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Product Upsell

Product Upsell

Developed by BOLD

1116 reviews
Price: $9.99 – $89.99 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • The #1 REVIEWED and MOST LOVED Upsell & Cross-sell app on Shopify, ever!
  • Offer relevant add-on, or upgrade products to customers based on cart content, total $ in cart, or even a combination!
  • Promote various specials or items based on order value. Pair it with the Product Discount app and run BOGO Buy One Get One offers!

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★ ★ ★ New SMART Upsells ★ ★ ★

We are very excited to annouce that Product Upsell now works with The Bold Brain. The Brain uses machine learning to create data driven upsells, and it's free! Stores are already seeing 5-10X increase in conversion rates!!


Product Upsell was the original Shopify "Upsell" app, and still the #1 reviewed and most loved upsell app, ever! It has been featured by Shopify as one of the Top 5 Apps Every Store Should Have, and has been listed as the #1 Recommend Sales App.

It's the ONLY app that does Upsells, Cross-sells, and SMART upsells, all in one app! On top of all that, you can pair it with the Product Discount app and run amazing BOGO, and Give-away offers. (read below to learn more about all the different types)

Most importantly though, stores using Product Upsell have generated MILLIONS in extra revenue through upsell and cross-sell offers. The overall average conversion rate of upsell offers is 22%. Could you be making more on your store with the app? You bet!

---- > Click here to see it in action on a live demo site

"Within minutes of installing this app we were seeing our revenue/order jump. Product Upsell installs and works exactly as it should, and set-up is easy."

- Ript

What does it do?

Product Upsell app allows you to create Upsell and Cross-sell offers that display relevant add-on bundle, or upgrade, products at the point of adding a product to the cart, the click of the checkout button, or even AFTER the customer has made their purchase!

You can manually create the offers, or use the Bold Brain and it's machine learning, let it do it for you based off data. It's the BEST way to automate your upsells, and get the highest converting offers. Some stores using the Brain, have gone from 17% conversion, to over 65% conversion on their offers!

Do Upsells matter? Here are some fun stats:

According to Forrester research, product recommendations such as upsell and cross-sell offers are responsible for an average of 10-30% of ALL eCommerce side revenues!
Amazon announced that 35% of all their revenues were a direct result of cross-sells and upsells.

What makes Bold Upsell unique

There are a number of "other" upsell apps out there. The Bold Upsell app was the original upsell app on Shopify. You could say, we invented it :-). It's the only upsell app on Shopify backed by a team of over 170 people, on a server environment designed to handle traffic from SuperBowl commercials, with the friendliest support team the world just waiting to help you! Yes, we have had multiple stores have SuperBowl commercials with our apps and zero downtime :-)


Brand new to Shopify is the Upsell-after-checkout experience, only from Bold! These offers convert better than any other type, why? Because it's just ONE CLICK!

After a customer places an order, they've already entered all their payment and shipping info, the order is essentially submitted, but they have one last chance to get a crazy deal on a product! There's a big timer on the offer counting down from 5 minutes to create urgency. To accept the offer, it's just one click and it gets added to the current order. After 5 minutes the offer is gone, and the order generates without it.

Upsells * NEW

Upsells are when you encourage your customers to spend a little more and replace what they're buying with a better version, or upgrade. The key here is, if they accept the offer, it REPLACES the original product with the new upgraded version. No other Upsell app does that!

For example, if they're buying a 1lb bag of coffee, when they click "add to cart" you could pop up an offer to upgrade to the 2lb bag. Or if they're buying the $29 basic earrings, you offer to upgrade them to the earring & necklace kit for only $XX more.

Fun Fact: Upsells convert 20X better than cross-sells. When a customer is adding a product to the cart, they are 20 times more likely to upgrade, as compared to adding a second product, as they are already mentally committed to ordering.


Cross-sells are when you offer your customer a product that COMPLIMENTS what they're already adding to the cart. It doesn't replace the original item, it gets added along with it.

For example, if they're buying that same 1lb bag of coffee, the offer could be for extra coffee filters, or a sweet coffee mug to go along with it.

Good news! You can DO THEM ALL!

Upsells, Cross-sells, One-Click post-purchase upsells... They're awesome, and you probably want to do them all right? They all work in a unique way and have different effects. The beautiful thing about our app is you can do one, or ALL at the same time!

So for example, your customer could buy the 1lb bag of coffee, and when clicking "add to cart" get Up-sold the 2lb bag. They accept it, and go the cart and click "checkout" and get cross-sold extra coffee filters. They've added both to their cart, and you just made extra on the sale!

Now they've got the bigger bag of coffee, the extra filters, and a mug, and your LTV and Average Order Size is going through the roof!

Introducing SMART Upsells

Sounds amazing so far right? Now take all that, and imagine if it was all SMART. Recently we introduced a product called the Bold Brain. We've been working on it for over a year, with the goal being to make stores smarter. It integrates with the Bold Upsell app, and fully automates your upsells, using data and machine learning to create the highest converting upsell offers possible!

We've seen some stores go from averaging 17-22% conversion to 59-65% conversion by adding the Brain to upsell and using its suggestions. It's the only app on Shopify that has SMART UPSELLS!

You can learn more about the Brain, and get it here. It's free :-)

Reports & Analytics
If you like numbers, reports, and date, this is the upsell app for you! There's a backend admin that will give you all the data you need on what upsells are converting the best, what products are converting the best, what's the best trigger, and many other reports! Your "Add to Cart" conversions, your "Checkout" conversion, and so much more!

Mobile Friendly

Did you know for most stores, over 60% of their traffic is on a mobile device? Well good news, we've built all our upsell offers to look AMAZING on mobile!

If you have an offer with multiple products, the products will show in a beautiful slider, that looks great and is easy for your visitors to shop.

Full design control

The Upsell offers look great "out of the box", are mobile friendly, and have a default styling that matches most themes. However, we know that savvy store owners often want to customize heck out of it, and really make it their own.

It wouldn't be a Bold app, if you couldn't customize EVERYTHING about it. Control all the language settings, default texts, styles, timers, and take full control of the CSS to make it look and feel any way you want!

Paired with Product Discount, it does MORE!

The Product Discount app is for running amazing sales on Shopify. Store-wide, collection, vendor, brand, or a group of handpicked products with a click! You can put live countdown timers on the products, sale icons, automatically tag the products on sale to make them show in a collection, and much more!

ONE of the neat things you can do when you create a sale on a product is Duplicate and Hide the product on sale. So let's say you have a hat for sale for $30 in your store. With Product Discount, you can create a duplicate hidden version of it for $15, or even free, and then offer it in with the Upsell app, if they hit certain criteria.

For example BOGO and give-away promotions such as:

  • Buy One Get One Free

  • Buy One Get 1/2 Price

  • Buy 4 of Something Get a Free Gift

  • Buy 3 Get one 75% Off

  • Spend $100 Get a Free Gift

  • ... the list goes on and on!

-- ☛ Learn to create sales like these here --

What else can I use it for?

There are SO many ways the app can be used, including:

  • Offer a warranty on your products

  • Encourage shoppers to get to a free shipping threshold: Offer upsells of a certain dollar amount based on cart totals that will get them there.

  • Offer a complimentary product: Buying a laptop? Offer a laptop bag. Glasses? Offer a case. Camera? Add on a memory card.

Start maximizing the total order value of every single checkout that goes through your website!


*** Don't have an awesome Shopify store already? Get started here!



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Product Upsell reviews

1116 reviews
  1. 5 stars (965 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (87 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (18 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (18 reviews)
  5. 1 star (28 reviews)

Froze checkout on my store for a whole day until I noticed, maybe lost $1,000 in sales. Deactivated the app and a few days later I noticed my check out not working again, finally deleted and check out now working again. Tech support is useless. Install at your own risk.


Best solution i've found yet. AWESOME customer service.


I opened dresscomfy as a pop up shop at local festivals and as it grew in popularity i extended to the world wide web. First used a super simple site and got my feet wet. Then I made the leap to sell on social media and still have a standalone site! Boom in came shopify. As I built my store and am still modifying and learning to this day. I realized I needed help so i googled best upsell apps for shopify. No lie Bold was the first link and review after review was nothing but positive vibes. I still dont make enough to pay for all the services you all have but damn they are all super necessary in running a successful sute and business. If i win this give away be sure I will be adding the rest of the apps to work with it!!!

I am fairly new and have not gone to the support team yet but when i do im sure i wont have a problem everything looks so easy and legit.


Very easy to use, it the best upsell app that I ever tried, the support team responds in seconds.
Thanks, Pratibha ( support Team member ) for helping you are the best.


Amazing application, Kendel is who I always work with. He is very professional, timely and a genius when it comes to coding. He should be the CEO of this company. This is the ONLY application I use for all of my upsells, I pay for the $39.99 plan as it is worth every cent. This application is on 6 of my stores. Thank you so much Kendel, I appreciate you more than works can speak.


Very easy & fast installation ¡¡Good App!!


Cody was very helpful. We've been using the app for about a year but today I was having an issue. He was able to explain the issue. The design for the pop up is simple and clean and definitely improves sales with add-ons.


I just got the Product Upsell app from Bold and so far it is awesome. Needed some help with some CSS styles and Guri was able to help me through the online chat. Great custom service and an awesome app. Thumps up guys!

Another addition to add. Needed some more help with some CSS styles and Charles was able to get it done for me super fast and everything looks great. Thanks Charles


Really works well and you can add by SKU and it populated variants. The team responds to requests quickly


Installed at www.weprintballs.co.uk and within 1hour our first upsell happened organically! Looks good based on the first few hours!

$9.99 – $89.99 / month

★★★★★ FREE FOR 30 DAYS ★★★★★

Product Upsell's pricing plans are based on the number of views your offers will receive. Once a plan is selected, your offer will display until you have reached your view limit. You can upgrade your plan at any time.

  • Up to 200 views - $9.99/month
  • Up to 1000 views - $19.99/month
  • Up to 2000 views - $39.99/month
  • Up to 5000 views - $59.99/month
  • Unlimited views - $89.99/month
  • BONUS: Install the Bold Brain for free and automatically create data-driven upsells!

    ★ ★ ★ PARTNER FRIENDLY ★ ★ ★
    This app is FREE for partners and merchants to install in your dev shop while you’re building your store, or just to see if it’s a good fit. Regular charges apply only once the store goes live.

    30 days

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