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8. januar 2024

It's not working at all

SAR Hongkong
Cirka en time bruger appen
EC Apps Sp z o o svarede 10. januar 2024

We tried to contact you and help with the setup, but haven't got any reply.
According to our records, you were trying to setup a geo-targeted warning for Taiwan. Please note that a physical customer location is checked by default. So if you are physically not on Taiwan, the warning won't be shown to you. That's most likely the reason of your problem.
Please also note that checkout page warnings are not available for the stores on Shopify Basic, which is exactly your case. The warning can be shown for example on the Checkout button click instead.
Hope this helps. Please feel free to reach us out so we could address all your questions and help you with the setup.

6. juni 2019

I purchased this app for Prop 65 warning for 2 products and the setup was easy and straight forward. The only problem is when someone tries to order in California, no warning is populated, so it does not do what it is supposed to do. I would love to upgrade this from 1 star to 5 stars but I have not been able to get any help as when I try to help from their app, I get an error message.

Næsten 3 år bruger appen
EC Apps Sp z o o svarede 6. juni 2019

Thanks for your review first of all. We are sorry to hear that you had a problem with the app. We would be happy to troubleshoot it and find the solution, but unfortunately we haven't got any reply from the email address associated with the store. Please reply to those emails or simply email us at help@elastic-soft.com, so we could work with you on finding the reason.
Ideally, in order to find the reason, we would like to know the order numbers where the popup was not show although it should be.
As for now, I've checked your setup and noticed that you've made the warning to be shown only once during the customer session. With this option enabled, the warning won't be shown again if you previously pressed "OK" into the popup.
Thanks in advance.

20. januar 2022

App stopped working, changed it to a Paid unlimited plan, was charged and it STILL would not work. I used this app for years with no issue and then all of a sudden, it is not working and no one has responded to my messages

Carolina Closeouts
Mere end 2 år bruger appen
EC Apps Sp z o o svarede 21. januar 2022

Sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with the app. If you mean the warning has stopped to show, then most likely it was caused by some changes introduced on the theme level (not in the app).
We would be happy to help you with the setup if you could reply to one of the emails we sent. As for now we don't have any support requests from @carolinacloseouts.com email addresses.
Thanks in advance.

2. november 2018

The app started adding random tags, again randomly, to my products (such as Els PW 4325: XXXX). Until this is fixed, it's unprofessional and I do not recommend this app. Shopify Live Chat has confirmed other sites using this app have similar random tags added.

Well Seasoned
Næsten 2 år bruger appen
EC Apps Sp z o o svarede 9. marts 2019

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately you didn't reply to us just after submitting the review, that's why our reply goes to you not in so timely manner. Anyways, we've just wanted to clarify the things with this post.
You are right, the app adds a tag to the products that are involved into the warning. In most cases it is not a problem for the merchants as the tags are not shown on the store front. But even if they are shown, they can be easily made invisible adding a few lines of code into your theme.
The tags approach was actually selected for better performance concerns, which is highly appreciated by vast majority of the merchants.
If it is not acceptable for you to have any 3rd party product tags at all, the app has an option for you as well. If the warning is targeted by a collection, the app doesn't add any product tags. Instead, it tracks the products that belong to the selected collection(s).
Hope this option makes sense to you. Please feel free to reach us out and we'll help you with the setup that 100% fits your needs.

3. december 2020

This app automatically adds unnecessary text to the order's "Additional Details" field, creating an entirely new problem.

Buce Plant
11 måneder bruger appen
24. december 2018

14.99$... wow.. simply greed. I loved this app when it was for free, but now you charge a recurring fee of 14.99$ is a bit too much

Mo Fresh
10 måneder bruger appen
EC Apps Sp z o o svarede 9. marts 2019

Thanks to Shopify now we can reply to this review. Unfortunately we were not able to reach you via email.
We've checked your instance and noticed that you installed the app long time ago. Which means you should be able to use the Free plan without limitations on features. If you re-install the app, just contact us and we will activate the archived Free plan for you.
Your initial setup was made a long time ago, but since that time the app has been improved with many useful features. They make the merchants' life easier, but also require the app to do a lot of calculations and process a lot of traffic. In addition, we do our best to provide as higher quality support as possible. That's why we believe the pricing for the Unlimited plan is proven. Anyways, the app still has a free plan as well.

29. oktober 2021

Pop up works fine. Only problem, after agreeing it won't add the product to cart. Which deceives the entire purpose.

11 dage bruger appen
EC Apps Sp z o o svarede 29. oktober 2021

We've checked your instance and can see the app is currently disabled. But we observe another warning app (not ours) is having exact the same issue as you described on your website. Are you sure you left the review for the correct app?
Please reply to the email we've sent to you so we could help you with the setup.

25. juli 2022

This app has a major flaw, the warning does not appear when shipping to California from another state.

Victoria Gourmet
3 dage bruger appen
EC Apps Sp z o o svarede 26. juli 2022

We were trying to contact you but haven't got any response. So will comment on the topic of your review here.
Please note, geo-targeted warnings are shown based on physical customer location by default. So if a customer is physically outside of California but put it as a shipping address, the warning won't be shown. An additional setup is required in order to make warnings showing up based on shipping address.
Hope this helps.

4. juni 2017

We can't load the app. Just the first time worked properly.

Drone And Phones
2 dage bruger appen