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28. marts 2023

Deelen was very helpful in getting my issue resolved! Super quick and friendly! I was able to get back to what I needed to ASAP.

Loan Gifts
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Redigeret 26. maj 2023

Good options app that after 7 years needs a bit of development, but really quick response from the support team, whom since they have been taken over by Shop Circle, knock BOLD out the park in terms of quick support. Shout out to Alina in support who was very quick in her response and helping out.

Hartnack & Co
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: Mere end 6 år
16. februar 2023

Works great for customizing options! We use this as a jewelry brand for our customized pieces. We really love the many styles to create option sets and love that we can have some hidden when needed. It really helps create a better user experience for our customers. And, they have great customer service for our specific questions about configuring options. Jeff was a huge help with getting our questions answered, and fast!

Zoe Lev Jewelry
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9. december 2022

Good option app and easy to use. Good fit for a light user. The only concern for us is it's kind of hard to manage the options if you have a highly complex option structure.

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Redigeret 21. november 2022

Bold Product Options was great but has stopped working in the past week. No response from the new owners Shop Circle yet. Their support portal seems to be broken also, can't make an account to view my support ticket. *Update, finally managed to speak with someone on live chat & they fixed the issue within a few minutes.

GreenGreen Store
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 11 måneder
8. november 2022

take this app since 2 years,
but not there a lot of problems since orders from 08.11.2022. Can you repair it?
Just shows me [FILTERED]. Thanks

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Shop Circle svarede 14. november 2022

Thanks so much for writing in with your feedback. Our team has recently made some significant changes to our infrastructure to help with stability and better serve your needs going forward. Our team has reached out to you to confirm these updates have been applied, and make sure everything is working well for you. Please let us know if you have any other issues. We are always happy to help!

30. juni 2022

Customer service is fast and helpful. We had a problem with one of our product option sets and the representative I spoke to, David Thistlethwaite, was quick to respond (within 24hrs) to our questions. The problem we were experiencing was something Bold hadn't encountered before. After going back and forth for about a week, the problem was resolved when David suggested a work-around that ended up fixing our issue. Apparently, we may have exceeded the limits of one option set so all we had to do was create an extra option set for the remainder of the products. While it wasn't a clean resolve, I did feel like David had tried everything he could to fix our issue. I do have a suggestion, though. It would be helpful to have a toggle switch on the product options. We were running a sale on free customizations (which were the product options we created through Bold), and found that we had to edit the prices on both the hidden product variants created through Bold and the prices on the product options. Besides these issues, our experience with Bold has been great. Thanks for the excellent customer service!

Miami Fitwear
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27. april 2022

This app has been great for our website. It helps create the multiple options sets that we have to offer our customers. There are some things that are a bit non-user friendly, however, when we get to the complicated things - the customer service has been great! We have recently appreciated the held of Deelen and Jeff.

SCS Interiors
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: Cirka 4 år
8. januar 2022

The app helped me solve the problem of limited product options. The agents were kind and gentle while helping me to install the app on my Shopify store. Nice experience there!

Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 27 dage
Shop Circle svarede 13. januar 2022

Thank you for your feedback! We're super glad to hear you had a great experience with our team on resolving your issue. :)

Thanks for choosing Bold!

15. september 2021

Alina and the support crew have helped me out every single time I've had an issue with the install on both of my stores. The app does what I need it to do and the UI is easy to understand. Reasons it's not a full five-star app: It is challenging to make the app work correctly with an AJAX cart. I've had the BOLD team do the code install several times and once or twice it seems like it stops working for unknown reasons. This is offset by the killer support team at BOLD. The other issue is customizability. The display settings are rather limited and while the app has a field for custom CSS, it would be really cool if you could do it through the UI. Silver lining: I've learned a lot about CSS by trying to get my options to look the way I want them to. Still not quite there but I'm getting closer! If there were a few more display options in the app it would be five stars easily.

Skill Board
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