Product Zipcode Validator

Product Zipcode Validator

Webkul Software Pvt Ltd

Check Product Availability at a Location with Zipcode

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Product Availability

Allow customers to check product’s availability for shipment via Zipcode search on Home Page or Product Page.

Blacklist Zipcodes

Get the option to remove/blacklist the zipcodes from products in bulk if required.

Display Related Products

Allow customers to check related products if their searched product is unavailable at any location.

Product Zipcode Validator 정보

In these difficult times, when we are fighting Covid-19, this apps helps your Customers to check whether the product is available to be delivered in their Zipcode. This will help reduce the order cancellation requests as the Customer can check the availability before placing the order.

Product Zipcode Validator : With this App, products availability for any location can be searched through the zip code on Home Page. Now, the customer can see if the product is available for shipping for a specific location or not. Merchant can assign different zip codes to various products according to their availability on the respective locations.


  • Product availability through zip code search on Home Page.

  • Assignment of Zip code to products.

  • Admin can upload the Product Zip codes CSV File .

  • Admin can activate/deactivate already assigned zipcodes.

  • Easily configured and user friendly.

Addon Features to the App :

-New functionality will be added to the Store of displaying "Related Products" available on entered Zipcode on Store Front.

Workflow of Product Zipcode Validator

Configuration: To configure this amazing app will take just a few seconds of yours. From here you can mention the url of your store for which you want to install the app. Once you are done, go ahead and add the countries.

Country: Merchant adds the countries ,states ,cities and their zip codes of places where the products will be available. This section also shows listing of all the countries already added by the merchant along with ISO codes.

Assign Zipcode : Merchant can assign different zip codes to various products according to their availability on the respective locations and can also view the already assigned zip codes from this section. Merchant can even upload the Product Zip codes CSV File to upload the zip codes in bulk.

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Boult Audio

How any app can stopped working automatically , when it was working fine. Waste of money. It should be intimated if there is change.

개발자 회신

2021년 5월 10일

Hi, Thanks for the review.
Please do respond to the customer support email, in which they have requested the access, then we can check which change you are referring to, as we have not done any change to the app.
Looking forward for a response.

This was the only app I found on the store that asks customers for their Zipcode on entry to the store, while keeping availability of products different for different pincodes. However, the app had poor instructions on how to set it up, and could not upload the large set of zipcodes (all across India) that I needed for my website. When I couldn't do so on the app, I contacted their customer care. I sent them a list of >29000 zipcodes that needed to be added. They told me they had all been added, yet when I tested on the website many zipcodes from important cities had not been added. Their app interface doesn't allow me to export all added zipcodes, so I couldn't even find out for myself which ones got missed. I clearly articulated to their support team why I needed their back-end support to resolve the problem.
Over 5 days of talking to them, they could not resolve my problem, and told me to solve it myself.
Luckily, I found another app that did what I need, and I was able to set up in under 30 minutes.

We have been using this app on our webstore:,but now the app is not working .The Zipcode validator is not appearing in any of our web pages. We tried reaching out to customer support several time but did not get a response. We are extremely disappointed with this app and the customer service.

개발자 회신

2020년 10월 22일

Hi, Please excuse for the less satisfied experience.
As you have changed the theme, after which the issue aroused. There was some CSS conflict, which the team fixed and things are working fine now.
And the team is in touch with you all the time to get the issue fixed.