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133 reviews
January 14, 2021

The one glaring cavity in this app is that it doesn't integrate with Shopify Email which seems like a no-brainer to me. How am I supposed to prompt my customers to leave reviews? People rarely leave reviews on their own when they have an average or good experience. It only happens *sometimes* when the experience was outstanding or more often when it was very very bad. This puts an undesirable slant on unprompted reviews. This is common marketing sense.
Otherwise I love the simplicity and ability to customize this app. If this one very important factor is fixed, and I could aggregate all of my reviews on to a single page for my customers to see, I believe this would be the perfect app for me.

Midnite Moon Trip
United States
Time spent using app: 9 months
Shopify replied January 16, 2021

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review here. I definitely agree that the ability to prompt reviews via email would be a really helpful addition to the app. I'll be sure to pass this on to our developers as a feature request for you. Cheers! - Brie, Shopify Support

January 9, 2021

Pretty good system for customer reviews, but it would be better if they had the ability to add pictures or even just automatic emails to ask customers to leave a review. The one bad thing about this app is that it slows down your page speed.
United States
Time spent using app: Almost 3 years
Shopify replied January 11, 2021

Thank you for reaching out and for providing us with your feedback, and I'm glad to hear you've had some success using the Product Reviews app. I can see why having these extra features and increased page speeds would be beneficial, and I will be sure to pass your comments onto our development team. -Victor, Shopify Support

December 30, 2020

My customers use the application with no issue but it does not count the number of reviews that I have. I can have 3-4 reviews for an item but the review count is still zero.

United States
Time spent using app: Over 2 years
Shopify replied January 4, 2021

I'm sorry to hear that you've had this issue but thank you for notifying us about this here. I'd like to take a closer look at this to see if it's possible to have the review count update correctly, so I will send an email to touch base with you on this. Please look out for that and get back to me if you'd like me to take a look at this for you. -Victor, Shopify Support

December 17, 2020

App works, but the aggregate rating data is not working to google. Can somebody help me with this please?
Time spent using app: Over 1 year
Shopify replied December 17, 2020

Hi, there! Thanks for reaching out about this. It is expected to receive warnings from Google tools about missing data, as we're still working on the app's compatibility with Google's structured data requirements.

These warnings only impact Google's Rich Results function, which isn't something that they guarantee putting on any of a website's pages anyways: This will only affect eligibility, however once eligible there's a chance the upgrade to your results may still not happen.

This won't affect your general SEO or cause any difficulty in customers finding your shop. These sorts of warning messages are also expected if your page has no reviews, or if your store has no review app. Hope that provides some context, but feel free to contact our team if you have any more questions. Cheers! - Brie, Shopify Support

November 26, 2020

Good easy to use app and the way the reviews display on the product pages work really well on our new theme. Just one thing missing really, product review emails to customers after purchase. Do you provide this service at all?

United Kingdom
Time spent using app: About 1 year
Shopify replied November 30, 2020

Thank you so much for the feedback and we're glad to hear the app is working well for the business so far. To do this, I'd recommend using a third-party app like Stampd: - Oliver, Shopify Support

November 20, 2020

I've changed my template and would like to add the product reviews to this new template however I'm getting an error message to clear my cookies also, or use another browser. I have submitted a ticket, hopefully the team can assist as they did before by installing the reviews for me on the product pages. Thank you

United States
Time spent using app: 6 months
Shopify replied November 24, 2020

Hi, there! This may be an issue related to the new theme you're using. I'd like to take a closer look at that for you, so I'll be sending you a quick email shortly and we can do some troubleshooting together. All the best! - Oliver, Shopify Support

November 14, 2020

I cannot find where on the theme the product.description tag is, it would be helpful if you specified where it is as there are thousands of options in the code and I can't find it

United States
Time spent using app: Over 1 year
Shopify replied November 16, 2020

Hi, there! This might vary based on your theme, however if you're using a Shopify theme then your {{ product.description }} liquid tag should be found in your product-template.liquid file under "Sections" in your code editor.

There is also a search bar in each file, so that you can easily search for any tags there. If you're still having trouble finding it, feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance: - Brie, Shopify Support

October 22, 2020

Hi, the app works great but I've been reaching out & following up regarding my request and I haven't heard back yet.

Thompson Ferrier
United States
Time spent using app: Over 1 year
Shopify replied October 27, 2020

I'm glad to hear that the app has been working great for you! In terms of your request, I'm sorry to hear that you've not heard back, and I will reach out to you over email to learn more about this. Please keep an eye out for my email and get back to me with more information so I can look into this for you. -Victor, Shopify Support

October 16, 2020

No funciona correctamente, solicito ayuda en la instalación, me gusta la APP y su interacción con los clientes reales

Magda Store
Time spent using app: 3 months
October 12, 2020

Buyer Must have an option to upload photos in Review, as this is a very basic function in any ecommerce site

Brand Only
Time spent using app: 7 months
Shopify replied October 15, 2020

Thank you for the review and the feedback! I'll be sure to pass this on to our developers for you as a feature request. In the meantime you can add these using the reviews app, which can be used as an add-on to the Product Reviews app, or on it's own: Hope that helps! - Brie, Shopify Support