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10. Mai 2023

Good app, support has always helped to resolve issues or help set things up technically. Good options! Thanks!

HALM Straws
Fast 4 jahre mit der App
23. März 2023

We only sell personalized products and use this Personalizer for almost all of them. We have tried some others before this, but this one was the best one we came across. What is even better than the product itself is the fast and reliable customer service. Shoutout to Imran! If they are not in the live chat, you still usually get a response pretty quickly by mail. They are always very helpful and could help me with any problems I have encountered so far, and there were many. Thank you!

Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
7. Juni 2023

great app! love the functionality and has great customer support as well. i had a small issue with integration (my fault not app) and their chat walked me through it within 5 min.

Vereinigte Staaten
25 tage mit der App
27. April 2023

no hyperbole, this is the best team ive dealt with in 3+ years on shopify.

They have a wonderful app
They will listen and respond respectfully very quickly (within like 6 hours usually)
They will help with dev/styling related issues, where as some app teams are very strict as to what they will help with.

Overall i feel very happy and lucky as to of found this team and app. GREAT

Vereinigte Staaten
Fast 4 jahre mit der App
2. Februar 2023

While the app itself has had a number of oddities and issues that seems to sprawl out of nowhere after working fine for weeks and months, the support received from their team has been excellent. Since no product is perfect, at the end of the day having great technical support is what makes the difference.

GrooveThis Woodshop
Vereinigte Staaten
Mehr als 2 jahre mit der App
2. Januar 2023

We've been using this app for a while and are very happy with it and recently added it to a second store. It has a lot of flexibility for configuration, and the end-user experience has been well-received (we use it mostly for engraving requests). As some users have stated, the learning curve will require patience, but once you get familiar, it is very manageable. We have experienced very few problems, but when needed support has been very attentive and quick to address any issues.

Vereinigte Staaten
Mehr als 2 jahre mit der App
10. Dezember 2022

This is the only app that I could find that allowed me to create a personalizer tool with multiple product variations.

It is easy to use, and customer service is always able to help me if I can't figure something out; they are very fast in their response time.

I couldn't offer my products the way I do without Zepto as a part of my Shopify store.

Personalized Family Trees
11 monate mit der App
6. Juni 2023

They responded very quickly to my request. And solve my problem within seconds. The app itself is pretty well-developed and thoughtful. Easy to use for POD merchants. Highly recommend!

Sonderverwaltungsregion Hongkong
Etwa 2 monate mit der App
26. Mai 2023

Very good customer support! Really happy with the help they give me. The inferface is meh, but good help!

Eelies Nederland
5 monate mit der App
24. Mai 2023

The set up wasnt 100% intuitive for me but the video help section is very good and even when I had a few issues after that - the online help has been absolutely brilliant and very prompt. Better than any other app i've dealt with recently.

Rachel Jackson
Vereinigtes Königreich
6 tage mit der App