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28. april 2015

I would love to give this app, which I upgraded to the Premium level, and its sister app, Quantity Breaks, a five-star review as it shows such promise, but I can't. I signed up on the 12th and 13th respectively and launched on the 23rd. I was desperately trying to get my products, most of which have minimum set quantities, to show the correct price.
Apparently I have pay for a Bold Apps expert to ensure that a product, which for example, comes in a set of 25 shows "25" in the Quantity box (despite being able to enter 25 units having no discount and 26+ units with a $ or % discount etc in Quantity Breaks), and not "1". Customers can also edit the minimum 25 in the cart to 1 so something is seriously amiss.
Bold Apps seems to be a victim of its own success because no coding can be done until late May and every time I have checked in the last week, Bold Apps live chat has no-one available to undertake chat. So you have to play email tag.
Proceed only if you are an expert coder, have all the time in the world, and only sell items in single quantities.

My Wedding Decor
Næsten 2 år bruger appen
27. maj 2021

Can't apply options modularly; have to make a whole new set for an item if it has just one tiny difference. If you have a large catalogue with variations expect to be reinventing the wheel over... and over... and over. Changes made in app can take 30 minutes to appear on the site, or not appear ever and require developer intervention (this is a showstopping problem! Especially combined with...) Conditional logic stops working on random widgets of random products and need to be caught, unset/reset in app, typically when a customer takes the time to notify us that something isn't working right. Setting up conditional logic requires visiting two separate places in the app, which is slow and tedious. Ridiculous design choice really. Why two stars? We came from Infinite options, and this was a huge step up from that. We used this and dealt with its shortcomings for over a year. For those weighing options, give W3 Product Options a shot. The staff replied to us within minutes while they were open, with a well thought-out response, and a comprehensive fix from the get-go. Since getting everything situated just right we've had absolutely zero snags that weren't us setting something wrong (redoing the logic on our site was a >24 hour effort, we were exhausted). Their backend is better designed, widgets more functional, whole system works faster. They allow options to be assigned to products a la carte, which has netted us insane gains on upsell efforts, enough to pay for their monthly subscription ,multiple times over, daily.

FuzzButt Fursuits
Næsten 2 år bruger appen
Shop Circle svarede 31. maj 2021

Appreciate the feedback. Sorry for the time spent adjusting options, as well as any delay experienced with changes generating on your front end. We've passed your message along to our developers. We're always working on ways to improve our apps.

17. august 2017

- Apps is glitchy
- the UI is a complete pain to use
- Support doesn't seem know their own app and offers solutions that don't actual fix the problem
- Basic features don't work properly

- support gets back quickly (not accurately but quickly)
- No other app does what this one is spouse to do.

Downloaded it several days ago, still can't get it to the simple options. It is currently holding up my entire projects launch. Will update if this actually gets resolved to work properly.

Air Bnb Host Shop
Mere end et år bruger appen
7. februar 2023

I have been using this plugin for several months. Since January, my plugin has started to have problems. The customization options of many of my orders have not been counted. Some of the options that should have been charged were not charged in the end. caused me some loss

SAR Hongkong
Mere end et år bruger appen
15. oktober 2021

Too pricy compare to its competitors. I wish they could work on the price to bring to to a more reasonable level.

Oxa Leather
Cirka et år bruger appen
17. september 2020

I used this app for over a year, worked most of the time and I was happy with it. But then I changed themes and it stopped working and the support was the slowest I have ever encountered. So I uninstalled it and tried another. It didn't work as well as Bold so after a month or so, I installed Bold again, the app wouldn't install at all and 6 days later, after raising a ticket, I had not heard a thing from Bold. 6 DAYS. And I was paying for this service? Awful. So I've deleted it and I won't use it again.

Happily Rustic
Cirka et år bruger appen
Redigeret 31. januar 2019

This app did a nice job of adding options but it has slowed down my site loading considerably. When I run a Google Page Speed test, this is the biggest culprit as far as slowing my page down.

Page speed is one of the biggest factors in getting to the top of Google search rankings so this is an issue.

Cirka et år bruger appen
7. marts 2018

This app is so frustrating. We've had nothing but issues. I would not recommend this.

Wholesome Bakery
Cirka et år bruger appen
5. december 2016

Product Options is nice. BUT.... do not think you can create an order for the customer or recreate a new order because the 7 days authorization has passed...(mainly custom product sites, but isn't the point of product options?) Shopify "Draft" order and Product Options do not play together... As this is point of product options (to get around the limitations of Shopify options (only 3 per product) on a product, and Shopify support answer is to "create a draft" order, but you can NOT leverage product options to capture data when using "Draft" orders.

11 måneder bruger appen
17. april 2020

The app does more or less what it should expect that express checkout can't be used at the same time otherwise the extra cost from the option selected by the customers if not added to the bill which is deeply annoying as you have to call customers one by one all the time to process the payment.

The worst part, once i cancelled my plan with them, they have charged me until the 14.04.20 when my plan was cancelled almost a month before.

I believe that this strategy times the number of people using their apps make them a nice millions dollars on our back at the end of the year for free.

Paul Jarrel
11 måneder bruger appen