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3. december 2023

After using Bold Product Options for years it was bought by Shop Circle.
From the beginning, it was impossible to get them to answer emails and get customer support. Literally weeks of no answer to multiple requests.
then I changed themes on Shopify to common Dawn theme.
The liquid disappeared from the order reports despite being in the front end.
easy enough I thought, just request they add the liquid.
They said I need to upgrade to V2, so I did.
Then the shopify orders report shows a million codes and snippets...they say nothing can be done with that.
Then the formatting of options got all weird.
Then all my conditional logic disappeared.
Then dropdowns show auto select.
Then pricing color fonts just randomly changed colors.
Then dropdown box sizes were running across all the page.
etc etc.

Sevilla Smith
Næsten 8 år bruger appen
Shop Circle svarede 4. december 2023

We're truly sorry for the issues and frustration you've experienced with Bold Product Options and Shop Circle. It seems like there have been quite a few problems which have negatively impacted your site and for this, we extend our sincere apologies. We understand every bit of your concern – the smooth operation of your site is our priority too.

It’s concerning to hear about the lack of timely response to your emails and customer support requests. There seems to have been a handful of technical issues, which, we wholeheartedly agree, is far from meeting the quality of service we strive to provide.

We definitely want to rectify this for you. We will have our support team reach out to you to address and resolve each of these issues collectively. We’re committed to ensure you get a better experience moving forward.

Please remember, your feedback is crucial to us, it helps us identify, and improve on, areas where we're falling behind. We’re grateful for your candid review and are eager to turn your experience around.

With respect,
Shop Circle Team

29. november 2023

I have been a loyal user of Bold Options for over 4 years, and during that time, it was a reliable and effective tool for my store. However, my recent experience with their service has left me extremely disappointed and frustrated.

The trouble began when I decided to refresh my store with a new theme. Contacting Shop Circle to help with the app installation on the new theme was where the problems started. It became apparent that the transition to Shop Circle has significantly impacted the competence and efficiency of their support team.

I reached out to the support team, specifically contacting Khushbu, Jeff, Nisha, and Nicholas, hoping for a prompt and effective resolution. However, the support I received was not only horrendously slow but also unhelpful , all of them said that they were working on it and will contact me when fix, but they never did.

The inability of the support team to address and resolve the issues I've encountered has left me with no choice but to explore alternative solutions for my store.

For those seeking a dependable solution, it might be worth considering alternatives that can offer the level of service and assistance needed to navigate the evolving landscape of e-commerce.

Champion Landscape Supplies
Mere end 3 år bruger appen
20. november 2023

For $50 a month...this app should be 100%. I've had nothing but trouble with this app, and the way you have to set it up is so painful...that you end up being stuck with it for a LONG time before you invest the time to switch to something else. Every time I make a product update...I have to contact support and they have to manually fix it. And I know what I'm doing, I'm quite tech savvy. This app is buggy. Their customer service team is fantastic, I'd give 5 stars for that aspect...they try their best to help you and are quick...but they can only help with so much when the app itself has consistent system errors.

Mere end et år bruger appen
20. september 2023

It randomly gives products away for free.
A few weeks ago we were looking at some orders and noticed that Bold was not adding the up-charges to the order. It added the parts to the order fine and we fulfilled them but the customer was getting them for 0$. Since we have found over $5000 in free items Bold gave away. Customer service has been less than helpful. Downright idgaf attitude to trying to fix it. look at other apps.

Nine Lives Racing
Cirka 4 år bruger appen
16. februar 2024

Used to be a good plugin until today. My product option on my website suddenly not working. It was all ok all the while and we have zero clue what happened. I didn't notice this app was no longer under Bold until this happened. My team and I were trying to contact their support via email, chat, and any way we could. They greet you but when asking about our problem, they do not reply at all. My site relies heavily on this app and they are highly unprofessional when dealing with customers. This is not a free plugin so I do expect someone can help me solve the problem not creating a headache for me. Not recommend for anyone.
14. marts 2023

Disaster. I have been a Product Options customer for 10 years. I started noticing a few options not being charged to customers recently and reached out to support. They informed me I need to install Version 2. After horrific communication that takes days for each message, they deployed something that completely torpedoed my entire site and it doesn't even seem like we can undo it. It appears like "Shop Circle" purchased this app from BOLD but kept the name. I am currently losing thousands in revenue a day with an unknown impact on long-term sales and no real resolution in sight that doesn't likely involve 50+ hours of work on my end.

Mere end 8 år bruger appen
26. maj 2023

Extremely disappointed to see this app that was once was very reliable and provided excellent support go down the drain now that they have transitioned to Shop Circle. I would warn any new merchant to stay away from this app now. We have been using it for years without issue, however within a short span we have run into numerous issues, including not charging our customers correctly at checkout, as well ass the app team taking it upon themselves to completely change our settings without notifying us so that our store was displaying (and charging) incorrect information. Not only this, the support has been horrendously slow, unhelpful and ultimately unable to resolve any of the issues we have been having in a timely manner. Quite a shame but we will have no choice but to look elsewhere for a more reliable solution.

Riff Raff Baby UK
11 måneder bruger appen
2. september 2023

Worst client service ever. Does work very slow and not up to the requirements too. Totally wasted my 10 days of my time relying on them.

The Sleep Factory Store
11 dage bruger appen
5. juni 2023

1 star is still too much. Automatic installation does not work. It is promised that after a request to support, the app will be installed within 2-3 business days. This is definitely not the case. Support was contacted 3 times in total. No info or update on the app. The service is unfortunately very poor. Trial period expired and then still paid for it. No recommendation!

15 dage bruger appen
Shop Circle svarede 21. juni 2023

Hi There,
We are sorry you've had a negative experience with our app :(...We have been trying to contact you by email, but without success.

We would be more than happy to help you with anything you need if you'd still like our assistance at

All the best,
Customer Success Team I Shop Circle

14. november 2022

Product options has been down for 6 days and I have put in 3 support tickets, yet no one has contacted me to fix it. I have lost sales due to the options not showing and that is unacceptable. I do not recommend this app. The technical support is nonexistent.

3 Pooches Collars
Mere end 8 år bruger appen