to generate reports and exporting your orders via .csv files (excel), your options will not be there.

Now BOLD as a company and their support are absolutely atrocious. Multiple times, over the last 3 1/2 months of using this app, we have attempted to contact their support team. They advertise 9-5 M-F. We always call within those hours and it always goes to their voicemail. We leave messages and they have never called us back. When talking about a support ticket, they will email us instead, which doesn't work for us. Often times the advice or "fix" they give is incorrect and doesn't work, which is frustrating with the massive gaps in communication time.

I would give the app a 3 because it does what it is suppose to, despite having some flaws and I would give bold a 0-1 because they have horrible customer service.

My Wedding Decor

I would love to give this app, which I upgraded to the Premium level, and its sister app, Quantity Breaks, a five-star review as it shows such promise, but I can't. I signed up on the 12th and 13th respectively and launched on the 23rd. I was desperately trying to get my products, most of which have minimum set quantities, to show the correct price.
Apparently I have pay for a Bold Apps expert to ensure that a product, which for example, comes in a set of 25 shows "25" in the Quantity box (despite being able to enter 25 units having no discount and 26+ units with a $ or % discount etc in Quantity Breaks), and not "1". Customers can also edit the minimum 25 in the cart to 1 so something is seriously amiss.
Bold Apps seems to be a victim of its own success because no coding can be done until late May and every time I have checked in the last week, Bold Apps live chat has no-one available to undertake chat. So you have to play email tag.
Proceed only if you are an expert coder, have all the time in the world, and only sell items in single quantities.