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13 avril 2021

It doesn't automatically turn on after a product runs out of stock... so I have to manually enable it every single time I sell out for every single product and then manually disable it when I restock every individual product and that takes a lot of time. It should be automatic, and failing that you should at least be able to enable or disable items in bulk rather than clicking on every individual one.

June Riot
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Bolle Apps a répondu 14 avril 2021

Hi! Thanks for this feedback. One thing I'd like to mention is that is not intended for this out of stock setup. If you need this feature, I'd suggest taking for 'back in stock' apps in the Shopify app store, which will automatically enable for out of stock products.

I appreciate the feedback, but unfortunately this 'back in stock' feature is not one that the app is intended to emulate. A waiting list is meant for a pre-launch system, releasing a product to specific customers in stages.

Let me know if that makes sense, or if I can help with anything at all!

Modifié le 13 septembre 2022

This app caused a lot of issues with our live store – it removed our product images as well as disabling features and adding random things to our product pages that have nothing to do with waitlists. Would recommend trialling this app on an inactive theme. Thankfully Yusuf was very quick to reply and help us talk through the issues.

Form and Fold
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Bolle Apps a répondu 13 septembre 2022

Hi! Sorry about the unintended visual changes but so glad that Yusuf was able to resolve everything! The app requires adding code to the product page which, in some themes, can cause issues with various elements. These are usually super quick fixes, but as you mentioned it is best to install the app first on a development theme! In fact, I will work on adding a feature to allow users to select the theme to install onto now :)

Thanks for your feedback and glad everything is working now!

14 mai 2019

App is good however does not work well when you add the app to multiple stores; requires you to go incognito mode and clear browser cache in order to make updates/edits to each store. Fix this and this gets a 5 star review!

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Bolle Apps a répondu 14 mai 2019

Hi! This problem has been fixed now for a few months :)

If you could take a look and let me know if everything is working as intended, that would be awesome.

Thanks so much!