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17. joulukuu 2014

Pretty good app.

2 Big areas for improvement I see:

1.) No 1500 character limit on reviews. Or at least a way to set the limit
2.) Ability to have permalinks for each review so you can link directly to them when you share on social media. With no permalinks like it is now, you can only link to the product page

Cave Tools
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12. marraskuu 2014

Just added the plugin. How can this help SEO wise?

BRI Nutrition
Sovelluksen käyttöaika: Noin kuukausi
Muokattu 4. marraskuu 2014

Very simple easy to install ,easy to use but i got my first review through is good .i am happy with it and is free so why not use it.thanks guys,
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2. syyskuu 2014

It's great that customers are able to leave a review on your products but the fact that you can't send a request linking them to what that they have purchased is a huge disappointment. Very rarely do people think the leave a review after they buy and try a product, they need a little reminder!

Wildly Natural Cosmetics
Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 10 kuukautta
2. heinäkuu 2014

Very basic, cant complain being free and all BUT not having automated emails to buyers with links directly to feedback area for their purchase makes it almost useless, people simply wont leave feedback without a little prompting, if this feature isnt added soon, I'll replace it with something else. Thanks for the effort though

Game Download Keys
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Muokattu 29. tammikuu 2015

Does the job but needs work... as others have said auto emails to ask for a review after specified amt of time would be nice...

Ability to be able to edit review.. sometimes just to fix typos, or lengthy revies to condense, or other similar cases.

Ability to customize the q's asked, name, email etc and specify which would be shown etc

Also, PLEASE add ability to allow for attaching images... Any review photo is worth gold... so of course customers should be able to upload photos with their review... and you should be able to include or not show them.

Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 10 kuukautta
19. kesäkuu 2014

Super easy to install
Looks great
Allows users to submit reports from the site.
Unfortunately it doesn't have facility to
a) automatically email clients asking them for a review
b) allow us to show all reviews on a centeral reviews tab.
c) post review to social media

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19. kesäkuu 2014

Super easy to deploy, takes minutes, looks great & shows in Google :)

No way to send an automated email notification featuring the product they purchased, and asking them to rate the product. :-(

Reusables Etc
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10. kesäkuu 2014

Super easy to deploy, takes minutes, looks great :)

Reviews display in search results only and do not display in Google Shopping Product Listing Ads / Adwords :(

The Surround Speakers Boutique
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15. huhtikuu 2014

Great idea however without email after purchase I doubt many customers will use it. Will this be a paid upgrade shortly? I suspect so.

Bike Shop
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