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Product Reviews Addon (Photo Reviews / Site Review / Checkout Reviews)

Product Reviews Addon (Photo Reviews / Site Review / Checkout Reviews)

Developed by Stamped.io

1323 reviews
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  • #1 Top-Rated Reviews App in Shopify!
  • Fastest reviews widget, stored in metafields and loaded inline instantly!
  • Curate Reviews, Photos, Videos, Q&A, Instagram, Checkout Reviews, and more!

Turn Trusts into more Sales for your Shopify Store

We have one sole purpose, to help you increase social proof which will lead to increase sales, and this is how:

  1. Product Reviews (with in-email form)

  2. Checkout Reviews (exclusive on Stamped.io)

  3. Photo Reviews

  4. Video Reviews (exclusive on Stamped.io)

  5. Instagram Curation (with auto-request permission from customers)
  6. Community Questions & Answers (engage past customers to answer questions, and repurchase)

  7. Net Promoter Score® Survey (exclusive on Stamped.io)


Product Reviews Addon (Stamped.io) allows you to automatically send emails to your customers requesting reviews of their recent purchase with you.

Products with Stamped.io reviews seen an increase of 70% in conversion rates

We have over 1200+ verified reviews, and being the #1 Top-Rated Reviews app on Shopify, don't just take our word for it:

"After adding the app, I requested for Google to recrawl and reindex it and my site shot up to 2nd for the same keyword" - ruindays

"I've noticed at least a 5% increase in revenue already from using this simple but effective app." - FitAffinity

"Brilliant app. Every store should have this as an integral part of their marketing. A good review from a buyer is worth far more than a paid for ad." - Thatprotein

"Outstanding app. Outstanding support. Outstanding results." - Trolling Motors

"We are Shopify Experts and it is the only review app we recommend - as well as using on our own store." - Gorilla Lab

Get started today!

★ What's New ★ (Updated 5th March 2018)

  • New: Review Videos Uploads

  • The frequently requested feature is now available! Stamped.io is the only app that allows your customers to upload Review Videos!

    Videos are worth a thousand words, start curating customer's videos for your Visual Marketing Campaigns today!

  • New: Checkout Reviews

  • A micro-review system we included in the checkout process. It basically asks a simple question "Why did you buy this item?", and what you'll get is instant reviews always with positive sentiments.

    What is Checkout Reviews?

  • New: Customer Review Edit

  • The frequently requested feature is now available! Stamped.io is the only app that allows your customers to edit their review after submission.

    Test it out

  • New Email Editor 'Layout' now available!

  • The frequently requested feature is now available! Stamped.io is the only app that allows you to have FULL control over your Email Template, you can fully edit your review request emails design with the new 'Layout' feature!

    Check out what other stores did with the new feature and some awesome design for

  • New: Liquid Support

  • Personalizing your emails requires personalized content — and one incredibly powerful way to do that is with Liquid, an open-source template language created by Shopify.

    Learn more

  • New: Email Sequence

  • You can now send request review emails with a different subject, message and layout and your preferred intervals.

    Learn more

  • New: Multi-lingual Support

  • You can now send localized review request emails based on the customer's country, speak their local language and increase reviews conversions!

    Example #1 - France

    Example #2 - English

    Example: Order confirmation email

  • New: AI-Powered Sentiment Analysis

  • An AI-enabled feature that analyzes reviews contents to determine if a review matches the rating given by customers.
    Learn more

  • New: Instagram Curation

  • With Instagram Curation, you can create gallery of Instagram images and showcase them in crucial conversion pages such as Product pages or a dedicated Instagram Shoppable Gallery

    View an example

  • New: Ads Centre

  • Create Facebook & Instagram Dynamic Products Ads that targets recent visitors to your store, showcase positive reviews in their personal social media feed, of products they've viewed but haven't purchased yet, and turn them into your customers and loyal fans! When your potential customers see the product ads of authentic reviews on their timeline, they will be encouraged to make a purchase.

  • New: Widget 2.0, instant reviews widget with no loading time

  • Tons of requests has been made and we're excited to announce the new Widget 2.0.
    There are plenty of improvements made to the new Widget 2.0.

    • ★ Reviews Metafields (reviews are stored in Shopify database, all reviews will be loaded instantly instead of via javascript (Stamped.io is the only review app that provides this)

    • ★ Reviews Rating summary

    • ★ Customer Photos summary

    • ★ Sorting of Reviews

    • ★ Photo Upload in Product Page and much more!

    View an

  • New: Self-Hosted Thank You page

  • Redirect your Customers to your own Branded Thank You page, view an example.

  • New: Self-Hosted Write a Review page

  • Redirect your Customers to your own Branded Write a Review page, view an example.

  • New: Product Reviews Group

  • Group reviews from multiple products, allowing you to share reviews across separated products.

  • New: Reviews Syndication across multiple stores

  • Having separate sites for different language or countries? You'll now be able to seamlessly share reviews across multiple stores.

★ Main Features ★

  • Customers write their review directly in the email

  • The emails which will be sent to your customers include a review form, allowing your customers to leave their reviews directly in the email without having to go to an external website, hence, making it convenient for your customers. This convenience increases the chance of getting more reviews. Our users have experienced 300% more conversions in reviews received! They've also seen an increase of 30% in Sales conversions

  • Send review requests with optimum timing

  • Our review requests emails start sending out at 14 days (changeable) only after fulfillment or straight after a new order, so you can manage pre-orders and take fulfillment timing into consideration.

  • Collect and showcase reviews with pictures, an awesome approach to visual marketing:

  • Display Customers’ Images In Addition to Product Images. Customers want to see what products look like outside of the product images. They want to see what products look like in real life. For this reason, photos of your products in use, submitted by your customers, are an awesome way for customers to really get a feel for what your products look like.
    Works with Shopify's Product Reviews App

  • Custom Forms:

  • Custom Forms feature can help you gather detailed reviews from your customers, by including additional questions in your review requests emails and showing the submitted custom questions in the product reviews widget.

  • Community Question & Answers:

  • Allow your customers to ask questions regarding a specific product.

    The questions can be directed to the you and can also be sent to customers who had previously purchased the product and submitted a 5 star review

  • Redirect your customers to your own "thankyou-apology" page URL if they rated a low 1-2 star rating

  • After they've submitted their review with a 1-2 star rating, you can redirect them to your custom URL (e.g. http://www.yourshop.com/pages/thankyou-apology)

  • Redirect your customers to your own "thankyou" page URL

  • After they've submitted their review, redirect them to your custom URL (e.g. http://www.yourshop.com/pages/thankyou), upsell to your customers with a discount coupon or recommended products.

  • With 7 different widgets to showcase your reviews in crucial conversions pages

    • Full page reviews, reviews in a dedicated page (example)

    • Single review, highlight a single review (example)

    • People's Highlight reviews, avatars of customers with their reviews (example)

    • Side Drawer reviews, reviews that appears in all pages as a sliding widget (example)

    • Carousel reviews, showcase reviews of products the customers has in their shopping cart, giving the extra push needed to checkout! (example)

    • Site Badge, showcase the total reviews your store has with a neat 'Verified Reviews' badge (example)

    • Wall Photos, showcase customer photos on a dedicated page (example)

  • Track the movement of your emails

  • In-depth tracking status of each review reqeust email such delivered, open, reviewed, and more.

  • Track links click in emails

  • Track your customer's email links clicks. With data, you'll plan your next marketing approach.

  • Take full control of your branding

  • Set your own 'From' and 'Reply-To' email address, so your customers will trust that the email comes your business.

  • Localization, speak your customer's language

  • Be able to change every text in the review email and thank you page to your desired language.

  • Auto-publish to Shopify's Product Reviews App

  • Customer's submitted review will appear directly inside the Shopify's Product Reviews App automatically. You do not have to export or import them manually.

★ Marketing & Upselling ★

  • Facebook Reviews Tab

  • Showcase your reviews in a dedicated tab in your Business Facebook Page. With over 70% of customers checking your business on Facebook, you wouldn't want to miss out on the chance! Make it convenient for Social Media savvy customers to view all your reviews with ease.
    They can also share the reviews with their friends right from the page

  • Google Shopping Product Reviews for PLAs

  • Push your reviews to your Google Shopping Product Listing Ads, beat your competition by showcasing your reviews with your Google Shopping Products

  • Social Push

  • Once the customer has submitted their review, they can share it via Social Media. Thus referring their friends whom will more likely purchase from you too!

  • Social Sharing, Customers can share their reviews

  • Once the customer have submitted their review, they can share it via Social Media. Thus referring their friends whom will more likely purchase from you too!

  • Smart Product Recommendations feature (Upselling):

  • Automatically upsell relevant products to customers using our smart algorithm.

  • Incentive Coupons:

  • Offer your customers' incentives coupons, it encourages your customers to write and share their reviews and bring them back to your store to buy more.

★ Get Started ★

  • How to install?

  • Just install this app and you're done! Do check out the settings page to ensure that it fits your review gathering strategy. No scripts to copy and paste.

  • Migrating from another app?

  • We provide migration support, do email Customer Success Specialists hello@stamped.io and we'll be here to help.

  • Why are reviews important?

  • It helps drives sales, and also keeping your customers engaged with you, as well as encourages more sales from other customers.

★ Features ★

  • Review in Email:
    Customers will write their reviews directly inside the email

  • 100% Customizable to fit your Brand
    Include your Store's logo, background color, font, and more including your own contents in the email

  • Templates
    Choose between templates, minimalist or standard or multiple products

  • Collect reviews with Photos
    Let your customers upload photos of them using the products in real-life

  • Custom Forms
    Gather detailed reviews from your customers, by including additional questions in your review requests emails

  • Social-Push
    Connect your social accounts to enable Smart Social-Push your reviews to Facebook and Twitter

  • Community Question & Answers
    Allow your customers to ask questions regarding your products, build a community and increases trust for your customers

  • Net Promoter Score®
    In just 2 simple steps, you can derive a score that quantifies your customers happiness, learn more about it here:

  • Scheduler
    Specify the time in your local timezone to send the review emails, or send them now by clicking the "Send Now" button. Less people will want to review at 4am at night, so perhaps schedule them in the morning or afternoon, tada!

  • Incentives Coupons
    Offer incentives to your customers when they write or share their reviews via social media.

  • Smart-Product Recommendations feature (Upselling)
    When a review email is added into the queue, it'll automatically populate products to recommend using our smart algorithm

  • Manual-Product Recommendations feature (Upselling)
    Have a list of products you'll like to recommend for a particular customer / order? Simply click on "+", search for the product, select, done. You can preview the email before sending

  • Automatic Email Requests & Smart Reminders
    Install and start receiving reviews

  • Email Tracking
    Track whether a customer has already opened or submitted the review email. This lets you better strategize your next approach

  • Email's Links Click Tracking
    View a list of links your customers have clicked in the email, and use this data to strategize your next approach

  • Custom Redirect URL
    Redirect customers to a custom url, such as a "thank-you" page

  • Custom Redirect URL (low-rating reviews)
    Also able to redirect customers to a different url if the customer rated a low 1-2 stars rating, such as a "thankyou-apology" page.

  • Social Sharing
    Customers can easily share reviews and drive quality traffic to your product pages

  • Mobile-friendly
    Review request email and thank you page is mobile-friendly and 100% responsive

  • SEO-friendly Rich Snippet review scores
    Add review scores to your Google search results.

  • SEO-optimized review contents
    Get your user-generated reviews indexed by Search Engines and increase your ranking

  • Anonymous Review
    Allow your customers to publish their reviews anonymously

  • Localization
    Change all the text in the email to your local language, even the submit button and thank you page

  • Bulk actions
    Send, Archive or Delete scheduled email reviews quickly and easily

  • Point-of-Sales Support
    Send Reviews request immediately for customers whom purchase directly from your shop

  • One-Click History Import
    Have past orders you need to request reviews? Simply add them in the queue with one click

  • World Class Support
    Always here to help at hello@stamped.io

  • One-Click Setup
    Works with the Shopify Review App, no other configurations needed

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Product Reviews Addon (Photo Reviews / Site Review / Checkout Reviews) reviews

1323 reviews
  1. 5 stars (1232 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (59 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (8 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (9 reviews)
  5. 1 star (15 reviews)

Been using this app for almost 2 months, has been helpful so far - Have gotten some reviews so it is working :) Will review again once I have it running for 3+ months.


Amazing product, much better than working with some of the other apps that offer this service. The price is very reasonable and the staff is very helpful!.


Amazing! Great app. I had a little issues with it initially as I am not that IT savvy buy the support team are amazing! They went over and beyond to assist me! The app has also worked wonders for sales :)


Easy app to add to site. Current Theme we are using made it easy to integrate. I have a small confession - we had tried another app first but wasn't to happy the way it looked within site. After three months I am now exceeding my free limit (50 per month) and looking to extend to fee paying service if sells continue to come in.


This is a great basic review app. The free version schedules the review emails for you automatically but you can change the schedules date if you choose to. You can customize the colors to match your brand. I'd love to try the upgraded plan once we start getting more customers (we just launched yesterday). I definitely recommend using this app!


We moved to Shopify in February 2016. Prior to Shopify, we were on the AmeriCommerce (Spark Pay) platfrom, and then a miserable 9 months prior to that on Bigcommerce. Our path to Shopify is important because this will explain our review platform choices and solutions...

On Bigcommerce (in 2014), we were using Yotpo. It was inexpensive, and at the time had terrible UX for mobile, Mac Mail.app and Outlook clients. Support was slow, and limited. And honestly, it was not a good integration.

When we moved to AmeriCommerce in January 2015, we chose to use the native review system. This kinda worked, but it was missing all kinds of powerful features, rich snippets, SEO, etc... and it didn't have any carousel or sophisticated merchandising elements for the reviews.

In June 2015, convinced that we needed a more powerful review platform, we did our due diligence and selected Shopper Approved. SA had some powerful features, but it was a NIGHTMARE to integrate, and it was not built for products with color variants. Color variations confused the crap out of SA and the support was non-existent. God help you if anything broke. It would be days or even weeks for Shopper Approved to help you. If you screamed loud enough, eventually, they would assist. Sometimes. SA never had a correct rich snippets integration and the SEO was poor. SA was not built for PRODUCT reviews... it was pretty great for "site" reviews... but products was slapped on and not done well.

By November 2015, I was convinced I needed to move on - and I was also realizing that Shopify was a better place for me.

Opportunity to migrate all of my verified reviews! And find a new review platform. I took a serious look at TrustPilot. These guys were snake oil salesmen. Pricing was all over the place. Once day, they'd call and offer a deal, then they'd take it away 9 hours later. But the #1 reason I had to avoid TrustPilot was the merchant will NEVER own their reviews. Forget about importing existing verified reviews by YOUR customers, and forget about taking these same verified customer reviews with you if/when you leave their platform.

About this time I also made the commitment to move my store to Shopify (best decision I ever made) and also explored a few other platforms.

[trust me, my review of Stamped.io is coming...]

I met the folks from eKomi at a trade show, and eKomi looked fantastic. I made a deal. Signed a contract. Then it was integration time. Um, no integration for Shopify? But sales rep assured me... By this point I was working with the lead integration engineer, and I mentioned importing existing reviews (sorry, can't do this) and I wanted clarification about exporting verified reviews if I were to leave the platform... Nope. Sales rep was fabricating all of this to close the deal. Fortunately, my contract had a 30-day walkaway for any reason, and I was able to make that go away.

Almost there. Stay with me.

In January 2016, there were 2 relatively new review platforms in the Shopify app store:
a) Judge.me
b) Stamped.io (also called Product Reviews Addon developed by Shopry)
c) and as an FYI, Yotpo was now $699/month and TrustPilot was asking $499/month

At the time, Stamped.io was brand spanking new. And Judge.me really impressed me. I even gave it 5-stars (and still do). Judge.me's developer was responsive, eager to improve the product and it was no-BS. It was also inexpensive.

But after 6 months with Judge.me, my needs (and my store) grew. I knew Judge.me's roadmap, and their priorities were not aligned with my needs. They are GREAT guys and I have nothing negative to say about them, but I needed something more. A more expensive solution with more features. But not $699/month.

So I reached out to Stamped.io
Tommy was a pleasure to work with. The features that I LOVE about Stamped.io "premium" are:

1. Review submission by customer from email. Works perfectly from iOS;
2. Widgets. Super important.
3. Social Media posting, and it's done perfectly.
4. MULTIPLE products in a review request.
(Judge.me would send 6 emails if an order had 6 items. Stamped handles this much better IMO)
5. Dynamic coupons;
6. Product upsells in the emails;
and a laundry list of features... and even more features for "Enterprise" plan.

Stamped.io has more features than its competition and it is slightly more expensive for the "premium". If you want/need the features of the $699/month service, you can have it for 1/10th the price.

I am thrilled with the support and the performance of this software.


This is a really great app. The fact that it automates the emails is great and takes the pressure off the business owners to have to be reminded to chase clients. It's challenging enough to get customers to write a review even if they love the product so having an automated and systematized way of doing it is great.

Would definitely recommend this app.


This app gives you some very powerful marketing options that will really help out your fledgling e commerce business. I am on the enterprise plan right now and I have access not only to customer review emails, but also a wide variety of useful review widgets for my product pages as well as product review syndication to Google Merchant Center (very important).

Amazing service and onboarding so far.


Bring in the reviews! This app worked like a charm. We received 20+ new reviews the first day I turned it on. (We normally receive 3-4) Saw immediate sales increase also.

I would highly recommend this app to ALL Shopify store owners. You can easily customize the "Thank You" page after a review is placed and offer your customer that ONE-TIME....awesome discount they just can't say no to!

A great big thank you to everyone at Shopry. You have created an amazing tool!!!


Great app!! So glad we made the switch from Yot.po! Far far better value for our small business.

From $0.00 / month

Stamped.io’s core features, is available free of charge.

Additional revenue generating features are available at additional cost. Check out the details.



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