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28. februar 2013

Great product, makes the bulk pricing interact with so many customisable product options. Brilliant service and support from James,

Highly recommended

27. januar 2013

Great app! Been looking for an app that can allow my customers to customize a set of 3 dresses in a bundle! This app has solved my problem, and its customer service team is really efficient. great job!

1. marts 2013

Love this app and shappify even installed it for us! now we have a lay-by option on our site!

Jae-Vonàe Boutique
6. februar 2013

Let me start by saying, WOW! I was blown away by the excellent customer service James provided. He went the extra mile to help me with my issues and ignorance. This app works flawlessly and cuts editing time down drastically. Time is money. I just saved a ton with this app! This app gives you the flexibility to change the design of the options to better match your store's look and feel. Shappify has the best apps on shopify. Hands down. Thank you so much!!!

Game Day Treasures
7. februar 2013

Not only is this a great plugin, it comes with THE BEST SUPPORT in the world!

I purchased two plugins from Shappify today (Product Options and Bulk Discounts). When I installed them, there was an option to have Shappify install the plugins for me. I clicked, almost to see if it was a joke. It was not.

Despite my purchase coming in 5 minutes before close of business, Shappify's James jumped on the case immediately. With the help of their developer Ivan, they had everything installed within an hour.

Even more impressive, they configured their plugin to work with my theme, including CSS changes.

Truly above and beyond. Exceeded all expectations. You cannot go wrong with anything from this developer.


Its Easy As Pie
16. februar 2013

This app is absolutely brilliant!, Shopify was never an option for us before this came along!!
1. marts 2013

The template I use for our shop needed some additional coding to enable it to work well with the app.

James and the team helped in no time to get everything up and running, but whats amazing is how responsive they are in assisting you to get working.

You must try this if you on a low plan as it will save you those much needed SKU's.

The app formatting etc fits very well within the theme, so give this a shot as you can't go wrong really.

11. februar 2013

I wish I tripped over this app early. With clothing, adding multiple sizes and colours as variants is a pain in Shopify admin but with Product Options it's just a couple of clicks- and it saves your skus so you don't have to upgrade to get more.
The customer service by the team is top rate- they helped install everything and we were up and running within 24 hours.
We'd recommend this app to anyone. AAA+++

Medical Uniforms NZ- Official Site
5. marts 2013

Fantastic customer service! They were so quick and helpful to set us up. Even went above and beyond to help us style our options.

28. februar 2013

Perfect addition to my store, should have jumped on board a month ago! So much time would have been saved! The support rec'd from James was awesome.

I am highly recommending this app.

Mosley Lane