Product Partial Update

Product Partial Update

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Update product attributes

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Reduces efforts

Reduces effort in manually updating product information.

Export products

Ability to export existing products as a csv file which can be uploaded after making the changes

Update products

Ability to update weight and images of existing products.

关于 Product Partial Update

Product Partial Update

Product Partial Update is an inventory management app for Shopify that provides you the ability to update products attributes through CSV file upload.

It is a very boring task to update each attribute of the bulk products manually. It’s easy to use user interface gives you a great experience to update the products and also saves your time to perform such tedious tasks. All you need is to select and export the products and their attributes, update values in the exported CSV file and upload through the Product Partial Update app. This saves your time to update the product feeds, which you can use to plan to grow your business.

Let’s take an Example:

You have to update the Variant Price, Compare at Price and Image attributes of some products. Simply Go to the Product Partial Update app, select those products and attributes, and export the product file. Update values of the attributes and upload through the app. Attributes of the selected products will be updated automatically.


This app provides three features to update the products easily:

  1. Export all Products:

Use this feature to export all products with selected attributes. You can select the product attributes by clicking on the checkboxes or export all attributes simply by checking the Select all checkbox.

  1. Export Selected Products:

Use this feature if you wish to update the attributes of selected products. You can select the products from the list to export that can be searched by SKU#, Title, Handle or Vendor. Selected products can be seen at the selected products section with remove option.

  1. Update Products:

Use this feature if you already have the product feed file ready to upload. The app first validates the values in the fields and notifies you if finds any invalid or blank records in the file before proceeding to update the product attributes.  


  • Easy to understand user interface.
  • The app helps in saving time to update attributes of each product.
  • The feature to export selected attributes reduces the file size of the product feed file, as the not required attributes are not downloaded.
  • Helps to add images to the existing products and also map them with the variants.



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Dale Pro Audio

great functionality and ease of use. Thank goodness this app is available! Top notch support as well. Without this app I don't know how we ever would have updated the thousands of items in our Shopify store with the necessary details.

Tim Brown | daleproaudio