Enorm Product Slider

Enorm Product Slider


Product sliders from collections - Now with add to cart

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Direct add to cart from slider

The direct add to cart feature is now available in slider from premium plan. Customers can directly buy from product sliders.

Install easily.No need to code

Create the slider in a few clicks. Install the slider easily using 1 click install. No coding needed at all.

Make slider from collections

Showcase your collections like top seller, new arrivals, etc. in an attractive slider. Direct customers to product page from product slider

Enorm Product Slider 정보

You have an awesome product to sell, so why to showcase it in a boring old fashion style.

Showing products one below another in a list layout is very unattractive for customers. Let them browse through all the products in an attractive slider form. Our app allows you to showcase more products in less space.

Our app is tested on all devices & is responsive. You can customize the slider speed, show arrows, show/hide price, etc from backend

Key Features of Product Slider by Enorm

Create sliders from collections

You can create product slider from any collection. Uses less space to display many products

Directly add products to cart from slider

On click of any product you can see all the information , like variants , product vendor , price and you can directly add product to cart from slider popup.

Showcase review badge in slider

If you are using Enorm photo/product reviews app, then it is very easy to showcase the star rating on slider products using oura pp.

Customizable slider

Automatically rotates to show the products from the collection. You can customize number of products to show in slider

Product images come directly from collection

No need to upload images as product images are used automatically

No coding required

We have one click install to add app in any page. If you want to add slider at any custom location, then only code needs to be added manually for that section.

Customize your slider the way you want to enhance the look of your product.

Sliders you can create :

You can create different collections(mentioned below) for your products and showcase them using our app.

  • Featured Products
  • New Arrivals
  • Best Seller
  • Hot Deals
  • Exclusive Collection
  • And many more

Instant customer support is available in EST zone from Monday to Friday (9am to 7pm).

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Basic Plan


  • Create only 1 product slider by collection
  • Customize text, color for button
  • Slider speed control
  • Customize settings
  • View product button

Pro Plan


  • Create upto 3 sliders
  • Customize text for button
  • Slider speed control
  • Customize settings
  • View product button

Premium Plan


  • Create upto 7 sliders
  • Direct add to cart
  • Customize text for button
  • Slider speed control
  • Customize settings

Enterprise Plan


  • Create unlimited sliders
  • Direct add to cart
  • Customize text for button
  • Slider speed control
  • Customize settings

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** 월별 혹은 사용자 기반 청구를 포함한 반복 청구 금액은 30일 마다 청구됩니다.

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The Bobbin Robin Shop

This slider was really easy to install.. and when I had an issue with the "Speed' their support answered immediately and had it fixed within 10 mins. Looking forward to using this product.

LIVS Gummies.com

I used this app and it was very easy to install. The help I got from VJ was just PHENOMENAL. Highly recommended!

Liberty Skis (Staging)

The customer service is incredible. They were able to help me with my issues within a few minutes every time. I would highly recommend this App to anyone that needs a good product slider on their website.