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关于 Product Reviews

您可以使用 Shopify Product Reviews 为产品添加客户评论功能。通过此途径,客户可以与您互动,客户间还可以相互互动,从而增加销售额。


  • 模版友好型设计 - 评论可以自动匹配您商店的外观
  • 轻松自定义 - 无需编码即可编辑布局选项、文本和颜色
  • 批量操作 - 快速轻松地发布、隐藏、筛选和管理评论
  • CSV 导入和导出 - 将评论导入和导出为电子表格
  • SEO 友好型评论分数 - 向您的 Google 搜索结果中添加评论分数。




3.7 评分


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Music Discoveries

I have been using this app for years and it's been perfect, but recently I've been getting the 404 page so I can't manage or reply to customer comments. I cleared the browser history/cookies etc and the problem is persisting.

Cnoc Outdoors

Easy app that allows us to review and manage reviews. We've been using this app for a couple of years with no issues. I do have one question that's still unanswered - Can we send a reply or communicate with the customer who left a review while it's still Unpublished? Or is the Reply feature only functional once a review is Published? This comes up when a customer leaves a fake name, a nickname, or sometimes no name at all and our customer support team is trying to follow up effectively with a product issue. Thank you!


Is this app currently available? Garbled characters appear when using the template!Is this app currently available? Garbled characters appear when using the template



Hey, there. Thank you for reaching out and bringing this to our attention. We weren't able to replicate this issue through re-installation or typical usage. Does the issue persist for you after re-installing our app?

If the issue continues to persist, then we'll need to access your account in order to resolve this issue. While we’re not able to provide account-specific support via the Shopify app store, we’d be happy to continue assisting you through live chat, email, or callback. Please visit the Shopify Help Center ( and log in to your account to create a support request. Thank you. -Elias, Shopify Support