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28. Juli 2023

Jeff rocks! He totally helped me out! We have struggled to get Shopify live - we have been using Product Cart for over 10 years. with over 50K SKUS, lot to move over and a lot of change. Looking forward to expanding how we use BOLD!

CHAOS Fishing
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3 monate mit der App
16. Februar 2024

Very easy to create customisation options for products. The team also responded quickly when we were facing issues

28. März 2023

Deelen was very helpful in getting my issue resolved! Super quick and friendly! I was able to get back to what I needed to ASAP.

Loan Gifts
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Etwa ein jahr mit der App
27. Juni 2023

The team was very helpful in guiding me through the personalization process and did some onsight demo work, our company decided to wait till we had more customer feedback before using the full personalization tools. Very grateful to Jeff at Bold Product.

All Season Apparel
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8 tage mit der App
Bearbeitet am 31. Oktober 2023

We are using this on our iPad kiosk sales site and we love it. Bold is really doing some cool things with Shopify apps, I wonder when Shopify will just decide to go ahead and buy them and roll their functionality into the Shopify core offering...

They really help out with their live chat support, too.

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Fast 10 jahre mit der App
10. Mai 2016

It does the job, but it is the most expensive app I use at $20/mo and still has weird glitches and snafus. Every once in a while all the connections I build just seem to randomly break and I have to rebuild them. Behind the scenes, the use of the hidden products are clunky: they junk up my product list and don't translate well when importing into my shipping program, such as onto customs forms, because they are being imported as a separate product rather than a product variable.

But it was the only working option for conditional logic options (at least at the time I purchased it), and it allows me to increase the options above the Shopify allotment, so I keep working with it. And their customer service is pretty good.

Walnut Studiolo
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Fast 9 jahre mit der App
Bearbeitet am 24. April 2017

Good app! Does exactly as advertised! The customer service was excellent, MC was quick to help, easy to work with, and helped greatly in solving out issues.

Esks Shop
Fast 9 jahre mit der App
Bearbeitet am 8. August 2020

We use it on the our site called where we sell laptop and macbook skins , decals and sleeves.
This product although not too fancy in appearance, is fantastic while implementing. I had required their support once in installing and the support I received was quite prompt.


Mehr als 7 jahre mit der App
22. Februar 2016

Great application to use for creating input text and drop down menus. We are able to breakdown the inputs required from the customer line by line to get the info we require. We have seen an increase in sales due to the new functionality of the website.

support team is really helpful and are able to find solutions to a few teething problems I had. Back support is so important.

Fast 7 jahre mit der App
Bearbeitet am 27. April 2017

Our startup created one of the most complex shopping cart coding conflagrations, by integrating a highly customized Plug-In solution from Bold Commerce with specific permutations and complex product options. When we unexpectedly found ourselves with a rogue Developer unable to handle or professionally manage coding tasks, (compounded by an inadvertent error), we were met with graciousness and professionalism as BOLD'S Devs wrestled the bull down by the horns, helping us resolve our issues. BOLD'S client and developer support exceeded my staunchest professional expectations of what customer service, and technical "support" authentically become. Tamer, you may be the "APP" guy, but you're clearly the people guy for BOLD, and the intuitive, inspiring force behind your team. I've rarely had the pleasure and privilege of dealing wth a company so attuned to customers, or someone who simply listens as well as you do. The missing star is reflective only of technical APP limitations on complete customization facility. Thanks to you and Tyson again, for all your incredible work to resolve the issues, and complete our site dev for the BOLD segment, finally getting us underway after our sites languishing for many months. We are extraordinarily grateful to you, and customers for life.

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Fast 7 jahre mit der App