Product Specific Age Verifier

Product Specific Age Verifier

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Age Restriction - Deter underage users from specific products.

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Control Age Restricted Items

Keep your business compliant with laws and regulations. Prohibit underage visitors from buying selected products.

Apply to Specific Products

You don’t always want to restrict your entire store. Now you can have control over which products you want to block from underage customers.

Simple 3 Step Setup

Pick your product, select the age, and click apply. Get started hassle free and avoid complex configurations with our easy 3 step process.

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You want to be compliant with local laws by prohibiting under age users but why should you have to restrict all your products? With our app, you can choose the products you want to be restricted and set any age you want (not just 18, 19, 21). Get compliant in less than 1 minute!


  • Apply age verification to specific products or on your home screen
  • Easily install with minimal setup and use universally on any theme
  • Choose the minimum age for your selected products (ages 13-25)
  • Write custom messages for your popup to get your message across
  • Pick between a light or dark mode theme for your age verification popup
  • Fully responsive popup that works on all platforms including Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet


Our team is always available, day or night, to answer any of your questions and provide personalized support. Reach out to us for any help or feedback.

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5.0 con 5 estrellas

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Reseñas más recientes


Hi there, so far excellent and easy to use. However, would like to translate the entry and exit button to German. Any chance to do so?

Respuesta del desarrollador

11 de agosto de 2021

Update 2021-10-11:

Thank you so much for your patience. We have updated the app to allow you to add any text you want for the entry and exit buttons. We hope this helps your business!


Thank you so much for your review.

As for your request, we currently have a feature in our backlog to allow for both the entry and exit buttons text to be customizable so you can input any test you'd like in any language. We hope to have this completed in the very near future and we will let you now as soon as it done.


This app is perfect and I am so grateful it is FREE! Took just a few steps to setup, less than 5 minutes. It works just as described and meets my needs to restrict SOME but not all products to my legal requirements. My non-restricted products work just as normal. I didn't need to reach out to their support since they have step by step instructions in the app itself.

Respuesta del desarrollador

30 de julio de 2021

It makes us very happy to hear that the app is helping your business. We hope it continues to meet your needs and feel free to reach out with any feature requests you may have :) .


Super easy to set up and able to set to a certain collection. I set up a collection called 18+ with automatic tag qualifier, added the tag to the products i needed restricted and BAM all done. Customisable text is a sweet feature too. Only thing i'd change would be an opaque screen behind the pop-up so you can't see the product until you confirm :)

Respuesta del desarrollador

28 de mayo de 2021

Thank you for your review! We are currently working on what you have requested :)