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2 de febrero de 2022

Wow. So many positive reviews. I can't understand it. We waited several weeks and started paying for the app, set it all up and launched our customisable products only to have the very first order go horribly wrong. We had to apologise profusely, issue a refund and assume we'd lost a customer before we'd even started. Then it took almost as long again, through numerous conversations with several different people only to be eventually told the app was not compatible with! Not compatible with one of the biggest POD suppliers in the world?! So what's the point of it then? Please make this clear to anyone else stupid enough to assume it would at least be compatible with the biggest suppliers. Because my time is like a toddler in a tiara... Short and precious (thank you Pitch Perfect!)

Needs Mutts
Reino Unido
2 meses usando la aplicación
15 de julio de 2022

The live preview isn't showing on iphones (it works on their demos), so I contacted support for help. Support clearly has no idea... They told me to turn on sticky preview (obviously this won't help, but I obliged), then they told me to change the background image size (obviously isn't the issue, but again I obliged), then when that didn't fix the issue they stopped replying
2 meses usando la aplicación
Zepto Apps respondió 27 de julio de 2022

Thanks for your review. We have seen it as a theme issue and made our app compatible regardless of the problem. I hope you will understand and Change your thinking. We are eager to help if you need anything more.

13 de noviembre de 2021

We can´t install the app. Please help, we would like to install it and use it for our custom products

Alrededor de 1 mes usando la aplicación
8 de mayo de 2019

Personalised file that customer creates and is saved in the cart is not editable.
Only an encapsulated pdf or png is available.

Personalised Plate Frames
Alrededor de 1 mes usando la aplicación
Zepto Apps respondió 9 de mayo de 2019

Update: We have introduced vector PDF (editable) and SVG . You may consider to come back with us

Thanks for taking time for preview. Sorry these features were never part of the app and not featured in the app description.

18 de agosto de 2020

I wait one week Response!I have a problem with the application.And I wrote to them 3 times.Unfortunately no answer for a week

Alrededor de 1 mes usando la aplicación
1 de octubre de 2021

This app does not work with Shopify 2.0. Unless you know in depth coding, I would avoid this app. I experienced slow communication with their service representatives and the "dev team" messed up the coding in our entire site and we were unable to sell our products for 2 days. We were able to restore to a previous date, but this was a terrible experience for us. Would not recommend to anyone.

Blackthorn Dragons
Estados Unidos
5 días usando la aplicación
30 de abril de 2018

Customer service isnt what its cracked up to be. Told me a "web developer" could do it, well that is me! You cant pay everyone in a small business.

Nikkilynn Boutique
Estados Unidos
3 días usando la aplicación
Zepto Apps respondió 4 de septiembre de 2019

Hi, We have added feature for monogram without separate field. You may consider use the app and update review.

21 de marzo de 2019

I don't know what it is about this app, but NOTHING works for me. The background images I upload won't stay, they revert to the original product image. My placeholder images don't stay in place, don't stay greyscaled, and don't allow me at times to move the ones that are selected.
The worst part is it doesn't even allow me to do what I wanted. We make a product in 3 different stains. We currently have the option to choose 1 of 3 VARIANTS set up, i.e. 3 different stains. I wanted the option for a customer to have a stain selected and be able to customize whichever one they have selected. But there's no where to use 3 separate images for customization, it only allows for one.
Terribly exhausting and frustrating experience. Will be looking for something else.

Morph Speakers
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 3 horas usando la aplicación
Zepto Apps respondió 21 de marzo de 2019

Thanks for your Review. You can set different background image for different personalization if you uncheck all variant image as it only allows the variant images. By conditional logic section you will be able to use as many customization image as you can and link with variant. There are tutorials how to use the app and How to utilize different features available.

7 de octubre de 2020

I installed Starter plan, then I uninstalled it to version up to Stater Plus plan. When I re-installed, I always got the error message "500 - Internal Server Error
Please refresh this page or try again later."
The app is having big issue. Let fix it.

Pig Lucky
Alrededor de 1 hora usando la aplicación
Zepto Apps respondió 7 de octubre de 2020

Thanks for letting us know. We have sent access request. Please contact and give access so that we can check the issue.

17 de noviembre de 2019

doesn't work for me ... Installed, added to the theme, all ok but is not showing in product page ...

6 minutos usando la aplicación
Zepto Apps respondió 17 de noviembre de 2019

Thanks for taking time for review. We do manual installation for free if auto installation does not work . Please contact us at . We have sent access request for manual installation. Please accept and let us know.