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Initially I thought this app was good but after using for about 6 months or so I have noticed that somehow some customers are landing on a 'duplicate' item page and when they do this it is shown as a blank page saying 'product is not available' and when they do this they tend to leave the site. I presume the duplicate products must have been picked up by search engines.
When I contacted for help the advice was incomplete and when I queried to ask for further info they still didn't really answer the question. Each time it took a few days to get back. I have disabled this app now as it's doing more harm than good.

使用應用程式 接近6年

App works well but its money grabbing, basic subscription cost 9.99 a month which includes 200 upsell views but if you want to increase the views you have to play at least double, why?

Once the code is installed there is no maintenance needed for this app yet you want to charge me for more views on an app I have already paid for and continue to pay for on a monthly basis.

使用應用程式 接近5年

Not recommended.

- Expensive ($708/year).
- Adds 33kB of Javascript to your site, as much as the entire jQuery library.
- DOESN'T WORK WITH AJAX carts if you want it to be triggered on checkout, it only works on "add to cart".
- bad documentation!

- easy to install and setup
- works great if you don't use ajax carts
- nice reports

使用應用程式 4年多

Bold Apps are completely unreliable across the board. You just never know when they will be down. Never. Know. :(

Stay away from anything made by Bold. They are totally awesome apps . . .

Until they break.

Which is way too often.

(BTW, we're waiting through the latest failure right now - "Working on it" they say.)

EDIT: We are raising this review one star for the personal response from Bold because of this bad review. Last ticket took four days (including a weekend) for a response. This negative review took about an hour.

Turns out, the "We're working on it" message was just a template (they weren't working on anything), and they had no idea anything was wrong. It was a simple error in a URL, but it just threw an error and a "We're working on it" message. Not a very helpful error message.

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使用應用程式 2年多

It crashed and all bold app stopped working on Black Friday. And it certainly need lots improvement, there's lot bugs need to be fixed. I don't really understand where all these 5 starts come from.

使用應用程式 1年多

Initially I had challenges with getting the upsell window to fire - needed a code hack. The Bold support team kindly installed for free and helped me with my questions. It now gives me upsell windows which is great. If I could do BOGO with this app then I would have given it 5 star Buy one get one free is pure and simply upselling, so should be included in Upsell.
Subsequent review downgrade - very few upsells generated. Can't present just one upsell at a time even though multiples are triggered. Mobile presentation & use is really poor (does not even fit on the screen) - mobile is where customers are these days so why not focus on a good mobile upsell? In fact the mobile upsell is worse than not having any upsell - can lose customers in droves

使用應用程式 1年多

I used Bold Product Upsell for about a year. Every day that it was installed, I was hoping they would either fix the defects, or something better would come along.

This upsell app has countless "leaks" - that is, if customer adds an item to cart, there should be two choices once the upsell is offered: a) YES - add-to-cart; b) No Thanks.

None of this "continue". And the redirect at ATC should be to the place determined by the theme. Upsell just sits there.
When asked, Bold replied, "our customers want it this way..."
No excuse for mediocre UX.

Others have mentioned how this app does not play nicely with the Facebook pixel, especially if you use a professional solution such as Pixel Perfect. Watching the developer of Pixel Perfect and Bold support battle each other gave me a very bad taste about Bold's company culture. Pixel Perfect kept bending over backward, but Bold was not interested. Eventually, Pixel perfect simply coded around Bold without assistance.

Then there was the absurdity of how this app bills for "views" and it SHUTS ITSELF OFF if your traffic exceeds your visitor estimate. Seriously. Every other app in the universe that bills based on usage will measure the usage, then you pay. No -- Bold Upsell is the only kid in the parade in-step. The fact that the app just shuts itself off is reckless. The fact that Bold management thinks this is OK says the company culture is messed up.

I tried every other upsell app on the market -- I want an upsell at add-to-cart, and I want the yes, upsell to add to cart and redirect to where the store goes ay ATC (/cart) -- and the No Thanks to simply bring us to wherever the redirect would have ben for initial ATC. Which for my store is the cart. I tried them all, and none are ready fro production.

After a year with bold on 4 apps (fortunately all removed except for product discount), I will be certain to avoid. This developer preys on inexperienced stores. Don't be fooled.

PS -- I found the better mousetrap.

使用應用程式 大約1年

Incredibly fiddly, can easily stop working for absolutely no rhyme nor reason and unfortunately we found this to be a bit of a cheeky way to extort money out of Shopify store owners. This simple app should really be including in the "Product Discount" app. Really this app is useless for most store owners unless you also buy Bold Apps' "Product Discount" app which we think UK Trading Standards would be interested to learn about. We think that's below the belt. Secondly, whilst this app, when working, will do your business a lot of good, when it's not working Bold Apps just don't come up to the mark with support. The company took a holiday on Black Friday, yes Black Friday. All of their apps stopped working. This caused our business no end of emails from clients requesting clarification on offers we advertised but weren't actually offering come checkout. Bold Apps took a couple of days to fix the issue, left little explanation, didn't really apologise or even have the courtesy to answer our emails - we were not the only ones just take a peak at their Facebook page. We therefore couldn't trust them so have uninstalled all of their pay monthly apps and have gone with a service that now offers the same service for....£0.00.

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使用應用程式 8個月

The app conflicts with Google Analytics and other checkout apps such as Pixel Perfect (Facebook Feed). So your Add to Cart upsell popups will only show for a second and then disappear without any user input.

I've just spoken to support and that was their explanation for why my ATC offers were not showing properly. They said I'd have to uninstall the others in order to use Bold Upsell ATC. So I have to uninstall GA? Really???

I've now uninstalled the app and am looking for something that doesn't conflict with other crucial apps such as GA.

Checkout upsells work as expected though. But please note that if you go over the max view limit for your plan, the offers will stop showing automatically and you won't be notified about it. Why not send an automatic email to shop owner? Why not give the option to bump up to the next plan to keep the offers showing?

Very disappointed overall.

使用應用程式 7個月

For what you pay the support is terrible always making you wait. They respond and say yeah yea we understand your concerns but you'll have to wait for our guys to help you. March 21st last heard after weeks of going back and forth. It's a new month April and still no support. I don't think this app because 95% of our sales are mobile phones and the app is mumbo jumbo on mobile phones the text is out of place and really scares your customers away vs. an attractive upsell layout. -Scott

使用應用程式 6個月