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Product Options by Bold

Developed by BOLD

1456 reviews
Price: $9.99 – $19.99 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Allow customers to choose options or customizations on their products! Use conditional logic to display different choices based on their selections!
  • Add File Uploads, Radio Buttons, Checkbox & Checkbox Groups, Text Boxes (Single & Multiple Line), Dropdown (Single and Multiple Select), and CUSTOMIZE Everything!
  • **NEW** With the Premium version, add colour/image swatches as options on products!

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Often imitated, but never duplicated! The #1 Rated, most reviewed, and most loved Options app on Shopify for 3 Years Running!

➮ New Feature Just Added! Editable Options in the Cart

There are a few clear distinctions between Product Options and other option apps out there on Shopify. Product Options:

  • Allows you to change prices with different options.

  • Allows Conditional Logic to be used to show or hide options based on what a user selects.

  • Allows Editable Options In Cart. Learn more about this here

  • Allows you to Bulk Apply options to more than one product at a time.

  • Allows you to Bulk Remove options from all your products rather than one at a time.

  • Allows you to add help Tooltips to options to help your customers.

  • Works with Quantity Breaks, Recurring Orders, Product Upsell... and many others!

Live Demo of some AMAZING options on a custom jersey!

Cool example of "upsell" options like gift wrapping.

** When looking at the demo be sure to click all the options to see how the conditional logic works and the prices change **

**NEW** Premium version is now available that has Adjustable Prices and Logic!

**NEW** This Product Options app now works with the Quantity Breaks app! This is the only options app that allows you to have Options and Quantity Breaks at the same time!

- - - - - - ☛ Click here to see a Live Demo!

** When looking at the demo be sure to click all the options to see how the conditional logic works and the prices change **

The #1 Options app in the Shopify app store and here's why:

✔ UNLIMITED Options in UNLIMITED Combinations.

There is NO limit to the amount of options you can add to a product and no limit of variations and types of selection tools you can use. Now you can have an item with 1,000 variations using only 1 Shopify variant! No more 3 option limits!

✓ Bulk apply options to thousands of products with one click.

✓ Apply option sets to a product, or a group like a collection, product type, brand or just a custom selected group!

✓ Save options AND options "Sets" for future use.

✓ The most variety of options types available. Drop-down single, Drop-down multiple, Single text entry, Multiple text entry, Calendar date picker (available add on), File uploads (Any type), Image uploads, Radio Buttons, Check boxes, Multiple select checkbox, Multiple text entry, and many more!

✓ The only option app all with built in style controls. No coding knowledge required!

Plus it gets even better! Upgrade to the Premium Version and get all of the above PLUS:

Adjustable Prices with different options. Options can change the price on the fly, or represent a variant (for example "Add Batteries")

Conditional Logic! Show or hide options based on the selection of a previous one.

✔ Adjust Prices with Options

(Available in Premium) This is totally unique in how it allows you to adjust prices with options. You have two methods you can use depending on the scenario:
  1. Method One Link an option to an existing product in your store. For example, if an option is "Add Batteries" you can link that option to batteries and when a customer selects "Yes" it will add the batteries to the cart and add the price of the batteries to the order.

  2. Method Two Create prices on the fly! You can just simply assign a price to an option. For, example if "Gift Wrapping?" is an option you can assign $5.00 (or whatever you like) to the 'Yes' selection.

✔ Conditional Logic - Add Smarts to your options!

(Available in Premium) Make your options look professional with logic! This is the only way you can add conditional logic to any type of options on Shopify, period! Logic allows you to hide or show options based on a selections. For example if you want to add a custom logo field you can add a checkbox that says "Custom Logo" and if the user selects "Yes" the fields for the custom logo appear, and if they select "No" they hide. You can see this in action on our live demo here.

✔ Create "Option Sets" and BATCH APPLY!

Now you don't have to create options for every product. When you create an option you can use it over and over. Then you can take those options and create "Sets" and use those over and over!

For example, create a Set called "Standard Size" with Small, Medium and Large and then with 1 Click apply it to every item in your store, or a brand, a product type, a collection or even a custom hand selected group of products. All this with just a click. Imagine the time this will save you!!

✔ Future Edits are a Breeze!

Not only does that save you time now BUT in a month when you wanna edit that Option Set and add another choice it's a piece of cake! Let's say you want to add a gift-wrapping check box. Just edit the Option Set, put that gift-wrapping checkbox in and BAM, you're done! Or maybe you want to add a new X-Large size: it's only one adjustment. It updates EVERY item for that Set! You just saved yourself precious time!

✔ Brand it to Your Store!

What good are options if they don't look pretty :-) Customize all your options styling with a user-friendly in-app editor. You can style your titles, text boxes, backgrounds, font sizes, spacing, borders, css... need we say more? Different language other than English? You can customize all the "Label" text to any language you like.

✔ Upload Files, Pictures and More

Add an option to allow your customers to upload pictures, files or heck, just about anything!

✔ Get Access to ALL Styles of Choice

  • Dropdown

  • Dropdown (Select Multiple)

  • Checkbox

  • Checkbox Group (Select Multiples)

  • Text Box Single Line

  • Text Box Multiple Line

  • Radio Button

  • Image Uploads

  • File Uploads

✔ Set Certain Fields as Mandatory

You have full control over what fields are mandatory or not for your customers to fill out when they place an order. NOTE: You can have some fields mandatory and some fields not. It doesn't have to be all or the other. This was never before possible!

This is an exciting app that will add a lot of powerful ways you can offer your products in unlimited variations. It's extremely user-friendly and even FUN to use!

Have more questions that this page doesn't answer? Check out our support page with common questions people ask before installing.
Product Options Details

Plan Pricing Details:

When you install this app you will be placed on the standard plan. This plan has ALL the features mentioned above except two: adjustable prices and conditional logic. After you install the app you can upgrade to the premium version ($19.99) in the app that has these two features if you like. During the free trial you can use either the Standard or Premium version for free!

Start Your 30-Day Free Trial Today!

Common Questions

Q - Is there a liquid update to my store required?

Yes, for this app to work properly on your theme there will be a fair amount of liquid that needs to be updated. If you're comfortable with that kind of thing, there are instructions on the app. If you're not comfortable with code and would rather leave it to the pros, no problem :-) We can do it for you! There will be a button in the app to request us to do it for you. There's a one-time charge for the install but don't worry, if for any reason you uninstall the app during the trial period that is 100% refundable.

Q - Does this work with with Pinterest buyable pins?

Currently Pinterest does not support detailed product options and line item properties of Shopify products. So the options created with this app do not appear on the Pin. However, if they complete the purchase on your store they work as normal.

Q - Which payment gateways are supported?

Product Options should work flawlessly with almost every payment method on Shopify. Amazon Pay and Apple Pay are not currently supported and may cause issues with this app.


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Product Options by Bold reviews

1456 reviews
  1. 5 stars (1291 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (92 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (15 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (16 reviews)
  5. 1 star (42 reviews)

The ability to display all the possible combinations of options our manufacturers have is a major consideration for us. Product Options does it! Have been using the Customer Pricing app in another store and knew Product Options would deliver as described. Because of our theme, installation was a bit trickier and the Bold customer service was efficient and, supportive. Quick and pleasant response on a couple of tweaks and the app is performing very well.


Can you give a 10 Star Review on a 5 Star Review Scale? If so count me in!

We choose Shopify for it's combination of simplicity and being able to scale up if need be. (fingers crossed) Well Shopify's variants do not play well in the computer sector. We wanted the ability to add customization to all of our products we sell. Shopify does allow this but it sees each variant as a separate product, where you have to add a qty for each variant. That does not work for us and would have been a mess.
Bold's Product Options added the flexibility of adding the Options the way we wanted and still allowing us to use Shopify's inventory management system.

Thank you Bold Team for your quick response time every time we needed it!
You kept us from considering other platforms due to Shopify's weak customization of the products!

Bravo to Bold!


Without this App my site would not have been able to be made on Shopify! The app is so robust with features its mindblowing! I have products that have 25-30 Options and Bolds Product Options App handled it like a pro!

I needed a few tweaks to the invoices and Shubhneet handled my support tickets quickly and made all the changes and now everything is Perfect. Thank you Bold!


Fantastic app, easy to install and user friendly. Had one issue which was very quickly resolved by the Bold team. I am beyond satisfied with the product as well as the technical support team (thanks again Cole!). I highly recommend this app to anyone who needs to add additional customization to their Shopify products.


I am in the process of creating a print on demand store and am an extremely passionate print engineer being associated with it for over 22 years.

The "vistaprints" of the world have created print websites with online design tools that allow a customer to create their own printed material using a design tool in a browser window. However, everyone is either not a designer or not necessarily adept at designing / layouting artwork in a browser window.

I wanted to create a method and service for those people who are not comfortable moving their text and graphic around on a template and then placing an order. This for those who see a template, like it and then say here is my text and here is my logo and here is my image, put it together and print 250 pcs.

This is where Product Options made me do just that - ask them for their text, logo, image, open file, artwork, just about anything they want to send to me to incorporate into the design template shown in my product page. Then my design team gets into action retrieving the information from the Product Options form on the order page, incorporating that information into the design template using a professional desktop publishing software and viola - we create print designs which are free of errors, no text close to the edges, high resolution files and printer friendly artwork which results in beautifully printed products.

So thanks to Product Options and Shopify that i am in the process of taking my print shop online.

The absolute best support services I have experienced. Had all my concerns addressed in 3-4 days.

At first it was intimidating that almost every mail was from a new person but in the end inspite of different agents the overall experience was extremely cohesive with multiple support agents co-ordinating amongst themselves to give a seamless experience to the customer.

You have me hooked for life as a customer.


Very useful application, saved a lot of time


Each time I contact BOLD I’m blown away by the service I receive. I wish all my APPS could be from BOLD as if there are any problems they have the resources to resolve any issues, unlike any other APP I have found where support is usually very limited. Lawrence resolved my product options issue; the service was first class. Thank you!


Product options made it possible to add all of my thread colors and actually have a nice swatch chart from which my customers could choose. In addition, I could show swatches of the fabric choices for the garments. The really nice part I can have unlimited variants and can include a lot more detail to give my customers a more informed choice.

One support team member spent almost an entire Saturday going back and forth with me helping to set up my product options. She was very patient and even would send me little videos using my own website to explain how to do something. That was the coolest thing and very helpful


Awesome app and services, I could not install it myself and they have done it just the next day, worth the cost.


Been using product options for a while, its so flexible to build up awesome options especially when ypu have unique products and services to offer, the support team is so helpful and glad to always help and suggest what is best to do for your options functionality.

I truly feel like these guys are my business intelligence partners. And just by looking at their other apps I come to rwalize how much i can really help my business grow with all their apps.

Thanks a lot guys, i really give awesome reviews to those who deserve it. Not just those who claim it ✌✌✌

$9.99 – $19.99 / month

★★★ FREE FOR 30 DAYS ★★★
Get the Premium version of Product Options free for 30 days!

Basic ($9.99/month)

  • Unlimited Options
  • File Uploads
  • Save Option Sets
  • Batch Apply
  • Full Design Customization
  • All Option Types (excluding swatches)

Premium ($19.99/month) includes all of the above and...
  • Adjustable Prices
  • Conditional Logic
  • Edit Options In Cart
  • Image and Color Swatches

This app is FREE for partners and merchants to install in your dev shop while you’re building your store, or just to see if it’s a good fit. Regular charges apply only once the store goes live.

30 days

Support & Sales

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