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8. november 2023

Price is too high. And I wish the upsale would work at checkout. Now that shopify has updated to their one step checkout. We have lost that feature (unless there is something we are missing)
Also would like to have more control over the design. Its very limited.

Mere end 3 år bruger appen
BOLD svarede 17. november 2023

Thank you for writing in with your feedback! Our team has reached out to provide some assistance to you. We would love to help get you back on track! We are always standing by to help you anytime you need it.

27. april 2014

Love this app, great way to offer something extra to entice our customers. Only problem we've had is that is doesn't pop up in all circumstances, fixing this issue would change my rating to 5 stars!

Boost n Blend
Næsten 8 år bruger appen
13. november 2015

pretty limited functionality, had some issues with set up and usage. support was super slow.

Mere end 8 år bruger appen
26. september 2019

This app is generally good to use however the reporting analytics are quite poor. You are unable to choose a date range for certain reports which doesn't help if you're wanting to report monthly on what & isn't working when it comes to upsells. Massive improvements need to be made for reports, especially for what you pay for the app!

Mere end 7 år bruger appen
BOLD svarede 27. september 2019

Hi there! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us feedback about our app. We really appreciate it, as we are always looking for ways to improve the app. I see that our specialist, Grant, was able to answer your question with regards to breaking down the analytics based on collection. I'm very sorry that we are unable to do that at this time.

I'll be sure to pass the request along to our developers! Hopefully one day soon we are able to get that updated and make the analytics reporting more fluid.

2. oktober 2018

The app seems solid enough but I am not convinced that this is the most effective upsell app. It would be great if Bold kept on top of making it return a higher percentage of upsells and a higher order value, but it's a solid app. Check out our upsells with this app at

Katys Boutique
Mere end 4 år bruger appen
19. oktober 2016

Love the idea, and the price seems right.... i just installed it yesterday and have had zero conversions so far, but it looks like it was only viewed twice... anyway, thats 0 for 2 so far, I'll update the review after I get some more data. My fingers are crossed.

Listener Kids Store
Cirka 4 år bruger appen
4. april 2016

This is really simple way to create a reliable upselling function. It's not cheap but it works.

51b De Beauvoir Road Hackney
Mere end 3 år bruger appen
Redigeret 3. oktober 2018

Review used to be a 5, now it's a 3. Was told my urgent request would be fixed right away and come to find out it was never fixed. It's now been over 24 hours and I'm being told it will be 2-3 more days.

Næsten 3 år bruger appen
Redigeret 21. juli 2017

This was a great app until the recent revision. You can display ONLY 3 upsell products. Even if you upsell a collection of 5 or combine two upsells of 3 it will still only show the customer 3 products that are chosen at random. If you need the customer to see more than 3 products, stay away from this app.
Update..... Changed 1 star to 3 stars. We've had to add Product Options app to go along with Product Upsell to accomplish what we were doing with only Upsell before. Additional monthly fee. Still think Bold should have been more open with us before 'fixing' our Upsell. However, they did a free install and 4 months no fee.

Dishmaster Faucet
Mere end 2 år bruger appen
8. juli 2016

I felt the format didn't lend itself to my product offering. I am interested in other Bold products.

Wireless Store
Cirka et år bruger appen