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Instant background removal & photo optimization

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Remove photo background

Photos with a perfect white or transparent background load faster and sell more. Our AI gets you an instant, perfect background removal.

Square away your photos

We offer a wealth of customization options. For example, you can make your photos a perfect square - which sell better on mobile.

Optimize image load time

Product Pix does more than background removal. Our smart compression makes your photo load 60% faster on average, reducing page load time.

À propos de Product Pix

Remove background from your product photos: boost sales, increase conversions. Perfection guaranteed

Product Pix is a plugin that removes the background from your product photos. Upload a product photo, get a perfect product photo without the background in a heartbeat.

Only use up your credits for photos that you're happy with & choose to download!

Oh, and you get 100 photo credits free to try us out!

How can we help you?

You’re a pro, and your customers need to see it to believe it. Products set out against a clean white background are perceived as higher quality, reduce visual clutter, and increase conversion rates.

Product Pix will retouch your photos to perfection, optimize their size to make your page load faster. We also offer a slate of optional optimizations for your photos.

Key Features

  • Every upload you make gets the world's best automatic background removal service. Make your photos stand out with either white or transparent background.
  • Optimized for sales. Get your photos in a square format, or automatically get a perfectly optimized view of your product with just the right amount of white margins around it.
  • 100 free credits for each new user
  • You never spend credits on results you're not happy with - only pay credits for what you choose to download.
  • Every photo you upload is optimized for space, reducing photo size 2x-4x. This makes your page load faster while keeping perfect photo quality.

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Installation gratuite

First 100 photos free. Additional credits at 35 cents per photo. Only use up credits for results you choose to download

5.0 de 5 étoiles

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Sole Active

Our store sells products from multiple brands whose stock photography is anything but consistent, so using Product Pix has helped us to create a cohesive look for our website. The process of erasing backgrounds from photos is quick and easy no matter what the original photo looks like. Product Pix is a lifesaver!

Hana Nai'a Aromatherapy Hawaii

ProductPix helped us clean up our product images so they have white backgrounds and are compressed to speed up page load time. Tech support was very helpful and responsive and overall it's a pretty simple app to use.

Hi thanks for the tech support in resolving my issue. This is a good product at a very good price,

recommendations make it work better in phone.
Works great on a desktop.

Réponse du développeur

20 juin 2020

EDIT: thanks a lot for your positive review. We're working hard to fix your camera-specific issue, and I appreciate it very much that you gave us this vote of confidence and changed the review back to 5 stars. It means the world to us!

Original message below

I sincerely apologize. I'm not showing anything on our email - it looks like something's glitching with our support system which we'll fix right away!

As the founder of Product Pix, customer satisfaction is my top priority. I reached out directly via email. If for any reason you didn't get my email - hit me up directly at

Product Pix Founder & CEO