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Easy to install and nightmare to have quality support! I installed all apps and I found one here in Shopify app that charge just USD15 and they have live support to full customization and bug fix in real time. The difference between a USD15 to a USD200 app: Both to all the same things but one have branding and the other does not care with branding just with results delivered, make your bet, do your choice. I'm more than one month asking for help but always come a Junior Support to say that I'm doing everything wrong and never fix it bugs, also, they charged me wrong USD400 in almost 1 month and no refund. I open an Abuse Case in Shopify Support.
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Stamped.io已回复 2022年2月22日


Thank you for review and feedback!

We're sorry that we couldn't respond to you in a timely fashion due to the changes we have been implementing recently. We have sent you an email and hope that you will allow us to help you with the issues you are facing with the app.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to reply back to us at


The way this app tallies reviews is silly. 5 days into the month and we were already at our 3500 review limit. Apparently, we have reviews from September still pending scheduling. You can never get caught up or start at zero because of the way this app adds. I dont even want reviews from 2 months ago. This structure does not serve the customer and ensures you always have to upgrade. I have no idea how to get reviews on current orders because the app is still spending reviews from September.

The Wrap Life
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Stamped.io已回复 2020年11月9日

Hello there,

Thank you for your feedback.

The order limit are calculated based on the number of review requests sent for each successful order.

If you’ve reached the limit on the plan, you would actually be able to increase your sending limit by upgrading to a higher tier plan that will meet your sending needs.

However we do actually provide 3 months of history orders sending without any additional charges (:

Our support team will reach out to to assists you with this swiftly.

Thank you.


Extremely difficult to install on shopify 2.0 theme. Blocks are not behaving correctly. Still needs coding. Issues ongoing for 3 weeks and still not resolved. Customer support answers some questions and ignores others. This app delayed our new 2.0 theme launch and is still not behaving correctly. Emails take a 2+ days to get a response. Once everything is fixed we will advise here. Dev is free to respond as of now we are still waiting for email response to all questions, thank you.

UPADTE 28 Oct 2023 -
Its been over a year and still ongoing issues. Today we accidentally discovered "Write a review" has disappeared on all 1000+ product pages. We havent changed anything on theme side. Really, really fed up with this app and ongoing bugs.

Print and Proper®
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Stamped.io已回复 2022年4月22日

Hi Print and Proper team,

Thanks for flagging your recent support experience here. We know the recent increase in wait times have been challenging for our merchants and we do apologize for that. We're expanding our team to regain the swift solution times our merchants have come to expect, and appreciate your patience in the meantime.

I see Elvis has your ticket moving and has been able to assist you since your review? We'll be reaching out separately as well to make sure you have everything you need to recognize value with Stamped.


I was hoping Stamped Support would be better by now. I've had them for 4 years.
I'm on the business plan paying over $200 a month, and it STILL takes days to get simple issues fixed.
There is NO live chat, they claim to have 24/7 support, but if you reach out on a Friday, good luck getting anything until Monday.

Notice all their 5 star reviews are new customers. They do this on purpose, deliberately asking for a review after completing a support ticket, so you feel like they are amazing!
Their app will be the slowest app on your store.
You will encounter bugs especially when updating your theme.
Customization is not great, even after Shopify Online Store 2.0.

I will be moving over to something simpler, faster, and nicer looking soon. I know they won't care because unlike 4 years ago, they are way too big to care anymore.

Nordic Catch
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Stamped.io已回复 2022年10月14日

Hi there Nordic team,

I am sorry that this has been your experience recently, and I can assure you that we care deeply about the success for all our merchants.

We have team members located around the world so we can serve our merchants as quickly as possible. If you prefer speaking with someone in your own timezone please indicate so on any future tickets and we can accommodate. The delay in first response was a result in our reduced capacity for weekends, please accept my apologies for this.

Lovell had asked if you were still experiencing the issue because we had deployed a fix to that known issue shortly after you submitted your request. I would ask that you please keep your tickets respectful and not refer to us as "garbage" when dealing with our support team.

Please let Lovell know if you are indeed still experiencing the issue and we will be happy to help!


Their customer service is BS.. Takes so long to respond when I'm having urgent errors. I wish they have live chat available so they can get things fixed right away for users

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Stamped.io已回复 2023年2月17日

Hi there Geckopia team,

I understand your frustration as we only have a small team doing their best to get back to all our merchant's requests.

It looks like we've resolved all but one of your support requests currently, and I've got the team looking into this now!

We've recently expanded our team to serve you better, and we're looking into more ways we can support you effectively. Live chat is definitely something we're exploring!

Please do let me know if there's anything more we can do to help!


This is the WORST review app you could ever download. Don't make that mistake. I have been using their app for the past 1 year at least and I found out the customers can't even upload their video unless I upgrade to a "business" plan which cost 3 times more than the competitors app. Secondly, you can't put the same review for several products. And lastly, they are simply NOT AVAILABLE when you need help.

Popi Hair
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Stamped.io已回复 2022年8月9日

Hey there Popi Hair team,

It looks like you're referring to a support ticket you created 2hrs ago. Blake is on it and should have a response to you soon!

While we do not have live support, we do promise a first response time of 12hrs for email and more often our average first response time is between 3-4 hours!

It sounds like you're referring to product grouping which we can definitely help with!

We're happy to talk to you about your plan and your business' needs, but we do ask that you refrain from abusive language in your support tickets. Our tea is here to help and we want to keep our conversations respectful.


updated! They are not as responsive as before. Take more than two weeks to response and never help to resolve my issue. The worst you can ever meet, I will not use this app on my other websites, never!!!

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I can no longer recommend this app to anyone. Extremely buggy interface, nothing loads as intended. Our customers complain all the time they can't do this and that - after years of using this app it's time to ditch it and move on. Their backend must be horrendous and we pay premium prices to get a garbage system.

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I used for almost two years (not the 10 months shown due to technical reasons) and in that time the company went from being pretty darn good to pretty darn bad. Maybe it has something to do with the change in ownership, but I finally ditched this company in favour of a different one - for less money too. The deciding factor was page load times. My Reviews page at one point took 40 seconds to load! Across mobile and desktop, there was a real delay in any page that had Stamped code and that's just un-acceptable. The urgent communication with customer service took a day and here was the response: "Apologies for the inconvenience. Regarding the widgets speed issue, the engineering team is working to increase the DB capacity to improve the load speed. Rest assured that we are working to improve the speed issue and there will be a big difference very soon :) Let us know if there are any doubts on this." I had doubts and glad I switched. My page speeds are back to normal.

Secret Storage Books
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Stamped.io已回复 2020年5月10日

Hey there,

Thank you for your kind review!

We're glad that you found to be a better fit for your store and we hope that you'll enjoy using to increase social proof and drive sales :)


I wouldn't recommend using this app. There is too much difficulties involved when you need to export your reviews. They won't allow all pictures to be exported. When i complained, i was told to add some complicated codes on over 800 reviews and i asked them for help to assist because i assumed it should automatically be exported but they refused to assist. Update!
Terrible!!! They provided me with urls of each photos and left me to figure out all by myself what review has which photo from 878 reviews. Other review app allows you export your review peacefully with pictures. I don't understand why they cannot provide you with such service. I still do not recommend.

Express Wig Braids
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Stamped.io已回复 2022年4月25日

Hi there Express Wig Braids team,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience with exporting your reviews.

We're going to reply to your support ticket with a screen recording that we hope will help show you how to include the photos in your next export attempt.

While we don't always have the bandwidth to perform such exports on behalf of our merchants, we do want to ensure the process is smooth and you have what you need to succeed. I've submitted your feedback on the export process to our product team as well.

I'll reach out on a separate thread to make sure I'm with you every step of the way!