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26. März 2023

Tras probar varias apps para personalizar productos, esta es la mejor.

Es muy completa y, sobre todo, permite al cliente visualizar las imagenes que suben para personalizar (otras apps no tienen esta opción)

Tu Vecina de Morata
23. März 2023

We only sell personalized products and use this Personalizer for almost all of them. We have tried some others before this, but this one was the best one we came across. What is even better than the product itself is the fast and reliable customer service. Shoutout to Imran! If they are not in the live chat, you still usually get a response pretty quickly by mail. They are always very helpful and could help me with any problems I have encountered so far, and there were many. Thank you!

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16. März 2023

Ok, I have tried quite a few of the personalised apps but this one does pretty much everything we need. This app is simple to use especially for basic customisations. The more advanced stuff is a bit trickier which is expected so you do have take some time to watch all the videos in order get understand the logic and play around with it.
The support is excellent, Al Amin has provided much needed support with an excellent knowledge base of the personaliser app. You just need to have some patience and ask for help if needed. I getting to grips with this now. It's not a one day learning curve but if your serious like i am Just play around and familiarise yourself the help is there and its easier than most for sure. Thanks

Vereinigtes Königreich
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16. März 2023

Très satisfaits de cette application qui présente beaucoup de fonctionnalités. C'est assez simple d'utilisation et le service support est très disponible pour nous aider. Je recommande.

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15. März 2023

Great tool with many options for your custom products! Also were able to get great support to solve a few issues around how it looked on our site. nice!

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13. März 2023

I've been using this app for 3 years and had "only" 3 problems. All were resolved very promptly and satisfactorily. Love it!

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13. März 2023

Excellent app, we were able to do all we wanted in terms of personnalization. We appreciate the strong customer support, and the ability to edit CSS
Thank you !

Les Merveilleuses
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9. März 2023

Top App mit super und vor allem schnellen Support! Mit sehr vielen Individualisierungsmöglichkeiten!

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7. März 2023

Applicazione molto completa per quanto riguarda il discorso delle personalizzazioni, si adatta bene anche alla visualizzazione da smartphone.
Renderei solo la modifica dello stile del personalizzatore in front-end più facile da modificare per chi ha poche conoscenze nel campo.
Per il resto l'app funziona bene, è il supporto è veloce ed efficiente.

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7. März 2023

Really great app, works excellent. I tried a lot of personalizer apps but this is by far the best one for our products. Also they have a great customer service, experienced and fast reply.

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