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Product Reviews



3.7 5 顆星(1460 評論)



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Shopify 產品評論讓您可以為產新增「客戶評論」功能。這讓客戶有機會與您以及與彼此互動,進而促進銷售。


  • 佈景主題友善的設計 - 評論將自動搭配商店的外觀和風格
  • 輕鬆自訂 - 無須編寫程式即可編輯版面配置選項、文字和顏色
  • 大量操作 - 以簡單快速的方式發佈、隱藏、和管理評論
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3.7 5 顆星

  • 5 5 顆星
    67% 的評等為 5 顆星
  • 4 5 顆星
    12% 的評等為 4 顆星
  • 3 5 顆星
    6% 的評等為 3 顆星
  • 2 5 顆星
    4% 的評等為 2 顆星
  • 1 5 顆星
    10% 的評等為 1 顆星



I love this app! but I want help how to display all product reviews on single page. please help somebody

VENUE Fashion

i can't believe that Shopify still isn't able to add a function to send an email to customers which links to the products to leave a review. After 5 years!


Hello Shopify support theme,
Thanks for this great app. One question though. How can I get the snippet to be optimized for SEO? Right now, when I run my site in Google's "Rich Result Test", Google seems to not find all the necessary data on the product page. I get this message: "Not all markup is eligible for rich results", my product pages are duplicated and half of them do not carry the aggregate review + review count. Thanks in advance for your help!



Hello, there. Thank you for taking the time and sharing this review. We're glad to hear that you're enjoying the app!

Our developers are aware of the incompatibilities with Google's latest requirements and they are working on a solution. However, while there isn't a time-frame that we can provide for this, we'd be happy to submit a feature request on your behalf.

Alternatively, there is a third-party app, called Rich Snippets for SEO (, which can integrate with Product Reviews and enable Rich Snippets for your store. If you need any assistance with this app, you can always reach out to the developers through the contact information found in the Support section ( of their app's page. Cheers! -Elias, Shopify Support