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Kingdom Supply Centers

Provide some detail about what you did or did not enjoy about using this app. Your comments can help other merchants decide whether to use this app.

Aizome Bedding

UPDATE: The customer service is pretty much unbeatable. They deserve alone 5 stars.

OLD REVIEW: Okay for free, but the basic plan left me wanting for 15 USD per month. Overall I am very surprised that this app is rated so high. So let me start with the most obvious flaw: It says here the basic plan is 9 USD but once you have the app, the basic plan is 15 USD. This carelessness with small details is continued throughout the app. While the customer service is fast, I actually think for downloading or uploading reviews contacting them is an elegant solution. Further, the preview is often faulty or not displayed at all. Some time you get error message that are just blank box. I have submitted screenshoots to their team to look into this, but received no comment which makes me feel they do not care about having such annoying mistakes even towards paying customers. I could go on, but I leave it with that: Good for free, but not recommended for upgrades.

Developer reply

August 26, 2019

Hello there,

Thank you for your review.

Our $9 subscription plan is actually a new one and this has been rolled out just a couple of days ago. This plan is available once you've installed the app and go through the pricing and setup page :)

After checking the conversations, we realised that our support team has replied to all support tickets within a few hours including assisting with importing your existing reviews.

I do apologise for any confusion caused, and we'll take the feedback and improve.

I believe we still have a few support tickets with you and we'll continue to assists you swiftly via the support tickets.

Thank you!

Hillman Gear

Great App, I love it, easy to set up work etc and the price is reasonable.
The huge minus is that to get the reviews for Google Adwords the plan is too expensive $200 other services that featuring Google reviews are much affordable.
Once we have more reviews and more budget for reviews app we will move to another service due to the Google reviews only

To recommend? - Yes definitely for low budgets.

Real Life Rosary

I guess like many apps, by design, it's probably a better app if you pay for it. I have a small store and rarely generate more than 50 review requests. However, I constantly have the "reached your limit" warning show up and it doesn't reset with the arrival of each new month. I went over in October (so they stopped sending them out). No reset, nothing sent in November or December. Finally contacted them in January and they did a manual reset. Fine, except I didn't get any credit for the two months that weren't sent. So all those backed up requests were sent and I was instantly over for January....and now seeing the same warning for February. Oh well, you get what you pay for I guess. Otherwise, decent app so I'm giving it 3.


Well it sends review emails that look well. Which is great but the recommendations are not so great, I have no idea where it gets the products to recommend but it doesn't seem to be base on much logic it seems to be a very closed random selection. Also this is not free as advertised or even close. Now I write apps I understand you have ongoing costs and $30 is maybe IMO expensive but explainable, but please don't advertise as free it comes across as a little underhanded lads.


Useful app, no idea how to send an email through it though.

Supreme Surface Cleaners

Love what the app does but dislike the current upgrade. Very confusing! Although I've been using this app for a couple of years, I'm now seriously considering a change.

Gumdrops Glam

This app keeps telling me I've reached 50 review request. I delete some of the request and it continues to tell me the same thing.

Glam With Jess

I think the app feature is great, but customer service takes to long. Turnaround time on emails are almost an entire day. I upgraded my account to premium for the import feature and it did not work. I had to figure out on my own what the problem was and how to fix it because the help section was not useful at all.

I would recommend the app for any business owner, but the customer service should be improved.


My company uses this app and in our opinion it's okay.

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