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29. februar 2024

I loved this app for a few years, but lately it has had so many glitches and I have has so many customers reach out telling me they can't access the customization. The customer service didn't help enough and I ended up having to move to a new app.

The Perfect Present NY
Mere end 4 år bruger appen
11. marts 2024

The most helpful team I've seen in awhile. Had an issue we noticed Friday, sent the request, here I am Monday morning and it's all been fixed. AMAZING TEAM TO WORK WITH!

Giant Patio Umbrellas
Mere end 5 år bruger appen
28. februar 2024

Had a great call with Harun from Shop Circle.

Apparently this application is starting new initiatives focused on customer support.

I look forward to seeing this application grow with my business.
Næsten 2 år bruger appen
27. marts 2024

Works as advertised, great and responsive support. They even helped us with some custom feature for engravings. Shoutout to their developers, great work!

Mere end 4 år bruger appen
6. april 2024

We used the Premium version of Bold Product Options and it worked great for over a year. After being acquired by SC, this app became unusable and extremely slow. It now takes more than 48 hours for a new option to show up on our store, if at all. Support is very helpful and quick to respond, but they claim custom coding is needed almost every time, which defeats the purpose of the app.
Very unfortunate to see this app fall apart after the acquisition and we've tried to make it work, but we're going with a different option that has a much better UI (and more than half the cost).

Home Safes USA
Cirka et år bruger appen
3. februar 2024

I've been using this app for at least six years, with only a few minor bugs under bold control. Since Shop Cycle took over the app, there have been more issues than one would consider acceptable, and service has deteriorated; they requested access to my store four days ago to see if they could solve it, and they have yet to access it. I made modifications six days ago, and they still have not been updated. This is not the first time we've experienced syncing issues that took days to showup. On one occasion, our options simply disappeared, and we had to re-add them. Definitely not the app it used to be.

Keep Track GPS
Mere end 5 år bruger appen
25. januar 2024

We have used this for years! It is so nice being able to control the options on individual products. Customer service is always quick to respond and eager to help resolve any questions. Thank you Jeff for the extra help with the video recording!

Anueva Jewelry
Cirka 5 år bruger appen
26. januar 2024

This app is definitely key to my products. Although I have had some problems over the years, customer service has always helped me figure out solutions.

Row West Activewear
Mere end 6 år bruger appen
16. februar 2024

Used to be a good plugin until today. My product option on my website suddenly not working. It was all ok all the while and we have zero clue what happened. I didn't notice this app was no longer under Bold until this happened. My team and I were trying to contact their support via email, chat, and any way we could. They greet you but when asking about our problem, they do not reply at all. My site relies heavily on this app and they are highly unprofessional when dealing with customers. This is not a free plugin so I do expect someone can help me solve the problem not creating a headache for me. Not recommend for anyone.
Cirka 4 år bruger appen
12. januar 2024

I'd rate this app 4 stars, but gave it 5 due to how helpful the CS team always are! We use this app for a LOT of products, and will run into a glitch here and there as expected - but the team at Shop Circle (shout out to JEFF!!) are always there via their live chat to help us out super fast with any issues we may encounter. Definitely would recommend this app for anyone out there thinking about it.

Mere end 3 år bruger appen