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Product Options & Customization w/ Conditional Logic & Pricing

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Ultimate Team Gear

I love this app but there is a major problem and the reason I left a 3-star review instead of a 5-star review. When ever I add options to a product I have to go through this lengthy trial and error process to get it to show on the page. It includes changing the last 2 digits of the cache params as instructed by Bold (window.BOLD.common.cacheParams.options) and having to add and remove the product from the bold options page in the app. I have to do this 10-20 times before the options show on the live site. SOOOOO SICK OF IT. I love the app, it is unfortunate this problem has not been resolved.

Woodbridge Costumes

I like the app but I have 3 days left in my trial period and now I can't access any of the services in this app or make changes to my Shopify products anymore .

Developer reply

April 8, 2019

Hi there, thank you for your review. We're very sorry you were having troubles with accessing the app. I'm really happy to see that the issue was able to be sorted out! We hope you continue enjoying the app, and do let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.


This apps functionality seems to work fine and the support team is responsive at first but a deeper looks reveals inadequacies and imcompetance.

TLDR--has cost me thousands of lost revenue and a big bad headache I didn't need but I've been trying to get admittedly a little more than basic functionality.

For me 1 star seems about right for both execution and service.

I do want to acknowledge that they genuinely seem like they want to help and are doing's just a mess and I'd almost rather them not try so I can look for other options or hire someone to do it for me.

Long version:

The goal:
Offer a single product with options that break out into separate already existing items in the cart (like a bundle!)

Problem 1:
Would update price but not sale price...seems like it should right? Not out of the box. Required a few back and forths but worked with team to fix.

Problem 2:
Would not update main page feature product to include options just like the product page. Seems like that should be a little more than basic because a few themes are available. Did require some more back and forth but eventually got it.

New problem:
Cart would not display pricing correctly. This is a bug. Was fixed.

New problem:
Now there's meta data and random lines in my cart and on the order in shopify. Does it export those random lines to resolution yet because while I was working on this it broke entirely...[see below]...

New problem:
Broke my store. The cart did not update to correct pricing. No change caused this on my end that I am aware of...maybe it was maybe it wasn't...not going to outright blame Bold but the next part is really f-ed up. So I tried to fix by removing the item from the options.

Now all my store items have the options. ALL of them. And they don't add to cart. Completely tanked my business for a day. They say it's a known bug but didn't warn me or anybody about it.

Had to uninstall the app. Didn't fix that either. SERIOUSLY? The options were still showing up!

So then after all that I am giving them another try. Why? Because I really really need this functionality and there aren't that I am aware other options.

So...let's try again from a clean install shall we? Guess what? Yep problem 1 and problem 2 again. I asked specifically to address that so now I'm on email #65 to address something that could have been caught by reading on email #50. READING. It's like there are some robots working there designed specifically only doing one thing at a time and ignoring everything else.

Today some of my customers started emailing me that they couldn't check out. One of the people at Bold had been installing code on the live version of the site I think (though they claim otherwise) and I needed to revert back to an even older version of the store.

I'm still writing back to them as we speak to explain what I need done...this has been one sick, gross, pitiful mess on both a technical and customer service level.

So it turns out that leaving a 1-star review got someone's attention and I started getting more timely and useful help. They were able to re-implement the App in my store and produce good results that achieved most of my goals. I'm upgrading the review to 3 stars as an acknowledgement of the effort and the effect of the final product. I'm leaving it there however because I believe in the review system and it was honestly really difficult to get this working and caused me so much stress and headache and loss of revenue.

A Cut Above Uniforms

Some of our primary items use this app as we have too many variants. We have been running this for 18 months and since the beginning, about 2% of orders are not charged due to some issue caused by the app. This means that the customer is not charged for their shirts in our case. Our shipping dept has to check each order for this issue and then we have to contact the customer to collect CC info and payment. The problem has never been resolved. We have a developer firm working directly with Bold and there has been no resolution. In general, this app adds a lot of complexity. I would not use this app again. I'm writing this because we are now having a higher occurance rate and I have not heard back from Bold for 5 days. Unfortunate.

Custom Military

This app did work for me, BUT before you get this:

First, be aware of the cost difference if you need conditional logic. It's another 9.99 more/mo. and it isn't obvious on the main page of the app. I was drawn to this app for that reason - conditional logic, then disappointed to learn it was more money.

Second: if you choose expert install (free), it will take at least 2 business days.

Third: CACHING is a very big problem while developing your options. You create an option, go to preview it in your development theme copy, and you don't see it working anywhere because cache has to be cleared. After two days of tech support, they told me cache needs to be cleared, but there is no option for that anywhere. Instead they give you a tech support link telling you how to edit a liquid file. I suggested they add the ability to clear cache somehow. I'm sure it would save them hours of tech support, and the end-user a lot of headaches.


The display was pretty ugly on our website and didn't adapt according to our theme.

Mega Kiwi Stores

I have just started using the app therefore 3 stars is more than suffice
and certainly will write a more accurate review as soon as possible!

Celtic Knot Works

I tried this because I love Product Discounts and I figured that Product Options would be well integrated. It was not. Here Are the Issues I had with the plugin while it was live:
1. It did not update the cart total in the normal way so the Free shipping countdown by Free Shipping Bar did not show a proper tally.
2. It gave away a free Item on its first transaction. It did not charge the option fee to the customer so I had to eat the cost.
3. The solution support gave me to this was an unacceptable workaround, they wanted me to disable my PayPal express button.
4. If you run a storewide sale with product discount your product options will take 24 hours to update to the sale price, and then presumably take another 24 to revert to their normal price after the sale ends. This is unacceptable.

It might be a great plugin for your use, but for my use it was not acceptable.

Occasions Boxed Ltd

Great option app and does most things that you would need I have the Premium versions so customers can edit product details within there cart and this works well.

I'm using the Grid Union Pixel theme and it seems to integrate well however I did need support getting it to work.

The support staff are VERY good and really make an effort to sort out any issues. Talking to them via online chat is very quick and easy.

Only 3 stars Because...

Applying options is a pain in the backside they take a long time to appear so you need a lot of patience. Bold says its a Shopify issue and can do nothing about it.

If you need an options app and can afford the price then its worth giving it a go just be prepared to view a million ads and wait for the option to appear!

5 Star to MC - Support Team
She sorted out a lot of issues that I had with the Union Pixel Grid Theme and nothing ever seemed to much trouble her support was the best I have ever come across.


Became the best app for us! Would love to see hover enlarge for the swatches.

UPDATE: Had a full functionality as a tester but after removed it and Now I can not even edit some of the options. Not nice at all.

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