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We started with the free plan and then upgraded. Overall, it works very well and can be adapted to any language. Nice app!
Update: When covid struck and we lost all our revenue overnight due to inability to ship, they wouldn't let us pause subscription and preserve data (like all other apps). They said asked us not to and they promised to apply a credit instead but actually charged us at the end of the month. Thinking only of themselves.

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Stamped.io已回复 2020年4月26日

Hello there,

Thank you for your review and feedback.

We do apologize for your experience, please be assured that we have full intentions to assist you through this trying period due to Co-vid 19, as we have done so for many of our other users.

We noticed that the initial ticket requesting for the credit had been sidelined into a technical support ticket, and therefore the credit had been omitted.
Our team has received your follow-up email regarding this matter and we've have made the arrangements to have the amount refunded back to you.

We will follow up on your concerns via email to ensure that you receive all the help you need.

Thank you.


Too expensive, pricing is almost insulting. You offer a wide array of services but some of us just want a nice rating integration, no need to charge us thousands of dollars for all the other features that we will not use

Talia di Napoli
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Stamped.io已回复 2020年7月13日

Hello Talia di Napoli,

Thank you for your feedback.

The rating integration is actually available on the free plan and doesn’t require any paid plans, with a simple one-liner code and guide here: has a wide range of price plans which fits the needs of stores of different sizes. The prices are transparent and there's definitely one that will suit the need of your store as well.

Our support team will be in touch with you shortly.


My experience with Support has been zero. They reply with template responses. Forget trying to reach them on the phone. They charge premium prices and do not offer phone support.

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Since I upgraded my plan to business, the SEO snippets were gone. I have to wait another week or two in order for Google to regenerate them on Google search. This is unacceptable. I feel like I am paying more for a downgrade. They should have prevented this from happening in the first place.

M&A BD Electronics
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Stamped.io已回复 2022年4月6日

Hi there M&A BD Electronics team.

This is definitely a less than ideal experience and I do apologize for the wait times Google has for regeneration.

Having the SEO snippets removed after upgrade is not an expected behaviour and we haven't seen this happen with any other upgrades. The only action that we know removes the SEO snippets would be a theme change.

We're looking into this to ensure it is not a bug, and we should have a response back to you on your open ticket with us today.

In the meantime I recommend checking in with our support before making any theme changes so we can help prevent this from occurring.

We will be reaching out separately to see if there's anything else we can do help here as well.


I am giving this 2 stars for the following reasons
1. Support is terrible. It takes 24 hours for a response, then if you need to respond to their response it takes another 24 hours. The support staff is unhelpful and doesn't think beyond what is written to what the problem can be. 2. I also recently added stamped reviews because of the bundling cost savings...big mistake. It took 3 weeks to import from my other platform. I had to send them updated exports. Their "easy importer' does not work! I kept getting errors despite doing it EXACTLY as they document. I sent it to them to do ... 3 weeks later...the points are imported. I had to go back through transactions while waiting to ensure point values were correct, which they weren't. The UX also doesn't display points unless you click on each individual profile. The UX loads slowly so it's torture working in the app also. I'm not saying don't use them...but ugh the onboarding has left such a bad taste in my mouth.

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Stamped.io已回复 2022年10月25日

Hi Emily,

Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback, you have raised a few concerns here so please allow us to address each one!

We have a small team and can only offer limited support over the weekend, which can certainly cause some frustration when you're waiting for our help. In just a few days we will actually be releasing a new schedule that should help bolster that support coverage. Our team operates across multiple time zones and previously we would allow tickets to move across teams to whichever was online. We found that this created a breakdown in communication so currently we try and keep each request assigned to one support rep. I know that this can cause some added delays, and we're looking at timezone based routing to alleviate this.

Yours is the first concern I've come across in regards to the "easy importer" so I've flagged this to our product team in the hopes that we can address all of your concerns. Afterall, we can't call it the "easy importer" if it's not easy!

The intermittent slowness you've reported is a side effect based on growth in our customer base compounded by seasonal increase in site visits calling the endpoints connected to our site widgets, we have been seeing a bit of an uptick in response times and 500 timeout errors.

The good news is our wonderful product teams have identified a permanent fix and we should be a few weeks out from seeing the stability our merchants have come to expect from Stamped.

I know that was a lot, but I'll be sure to reach out directly as well to see if there's anything we can do right now to make you feel more confident in our products.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your feedback, my apologies for your recent experience


When you use the free plan, this app can send a review request one year after purchase which made some of our clients confused. There is no point sending automatic emails so long after and there should be away to define that it won't be done automatically.

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The support staff answered a technical question lickety-split!! Fixed the issue in less than 10 minutes. If the rest of the integration and usage goes this well - I have no reason to give less than the stars I have...

UPDATE - 9/18/2023
It appears that my initial review requires revision.

A week before this update, the connectivity between Meta and Stamped was somehow damaged. I opened a ticket and have heard nothing since then. The issue revolves around "Social Push," where we are supposed to be able to link a Facebook Page to the Reviews and have them automate publishing.

That being said, since they never reached back out to me offering any guidance on when the fix will be implemented, what the status of of the engineers who are supposed to be working on it, nor does their own "Status Page" indicate there are any current issues - I have revised this due to lack of communication on their end which requires me to prompt getting information from them.

Very poor communication path at this time and I took off 2 stars for it.

If it changes, perhaps I will change this review. Until then it stands.

Stillwater Fly Shop
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The app design is good and all of the features are exactly what is needed to get reviews from your customers. It has lots of customization so you can change the email, what product recommendations you send to the customers, etc. The main issue is the app crashes a lot! 75% of the time there is an error when trying to open the app or trying to send the emails. I assumed it was jsut a temporary thing but after a few days of use it still errors out a ton of the time. Fix the crashing and this app is amazing!

Flash Electronics
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Product support non-existent. I edited the thank you page, but it keeps using the standard response. Asked for support 3x - no response at all.

The Beard Source
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Stamped.io已回复 2020年5月5日

Hello there,

Thank you for your feedback.

Our support team has a strict 12hr guarantee reply to all our users, and this is strictly enforced to all our staff.

We've checked on your email queries which was sent in 5 hours ago, and our support team is already in the midst of replying to you.

We look forward to resolving your concerns so that you can utilize fully to help grow your reviews for your store :)


Main issue is with their server. When we send review requests at 5pm and they don't actually send until 2am (with no visibility on when they will be sent), it defeats the purpose of being able to manually control what time your reviews are sent.

They have come back to say that "server volumes" caused the delay, but unfortunately the impact to our response rate has been material.

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